Is Makebi Zulu Lying?

Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu has thrown a huge challenge to Hakainde Hichilema, the UPND president, to disclose his connections with Afnat Resources, Zambezi Resources and Mwembeshi Resources, all registered in Bermuda.

It all started with a press briefing in Lusaka on Sunday where Mr Zulu, a lawyer by profession, disclosed that Mr Hichilema had received $14 million from the deal that saw Mwembeshi Resources obtaining a go ahead to mine in the Lower Zambezi National Park through its proposed Kangaluwi Copper Project. This is to be an open-cast copper mine that, if allowed to go ahead, would threaten the health of the Zambezi from downstream to its delta, more than 800 kilometres away on the Mozambican coast. The effect on wildlife in this national park is another factor that has got Zambians talking, wondering why those who authorized this deal did so against the advice of the Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA).


On October 14, after protracted legal battles, the Lusaka High Court ruled in favour of Mwembeshi Resources, a company in which Mr Hichilema has an interest. This is a company named in Paradise Papers, an investigative work of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) that brought out details of offshore companies through which questionable deals are made by those in government and prominent citizens around the world. It is in that report that Mr Hichilema was named as having connections to Afnat Resources, Zambezi and Mwembeshi Resources.


When these issues were raised by Mr Zulu during his press briefing where he made mention of the fact that Mr Hichilema collected a huge amount of money for this deal, the opposition leader responded only casually using funny memes on his social media accounts to this serious accusation, without regard for the seriousness of the matter. After that, Mr Hichilema’s followers launched personal attacks on Mr Zulu, with some using inflammatory language instead of simply responding to issues raised. After this, on Tuesday, Mr Zulu, who seems not to be backing down on his challenge any time soon despite the attacks he is receiving from UPND cadres, asked Mr Hichilema to respond to his questions on his connections to Afnat Resources and Zambezi Resources.

“See, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, Your people have been flocking to my page and hailing expletives (which I don’t mind). While they are at it, I thought you could please confirm with them, your connection to Afnat Resources and Zambezi resources (which is the holding company for Mwembeshi Resources) as I have done…” Mr Zulu stated on his Facebook page. Like always, Mr Hichilema has gone under and has not uttered a word after this challenge. However, his cadres have maintained their verbal assault on Mr Zulu.

The simple question to ask is: how would Mr Zulu, a seasoned lawyer, stick to an issue if he knew it is not true? Would Mr Zulu continue to challenge Mr Hichilema to reveal his connections to Afnat, Zambezi and Mwembeshi Resources – the three companies which are all registered in Bermuda? Because he knows where he stands, Mr Zulu has insisted that Mr Hichilema should respond to his challenge.

“You see Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, I have been trying to administer information in smaller doses for ease of assimilation by your followers who are only responding by insults as they await your confirmation. I thought you may explain to them how the shell companies; Afnat, Zambezi resources, Mwembeshi Resources, among others, are connected and share the same address in Bermuda…and how that you are the ONLY ZAMBIAN CONNECTING LINK. In case you may not remember, the link below may refresh your memory… https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/80006265,” Mr Zulu posted again today on his Facebook page. A look at the ICIJ report shows that Zambezi Resources made several questionable offshore payments to beneficiaries in a manner typical of shell companies that only exist for illegal activities such as money laundering.

Instead of unleashing attack dogs on Mr Zulu, Mr Hichilema should just gather the courage and explain to Zambians about his connections on this matter that only requires clear and sober response. He should prove if Mr Zulu is lying by availing all the information that connects him to Afnat Resources, Zambezi Resources and Mwembeshi Resources.


  1. Doubt Katwishi

    Hh has applied to people of Zambia for a position of CEO – Zambia. If he does not provide us with answers he will be failing to convince Zambians to give him the job.

    Can he please provide us with answers so that we make an informed decision.

  2. tutu

    how can he respond coz this is all rubish whats the real price 4 the fire engines? who owns 48 houses? there is real corruption than this shit u are talkn about accusation after accusation its nolonger make sense if u wnt our votes the ans is simple do gud 4 us n we shall keep u accusations wont solve anything waumfwa makebi


      Zambian politicians speak the same language.The reason why i hate these bastards,they have twisted tounges

    • Chouchou

      The issue at hand is just as serious as the 48 houses and fire tenders, let’s be sober minded…

    • Bajende

      No one is above the law and a leader must lead by Example if he wrong let him face the law



    • Chouchou

      If cabinet sits and approves does it necessarily follow that HH can’t be part of the scam? This is lunacy! Let HH respond, don’t be his spokes person please

  4. Razor

    Some useless comments such as those coming from Zulu and the likes are not worth responding to. People say never argue with a fool as people might not see the difference.

