North West PF Charges Official For Violating Party Constitution

The Patriotic Front in North Western province has charged its Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary Dr Tom Mushinge for violating the party constitution.

The charge is due to gross indiscipline by Dr Mushinge for allegedly causing publication of  audio and video recordings circulating on various social media platforms, accusing the party of vote buying, among others.

“Dr Mushinge has been found wanting for acting in a manner that that is likely to bring the name of the party into public ridicule, contempt, or in disrepute, giving false information to any organ of the party or any of its officials  with intent to deceive or mislead, spreading false information or rumors which tend to injure the reputation of the party or any of its officials, publishing or causing to be published orally or in writing any matter which in the opinion of the Central Committee, Constitutes an attack on the party or on a member or official of the party,” the party stated in a statement issued by the media team in North Western Province.

“The aforementioned , is in line with clause and regulation No 29 of the Party’s constitution.
In view of the above, the party has no option but to ask Dr Mushinge to exculpate himself in writing and show cause why disciplinary action should be taken against him. He has been given up to Friday, 01 November, 2019 in which the exculpation letter should reach the party office.”


  1. Gizmojr

    And when members of parliament from the UPND,say there is vote and candedite buying mostly north west,da only answer including the speaker would say”we do knw or never have seen a market where the sale votes and pipo”nw u’ve heard.Waiting foq Makebi to point fingers

  2. treason

    It was happening

  3. Idiocy Detector

    Did Chulu not announce 29000 votes and quietly reduce to 21000 when caught napping? Why do you think the petition was craftly and by design blocked? Then you go ahead and declare a day of prayer? Can I kill and rob my neighbour and use the money from my robbery to donate to God and hope for blessings?

  4. Monk

    Yes you can, Hh stole money from Zambians and wants to use the same money to steal more from them. This world!!!

  5. The general

    Monk,how much HH steal from people, when and where?

  6. Idiocy Detector

    An idiot speaks without facts, any thief is supposed to be in jail, so if HH stole anything, why is he free under these frightened little men who have tried everything including traffic offences made treason? Insoni e buntu, you should be ashamed of vomiting stinking idiotic rubbish.

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