PF SG Lifts Suspensions of East Officials

Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila has lifted the suspensions of Eastern Province youth chairperson Emmanuel Jay Banda and information and publicity secretary William Phiri.

Mwila lifted the suspension during a closed door meeting held with the Eastern Province executive committee at Eastern Comfort Lodge in Chipata on Thursday.

“You are aware that the provincial youth chairman Emmanuel Banda and

IPS William Phiri were on suspension and after the discussion today, I decided to lift all the suspensions with immediate effect. I hope that there will be unity for them to work with the team,” he said.

Mwila encouraged party members in Eastern Province to continue with party mobilization.

Banda and Phiri were suspended by the provincial party chairperson Andrew Lubusha for gloss indiscipline.

Mwila said the party was ready for 2021 adding that party mobilization was a continuous process.

“The party has always been strong and united in Eastern Province and we hope people will continue working as a team,” he said.



  1. Sibweni

    Pf poor leadership at district level no separtion of power bcoz District pf chairman holding all positions. Treasure are rubber stamp but chairman receiv money hide it 4 future campaigning leave other pipo with no money. Agony u get rise money 4 personal

  2. Sosa

    As soon as they get the second chance to rule he will suspend them again.

  3. chief Mumbo

    You Davis Mwila you are a bad person and you were thinking that you are the best only.When you see that things are bad this is when you want to hurt others.But I know you really understand the proverbs .This is where us the Bemba’s proverb came from, Batila akakulya ubushiku katulikila Ku kunya .So you like a bad child who is very foolish when he sees that he has made a pooped on the clothes this is when he starts to calling for his mother.
    When the time is over it’s like you starting think of making a team
    Please don’t steal mwibala 🙏

  4. Real Zecky

    I this pf they dot hav i dear the the president he must luk about this issues

  5. komz

    eastern only strong man is jay jay but the rest its not leadership masowela n.a. chipani

  6. Ngwalusungu

    District pf chairmen who hav interst in mp position are hiding party money 2 them 4 campaigned bcoz executives 23 are not see the money. Party donation are used 2 fund personal funds and we need equal share 4 a party growth not selfness wil kil the party

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