  5. observa

    Its a sheer waste of time reading some of propaganda stories..
    Ask Lungu where he got those trunks of money he collected from a petauke guest house in 2017. We saw what happened..

  6. Mpombo

    HH ataba watija no response as his attack dogs bays for Zulu’s blood. We have always said given a chance musankwa hh can auction the country. We need answers pronto no amount of insults will cleanse him. He should not even depend on Kalaba or Kambwili to come to his aid. These are bitter souls like him. His quietness in this matter is too loud he can’t use cadres and social misfits to defend himself

    • kufahakurambwe

      Please look up the word Hypocrite. You want to hold HH to a certain high standard and yet the clown taking up space at Plot 1 has left several questions answered… IDIOTS!!! (in my Saviour Chishimba voice).

      • Mpombo

        He claims to be a saint whilst he is no saint

      • Observer of strategic issues

        Hatina vatungamiri mu Zambia.lmwe nguva tichaona hondo!

  7. Black nation monze

    zulu wake up and first tell us the owner of the 51 houses before you expose your madness to the people of zambia

  8. Slang

    Makebi HH Became Rich When He Was 21years Old He Has 40 Airports 100 Cattle Lunches Across The World Elo Lelo Mumubepeshe Awe Am Tired Ba PF Just Leave Hh Alone

  9. Musenge

    Makebi is just trying to create a smoke screen on the contravential mining in lower Zambezi, when it is known is that the real sinner in this matter is the PF Government. Let us consolidate our confidence in HH

  10. Wampijala mpijala

    Makebi,is it not your pf which gave the mining license?if he is corrupt,it means both pf and HH are corrupt especially pf which gave the license

  11. PM

    What is really wrong with HH having shares in those named companies? Prople always buy shares in companies. The issue here is who issued a mining permit in this nature reserve ? If HH has shares in a company that was issued with a mining permit, what then? How could HH have sold lower zambezi to anybody? It just doesnt make sense at all. I would advise Makebi Zulu to invest some of the money he is stealing from government. The problem is most zambians dont invest. You make paradise papers look like a swere world. People all over the world move the money around to places where tax is low. Zambia can also become a paradise place if the tax was favourable. Leave HH out of this mess. Ask Kalaba of what really happened.

  12. Concerned citizen

    This revalation is quite interesting and it should be left to independent investigators to look into the issue and consider revoking the Licence in issue. When a hard core criminal accuses another with such facts. People should not take it lightly. Makebi Zulu knows how they abuse the judicial process to do illegal acts and he may have first hand information regarding how the High Court awarded the Mwembeshi Licence…. The main fact to prove here is whether HH is really connected to Afnat and Mwembeshi…… And if such mining would pose a great threat to wildlife, the people of Zambia and new purring countries as well as the Zambezi itself…. And also if it is connected to the off shore accounts and alleged illegality. Then it ought to be handled by independent forensic specialist,miso that it is cancelled. In such a situation. The Rule of Law prevails………

  13. Gabriel

    who his the owner of 48 house’s ? if you have evidence, go to court, IDOITS Pf thugs. how can you force HH taik abt rubbish.

  14. Ok

    Insults will not cleanse Hh. We need facts.

  15. The seeker

    This is total madness, stupidity, and blatant taking advantage of the ignorance many zambians. You,as PF government sale the lower Zambezi mineral exploration and mining, with the approval of president Edgar Changwa Lungu and his cabinet ministers. You hide the money you benefited from the sale,then you turn around and put the blame on the main opposition leader HH. This is nonsense! Whether HH has connection with Afnat or not, the fact is he did not sale lower Zambezi. If indeed he benefited 14million dollars, how much did the PF benefit from the proceeds of the sale? Why did they have to sale lower Zambezi in secret? Any sane person can easily see that the national prayers for repentance and reconciliation was a rubber stamp to make zambians believe that they are rulling this country with the fear of God when in fact not. Let me remind Makebi Lungu and the PF government that GOD cannot be mocked, never. You just showing how you are mismanaging the affairs of this our beloved nation.

    • Mapesho

      Who can even vote for him when he has no courtesy to answer some of the allegations now. Whatmore when he becomes President? we can suffer, he is too pompous.

