PF Building New Party Secretariat

The Patriotic Font is building a new party secretariat in Lusaka that will house offices, a training centre, and a lodge.

Party Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza revealed this when refuting an online story suggesting that the ruling party’s current secretariat along Lumumba Road was being rented from opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

“There is some fake story being circulated on social media, claiming that the Patriotic Front (PF) secretariat building belongs to Mr Hakainde Sammy Hichilema and that the Patriotic Front have been renting the building through Mr Hakainde Sammy Hichilema’s agents” he said.

He said to the contrary, the PF “wholly and solely owns the building where the Secretariat is housed and that “the party is not renting the building from anyone”.

“Further, we wish to inform the public that as a Party, we are building a new complex that will house offices, a training institution, lodges and other facilities,” said Mr Mwanza.


  1. Mubanga

    The MMD in its 20 years of selfless governance never built a secretariat because the party was delinked from government, where has the PF as a party found money for such ambitious projects?

    • Pharaoh

      MUBANGA, you are right.This information would have gone further so that the community does not suspect that the said party could have used tax payers money.

  2. uyu

    mmmm cadre training centre mwapya baisa preparing 4 2021 wina azalila mayo

  3. Razor

    Continue building with stolen funds. It shall be grabbed after 2021.

  4. bombshell

    Hope there is an office for mr Chris phiri as well.that’s where he shud b reporting frm Cause he is aligned to the same party

    • Good analyze

      Now what for when you are parking and leaving and for your own information no parts comes back into power pa zed bakamba. Good your decision of bringing mmd back will help you go faster

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