Mufulira Contractor Suffers Stroke After Non-Payment For Pedicle Road Works

A local contractor in Mufulira on the Copperbelt Province has suffered partial stroke due to alleged pressure from lending institutions where he is believed to have borrowed money after being engaged by Copperfield Mining to undertake various works on the Pedicle Road.

Peter Mwape, proprietor of Kapilikiti Investment Limited, had no capital to inject into the project at the time he was sub-contracted, hence he borrowed with hopes of paying back after being paid by the National Roads Funds Agency (NRFA).

However, these payments have not come by and Mwape has been under pressure to pay the money borrowed to various lending institutions to finance the project.

According to Mwape, Kapilikiti Investment Limited is currently owed a total of K844, 212 by the National Road Fund Agency for sub-contracting works on the Pedicle Road and has not been paid since last year.

Mwape, who is now bed-ridden following the stroke, could, however, not disclose the amount owed to the lending institutions.

And the Consortium of Local Contractors and Allied Suppliers (CoLCAS) is worried about the sad development.

Consortium president John Chilupula, who visited Mwape with other local contractors, said they would engaged NRFA to help ensure payment of the over K800,000 to Kapilikiti Investment Limited to help them pay debts that are still accumulating.

Chilupula handed over K2,000 to the family to help with logistics in taking care of the patient.


  1. Josia Chapuswike

    Sad development, on this matter I would like to take this opportunity to say this to the government, government of Zambia you have zanaco bank why can’t you put mesures which is softly to allow Zambia contractor to borrow money from zanaco than to borrow from brificas business man, let s helping our people for the betterment of our country

  2. Female Owed Millions By State and Others

    What of us women, whose pensions, benefits and funds from abroad Re being illegally with held by the State,, with intentions of them stealing our house, which lawyers and members of the judiciary all participated in even illegally removing a suit against Attorney General to release the funds and return what was stolen…, since 2015… They even went to the extent of attemoting assasination,min their extortionist attempt and governments illegally with holding of a female’s money.. and lawyers are busy soliciting to abuse the help of their relative Justice in stealing the house, worth millions of kwacha and far much more than the said pension and borrowed peanuts money… I think they are probably in the same co spicy of such organized criminal syndicates with NRFA, in this saga.. As for me I have dragged Zambia to international justice mechanisms and I am seeking sanctions on whoever participated in the vice…….I survived assasination attempts and a mini stroke. And they are causing me cancer… Zambians must learn to do bussiness with consideration to human rights The current bussiness enviroment is full of bigots and I human minded people.

  3. Zikipi

    Ba Chilupula iyeee bola panshi! Ngemilandu yama plot mwaleiba lyapela kwi? Kabolala, opportunist and self centered man.

  4. Malio

    Say PF cadre suffers a stroke.Non PF members dont benefit from government tenders,now the incompetence is coming to bite them they want to be one of us?There are two groups in this country,PF and the rest,the suffering majority…

  5. Barakat general dealers

    I,m also very dis impressed as a contractor with what the government is doing ,so bad,and so sorry to the victim

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