      • P.M

        Why should HH bother to answer accusations from lunatics? Does anything Zulu is saying make sense? NO..it does not make sense. Why was HH paid $14 million for an exploration permit. If he was then that company is as dull as PF. Ask the ministers who discussed the issue as Kalaba indicated and let them tell us if the name HH appeared or mentioned in the discussion. Stop this stupidity and tell us the truth about lower zambezi. This PF government is rotten to the core. Scandal upon scandal

        • Mapesho

          Well and good, why should he bother? In bemba we say tafikosa kubili. We shall instead respond come 2021. Guys let’s do what we do best.


    People when an allegation is made against someone, the best is to respond otherwise you just worsen the situation. HH should come clean here more that he is vying for the highest office in Zambia otherwise we will be having another tainted president at PLOT 1.We are tired of scandals in Zambia.HH should not go into plot 1 with soiled hands otherwise things will be very bad in his reign

  17. Non partisan

    let him respond or else we will take this rumours to be true.Then some of you shallow minded saying he got wealth when he was 21yrs.Now tell how this can be possible especially that he claims to come from a poor family.

  18. Frank Chombela

    Issue is, how was a mining licence issued to whoever in a national park and not who has connection to wht company or companies. If it’s illegal for HH to own shares in an offshore company, Makebi Zulu should say so. If not, let the issue continue to be how a mining licence was issued to undertake mining in a place like Lower Zambezi National Park.

  19. Justine c. Mukungule

    Jesus said,”The truth will set you free.”Let cabinet explain about the cabinet meeting at which a go ahead was given as claimed by Kalaba but let HH also publicly clear himself from accusation leveled against him.As Zambians, we should be serious about matters of national interest instead of defending individuals who can defend themselves just because of political inclination.

  20. Gizmojr

    When did the buyer became a problem,the fact is that govt and cabinet had a seating and approved regardness of who bought it simple,didnt the lungu lead govt knew that zambezi resoucers wantd a land in zambezi national park,ths govt loves money and its in plain sight that they love money nw their love for money has brought trouble,and HH scapgoat,and ingorant zambians are busy fightng over who is right and wrong,evry for the pf is scadal,and dear makebi is fighting,you wonder y chitolela is nt pointing fingers bt busy plaining for of torism in lower zambezi and nt mining,lets jst contrast on visible corruption and fight it

  21. Jane Karima

    Can the Minister please concentrate on managing the economy. Issue is that Govt issued a mining licence for mining activities in a national park. HH has never been in Govt. Why is this lawyer concerned with who owned shares in the company that his party in government issued this mining licence to? Whether HH received money in the transaction or not is it an issue. If HH received $14m,how much did those in cabinet, the people in power, receive to authorise issuance of a mining licence

  22. Chouchou

    Put Zambia first before you think of your political party! Let any person who is accused of illegal deals in the country defend him/herself, don’t speak on their behalf please! Zambia is bigger than the individual you’re defending…

    • Austerity

      True#Chou, let’s hold these politicians accountable and responsible for their actions regardless of the party they belong to, ruling or opposition. Let us not defend what we don’t know. Otherwise they will take us for granted and just do what they do, knowing they will get away with it. Zambia First!

  23. Kicks

    HH is a political giant in zambia, hence fighting him in a smooth way they the pf can’t defeat him, no matter what. We now have known the advantages that are in him thats why we want to give him chance to manage this nation in 2021. Makebi can not be blamed for his claim, otherwise he is just trying to protect our nation in a wrong manner, instead of attacking the strikers he is busy attacking those on the bench. Who issued a license to these good companies? But why accusations in a prayerful and fasting nation? God help us to stop toralating accusations.

  24. Ok

    A political giant that has never won an election? Kkkkkkkkk Isoni ebuntu!

  25. Joe London

    Zoona,there are pipo who know how to steal and hide money, not even de police or ba ACC,DEC can find him.All these institutions have no idea on how or where to start from.U can’t see him, he is the invincible one,what a thief.

  26. Joe London

    Yangu icalo ubusuma twalashila ba kabwalala.

  27. Francis Nsoneka

    For the first time HH is right lam 100% PF but lam going to vote for HH this time


    HH respond to Mr Zulu’s allegations. We are talking about our money and our resources. Cant risk to have a thief in State House.

  29. The voice of the community

    I think HH is more powerful than the government itself, surely how does he manage to sell or privatise whatever you when he is just in opposition or a mare citizen? If HH is so powerful then let us take him to state house so that he can control his mess since none can stop him not even the government.


    HH defeated no more getting millions from lower Zambezi. chagwa you deserve my vote.

  31. Ok

    Hh is a ka bwalala

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