Chiyangi Recalls Evans Kangwa, Stophila Sunzu

Chipolopolo stand-in coach Aggrey Chiyangi has named a 21-member squad for the back-to-back Cameroon 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Algeria and Zimbabwe.

Chiyangi has recalled the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations winning duo of Nathan Sinkala and Stophila Sunzu who are on the books of TP Mazembe and FC Metz respectively.

The Chipolopolo trainer has also summoned Russia based Evans Kangwa who stars for Arsenal Tula in Russia to add firepower upfront in the absence of under-23 players that have been assigned to Beston Chambeshi’s team.

Chiyangi has summoned 13 foreign based players for the November 14 away match to Algeria and the November 19 home tie against Zimbabwe.

The local players will regroup in Lusaka on Sunday with foreign based players expected to join during the requisite FIFA window that runs from November 11-19.

Most foreign based players will have club engagements on November 9 and head for national duty soon after.





Sebastian Mwange         (Green Eagles), Mwenya Chibwe (Polokwane City-RSA), Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco)



Lawrence Chungu (Zanaco), Stophila Sunzu (FC Metz), Clement Mwape (Zesco United), Tandi Mwape, Kabaso Chongo (both TP Mazembe), Isaac Shamujompa (Buildcon)


Rally Bwalya (Power Dynamos), Nathan Sinkala (TP Mazembe), Kelvin Kampamba (Nkana), Salulani Phiri ([Polokwane City), Donashano Malama (Black Leopards), Augustine Mulenga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Clatous Chama (Simba Sports-Tanzania), Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows)



Evans Kangwa (Arsenal Tula-Russia), Mwape Musonda (Black Leopards-RSA), Lazarous Kambole (Kaizer Chiefs-RSA), Justin Shonga (Orlando Pirates-RSA)

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. David phiri

    What about master kalaba?

  2. P.Malo

    Where is Kennedy Mweene ba Chiyangi? Abena Kalaba,Lubambo Musonda, Ninshi balipwa? In lighten me.

  3. Kennedy Kangwa

    We know that you are bullet’s go and shut them ,wishing you all the best go go go go chipolopolo.

  4. VINNY

    What happened to Kalaba

  5. Ba awesome

    what about the likes of Mwepu, Sakala and Daka?

  6. Joseph Sahara

    Where Is Mwepu and Daka?

  7. The governor


  8. Dennis Chizo

    I really like the team selected, its making sense; all the best to our national Team! Go Zambia Go.

  9. Mweene

    If I were a coach, I can get the full 2012 squad

  10. Chief m

    What about our computer 💻 man Mr Mwepu

  11. Concord

    Nga mbesuma, hichani himonde???

  12. Teacher

    What about kalaba don’t be jerous, daka, sakala, mweene,mwepu,nkausu, and mbola

  13. Martin

    Who is going to be the captain?????

    • Hunter Shilesa

      Your only problem is knowing who the captain will be? The captain will be picked from the eleven players on the pitch .

  14. Genesis

    Mwepu and Daka mebafusa ba kazikoka bola…NDE Baeda tenga cup Ku Egypt… Talk about Master Kalaba where is he???

  15. Wallen mwanza

    Team selection is like you are facing Malawi not Algeria

  16. pf

    No kalaba, fashion, dakah
    Awe!!! Mwandi.
    I can’t even wait to watch this idiot game number of players.
    No kalaba no Game….

  17. Messi

    where the hell is Kalaba ? we need experienced player like kalaba

  18. Mr i 100%

    Kuwayawaya fye

  19. Lawson malisawa

    Eish this squad is awful.
    We are playing Algeria for God’s sake.

  20. Papa G

    BaChiyangi we love you but why don’t you include Man Kalaba on that list please. Swallow your pride do it for Chipolopolo and Zambia at large.

  21. Fake Fake Team Ba Guy Guy!!!!!!!

    He Knows What is Doing. Try To Win Guys we Love You. Go Zambia Go.

  22. Mr Trux

    But zoona

  23. Chusi Bee

    Lets Just Wait Until That Day Comes So That We See Who Is Better Than The Other, I Know Most Of U Are Scared Of Algeria But Remember Its Just One Coz Football Is Played On The Ground . Go Zambia Go We Are Behind You.

  24. Richmond Diamond

    Were is the young boy Fashion and the master the experienced Kalaba? We need a quick game not ifyo Chiyangi naiwe .elo duro g your reing don’t ever come to copperbelt

  25. Hunter Shilesa

    Do you read before comments? Report says mwrpu, daka, fashion are with u23. But you keep asking.

  26. Tedius Chisala

    Watching Zambia National Soccer Team with Chiyangi as “Couch” and Lwandamina as “Technical Advisor” is a shear waste of time. Guys let’s support the U23 as they graduate into full Natinal Team. As regards the ‘current National Team’, i still dont have cofidence in ‘them’I would rather wait to watch the determined U23.

  27. Georgious

    I Like the way we’re come, guys don’t depend in one person that why their boasting, Boston kusunda make more guys so that they be five or four at one number. Mundala look forward.

  28. iwe how could expect fools to lead❌❌❌❌❌


  29. prince Mande

    what happened to:
    Rainford Kalaba, Mwepu, Patson Sakala, Patson Daka and Fashion Sakala. Are all these finished? Don’t select teams on partisan lines, but a team that will deliver positive results.

  30. Beatwell Ziwa

    I like the way you come

  31. Emmanuel sakala

    Zambian football


    No kalaba no good result

  33. Tito

    We need our master KALABA

  34. Jack

    Awe mwandi it is a good team go go go we are with you

  35. TRIGGA

    Good..!! buh team selection wasn’t that good


    bacoach dnt 4 get ts algeria dat team u med just knw dat we ar loosing dats y local coachs corruption y leftng players ad tek bakatolela kalaba z stil a game maker mr f we loos jx resign aini mwelatukalifya imitwe

  37. aaron

    go zambia go

  38. Gaya undi


  39. Evans

    U want to support under 23 nbafuma


    Ichishika papa G.

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