Concourt to Rule LAZ Challenge to Bill No 10 Today

The Constitutional Court of Zambia is today expected to deliver two rulings in which the Law of Association of Zambia has challenged the enactment of Bill 10 into Law.

The Law Association of Zambia appealed against the refusal by a single judge to grant an injunction that would stop Parliament from considering Bill 10 until the present case is decided by the court.

In the second application made by the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka where he asked the higher Court to set aside the two subpoenas for Justice Minister Given Lubinda and Attorney General Likando Kalaluka to testify on behalf of Law Association of Zambia and submit undisclosed documents.

The first ruling on setting aside of the subpoenas shall be delivered at 09:00 hours while the second ruling will be delivered at 14:30 hours on the same day.


The Court has set 12th November 2019 for hearing of petitions filed by Law Association of Zambia and Chapter One Foundation.


  1. Lisa

    Immature boys bulldozzed the NDF thing ending up in a confusional state. Unnecessary cost and time wasting as majority zambians were not for constitution amendments but national reconciliation to curtail political violence that has persisted, electoral mess, Pf’s naked tribalism & many more isms.

  2. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Just disband the Constitution court it’s doing nothing on the favor of the majority Zambian

  3. Leon

    I am pleading with the pf MPs to support the opposition in removing the pf out of power coz what I am seeing is the pf carders attacking MPs coz they are saying you MPs are eating alone mark my words you will loose what ever you are stealing today

    • Chanda


  4. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Go ahead LAZ Go!!!! The Constitutional Court cannot and will not challenge the LAZ because this body is full of well qualified LAYERS unlike the Constitutional Court!!!! Bill 10 only benefits the few individuals and this has made LAZ to stop it from being passed into Law. Thanks

    • Better that way man

      Loving the way you put it.
      Let the president resign,someone said.

  5. Akwa the Great

    It has become a norm for some people to always divert from real issue at hand to accusatios insults and tribalistic commentary.Too unfortunate to see 75% of comments at any platform are PhD ,s ‘pull him down , I just can’t understand how blind people have become.even if someone is caught pants down ,he ll still have a good # of followers and praise singers. CHAMBIA WE CHALO CA BENA CHRISTU.OH Zambia a Christian nation!!

  6. observa

    I conquer with u impyakusu that the concourt is just a drain on national coffers. We better of without a court comprising PF caders.

  7. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Correct observa

  8. Curtis

    Please con court could you end this matter as quick as possible.why dragging the case that is straight forward. Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

  9. Ozzio

    impyakusu incinyo is not a decent identityPlease no matter how that bill affects you honor where your birth was conducted.

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