Three police officers have appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on charges of aggravated robbery, personating a public officer and attempts at extortion.

The three officers are jointly charged with two PF cadres on these offences.

They are accused of having intercepted a truck that had seafood whilst armed with Ak 47 rifles and allegedly got away with 19 boxes of the consignment worth  K1,124,500

The accused are Gift Kasaro, 30, a PF cadre of Meanwood Ibex, Nathan Kalaba, 37, a police officer of Kabangwe, Joseph Mwansa, 42, a police officer of Chilenje Police Camp, George Kalenga, 52, an aide of PF secretary general Davies Mwila and a Traffic Inspector at RTSA of Kabwata site and service, and Collins Chileshe 55, a police officer of Sikanze Police Camp.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Mamamamama! Ba buju ndiye basanduka bakaolala manje,nao aphunzitsi a ciani manje? Shame Mayo Zambia we calo chandi.

    • Pharaoh

      Why this mischief, Its quite embarrassing to hear about it.They must be sent to jail Our

  2. mr i100%

    PF eyabako.

    • Tan Sian

      If cadres and police join togather to do such an evil thing even the aid to pf secretary general then how will 2021 election be most of pf will be armed ready to steal. End time events

  3. Work up ZAMBIA

    They are following their president’s comand “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala” what will hapen if the president is the thief?


    Police vs pf want a shame too this go.pre.p.o..

  5. Corruption now will be worse

    The names tell it all .This country has a very BIG problem !

    • Niso kodibba

      this is a clear revelation that the Police work with PF cadres even during buy elections. Law makers should critically look into this ,otherwise this will bring big problems in the country. baPf top management displine your followers. from corruption now to direct stealing, very dangerous, at last we are going to have labels in Zambia… Amen


    Christian nation indeed,kkkkkkkk,this is the beginning of the end of the world

  7. Yaba

    Mpombo, Fonko fonko what is your say about these pf thugs?

    • Mpombo

      @Yaba These are victims of privatisation trying to survive in a wrong way. We are all know the chief culprit in that exercise. I won’t mention names lest I be assaulted verbally. These people didn’t steal they just got evidence from someone trying to evade tax.Only tax evaders are celebrating the turning of a crime against the law enforcement officers. The PF cadres were just effecting a citizen’s arrest and acting as informers true patriots as always.

      • Fonko Fonko

        Well said Mpombo! How a certain individual benefited from privatisation exercise cannot be over emphasised. Yet some people claim he was born rich, how? He plays like a saint that want to serve Zambia while infact what to plunder the remainder. How do you serve a country you stole from?

        Have a nice weekend bro, for me it’s work after work this weekend.

  8. Louis Ls Seemani

    Uzakamba kusogolo time. Manje seluka munsapato Who is fooling who? What a display of criminology drama for Jim I cluding Jack to envisage the levels it has sky rocketed. Woops, who gonna stand for us. So when people say cadres connive with law efforcers, it’s like one’s being naive, there we are. Well, let’s see, law against law ,…… Fill in the blank

  9. Enalo

    If law and order implimenting service and ruling pf are found wanting, who will arrest who.. FIRE them. That’s all SHAME.

  10. Sylvester Moomba

    There are two people in this country who can give directions to this type of thugs and these two people are The president and Kampyongo.

  11. Kicks

    It happens like this when the leaders are not wise enough, this really show that the kampyongo and his boss knows what makes them keep quiet when their thugs are misbehaving. The best revelation of what pf is, a bunch of criminals.

  12. Evans bwalya

    I even recal the words of our late president his excellence Michael CHILUFYA data may his soul rest in eternal peace ,I caught I would rather live in a country of Christian than living in a Christian country where Christian are does’nt do what Christians are ought to do

  13. Evans bwalya

    I even recal the words of our late president his excellence Michael CHILUFYA sata may his soul rest in eternal peace ,I caught I would rather live in a country of Christian than living in a Christian country where Christian are does’nt do what Christians are ought to do

  14. Curtis

    There is only one thing in life for excellence, DISCIPLINE. It is for this reason why this country will never develop.Just look at the people involved, law enforcement officers_ Shame

  15. Slang

    Ba Pf Were Ar U Going Inshila Nyuku Ngoko Mwashoka Bane Tuleya Tulekula Ka ,ati A Leader Must Lead By An Example Awe

  16. Fucked up

    It’s good since the thieves are known now,am happy since these thieves are not from opposition political party but the government and there cadres,we will be looking forward for the next step which will be taken by the government.all this happens because of the hard economy,if boma can still what more ma janks??? Shame where is Christianity, people are wicked

  17. jullus

    Bambwa.nindoti.civil servant do like this

  18. Ba znbc

    Sign of poverty

  19. Chief Mumbo

    Ma mama! But don’t worry because they are still in a farm.Especially Mr Davis Mwila are you still eating Mwibala.Come on guys don’t steal mwibala 🙏.

  20. Concord

    Christian nation, ataa mwilapela Lesa icalo camafi……mwembwa mwe!!!!

  21. cosmas imonda


  22. Active police

    Shame on you guys…..



  24. Chief Mumbo

    Kwasala ba Lulu because he even want to finish seeds,beu or ibunto .awe we don’t know what is going to happen because you now want to finish the seed 🌱.Especially Davis Mwila if you see his face you can start to think that I have found a true Christian friend

  25. Gabriel

    EL, his the cause of all calamity we are facing as zambians, lets vote wisely in 2021 elections.

  26. puzzled

    i pity mpombo i dont understand why this dude has stoped reasoning properly is it bcoz of hunger or his mind got rebased especialy when he dances to dununa reverse it gets worse, supportn thieving at tax ivaders

  27. ranch'o

    Where are we going as a country sure…. police officers and party cadres are the ones in front committing crime

  28. Tryme kolwe

    4 me dey ar carders in uniforms.thirst for money.what a shame on pf!Everybody is seeing dis, come 2021 one will cry.

  29. James

    Comment I would be pleased if after election they should be no party on the ground even the president party but the government and private investment e.g Bank Of Zambia and commerial banks that make up Bank Of Zambia after new notes of the 5yrs term are charged or the vice president should be the governor of Bank Of Zambia

  30. lobe

    ah ah iwe mpombo n fonko fonko how does hh come in on this one? the culprits here are pf cadre n pf police dont bring hh on ur useles mistakes lungu is getn rich so fast do u question his wealth? stop talkn rubish take hh to court if he is a thief arrest him and take away his riches period,its like u are shoutn thief n wen he turns back u keep quiet knowing u got no evidence

  31. drylomuchinga

    Umwana taipalafye ukwambila kuli kateka wa party ya pf nikabwalala ewafunda nama cadres ubupupu

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