Police Deny UPND Permit to Hold Card Renewal Exercise in Kitwe

The United Party for National Development (UPND) will not proceed with their card renewal exercise in Kitwe after police responded negatively to their request.
UPND had applied to hold a card renewal at Changanamai Grounds in Kitwe’s Kwacha East on 2nd November, 2019 and was to be addressed by Party Leader Hakainde Hichilema.
However, according to a document obtained from Police addressed to Kitwe UPND District Chairman, Police through Riverside Police Station Officer In-charge Lubinda Sikakena said the activity cannot proceed due to lack of man power.
Sikakena has indicated that on the very day, most of the officers will be engaged in other national duties.
“I regret to inform you that your application for a permit to hold a rally/card renewal exercise has not been successful due to some security concerns in the district and lack of manpower to police your rally as most of the police officers will be engaged in other national duties on the same day,” read the letter in part.
 He has advised the UPND not to proceed with the rally due to reasons stated further warning that disregarding the advice given will result in arrests.
“Due to security concerns in the district, the police are not able to grant a go ahead on your notification to hold a rally but in future you are advised to consider applying an indoor meeting which would be easier to police considering the issue of man power and security threats in the district.” Sikakena added.
But UPND Copperbelt Chairman Elisha Matambo has insisted that the party will proceed with some activities despite police advising them not to.
Matambo said the program will go ahead as planned adding that no one should stand in their way of helping the Nation out of the current economic crisis.
“We have a plan of donating mealie meal, meet our members so how do they want to stop us, people are suffering but i can tell you we will proceed. In Zambia, there is no law mandating citizens to obtain Police permit when intending to attend Church or extend a helping hand by way of donations, On meetings, the law says anyone wishing to gather fellow citizens must only notify police for purposes of providing security and when there are no officers, such a person can organize their own people to manage the event,” He added.


  1. mugabe

    useless tu pf y are you refusing to give us permit you think we cn fail to mobilize our party wala get lost

    • Mema

      Meanwhile Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila has lifted the suspensions of Eastern Province youth chairperson Emmanuel Jay Banda and information and publicity secretary William Phiri.
      Mwila lifted the suspension during a closed door meeting held with the Eastern Province executive committee at Eastern Comfort Lodge in Chipata on Thursday.

    • Yangu

      Zimbabwe has finally arrived
      Lyson Nyirenda, Eastern Province UPND Youth Chairman was Friday afternoon arrested by the Police for addressing a meeting of UPND party members. He is waiting to be charged.

    • Yes

      Mugabe be sensible with your UPND party government is government . you have been calling the Zambia police different names like pf thugs, pf police carders pf police criminals but when it comes to get permit you again rush to the same people you call names. This puzzles me and you look so foolish and I don’t know how your government will operate without rules and regulations . their is no country in this world which can allow any political meeting at will without the authorisation of the ruling government. I always warn you upnd .thank this government to tolarate your nonsense to do thing when you fill like. Please PF be strong why fear UPND if they are wrong they are wrong treat them beat them accordingly. We want peace and order in our country. If they think they are untouchable show the the power of the ruling government. Let them go and complain where ever they think they will back them . ba PF you showed your weakness when you released HH on the treason case crime is crime . who passed the ruling ofHH treason case. You just punishment people with petty issues like found with 1gramme of chamba living real case that is why UPND Does not respect the government and is able do make any meeting when they feel like.

  2. Mukanwa mukikopo

    UPND, no worries, we are many for in 2021. Card renewal or no card, people have already decided for a better Zambia.

  3. upnd

    yah yah guys 2021 its a time of change

  4. Evans

    I hope that 2021 no bloodshed in land of Zambia and please hh if the land reject u again step aside and let others try coz to much something is bad coz those people who are with they’ll turn against u.

  5. king munada

    If I may ask,,,, you are saying you have no man power… Now who will arrest them since your men will be doing other national duties?

  6. PamaFi

    ZPolice is being controlled by pf cadres. It has become an irrelevant organ only good at arresting and shooting at innocent zambians. If Upnd defies, police will come out like a swam of bees to make arrests. Give people freedom of assembly.

  7. Mr k

    It is from 2006 up to now it is everyday campaigns none stop but losing all the time which people can vote for tribalists where chief mukuni is a spokesperson wait and 2021 hakainde will be buried for ever

    • upnd

      ululicipubafyeiwe.Elyongawalisambililanishiisukuluwailekoekwasambililenakatekaobe.waonawilefyeimpiyashobe.You are just an idiot.It’s upnd and HH for wise men not you baggers.

  8. Sylvester Moomba

    As long as kampyongo remains minister of homeafares, there will be no civility and fairness in the police service.

  9. Kicks

    HH already has six votes from my family without cards or with cards. The police has no problem with us, but their boss, because they may lose their jobs, that is their fear. Remember that we are led by dictators whose power is in all security institutions. We gave ecl votes in the last election, this coming election me and my family we voting for HH no matter what you say about him, come 2021, with hh.

    • Gershom Ingwe

      If you want to advise the leaders just mind our self that we love our netion and to build the nation not insults please we are one thi is politics

  10. faust

    but there will be manpower to disperse, harass and beat up the crowd if they decide to gather as planned. The irony….


    UPND should not count their chicks before the hen hatches. This has been their biggest problem since 2006.In 2015 PF was at its weakest and HH lost when ECL had less than a month of campainng, that was an opportunity that will never happen again.
    My advice to UPND is that if you are too overconfident your chances of loosing are very high.Ask Mike Tyson against Douglus or Anthony Joshua against Ruiz.AJ was knocked down four times and had to surrender against a no hoper who only had a few weeks of training as a replacement.
    If HH looses he should step aside and give chance to others,that is modern politics.Chief Mukuni should also not be the spokesman for UPND because he is misileading the people.Let him stick to his traditional roles or he will be bruised in politics

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Good observation # Oldmzee, pf was at its weakest in 2015. They did not even have the resources. Remember how they were treated by the acting president. If anything pf was just as good as being in opposition, yet they still won.
      If you can’t beat the opponent when it is at its weakest, what makes you think you can beat it when it is at its strongest?

  12. Kikiki

    names bigining with ka have inborn violence. Kaiza, Katanga, kakoma, Kapeso, kapyongo

  13. Zegrere

    hh,for a better zed

  14. Mpombo

    The problem with upnd they don’t use local people. They like bussing cadres who are violent from other areas like Lawrence Banda who was gunned down in Kaoma but was a Lusaka resident. One thing I can’t understand is why HH doesn’t heed to advice Dora Siliya clearly adviced him to do donations in Bweengwa where hunger has reached levels of biblical proportions but the man just wants to donate in places where people have rejected him. The issue of running with coffins in town has come to haunt upnd as police don’t know what mayhem the party may cause next hence being proactive in their approach to thwart any evil intention by the bitter and hatred filled upnd cadres. I would urge the relatives to Elisha Matambo to stock enough mineral water and cigarettes to use as currency in police cells. He is daring the police let him be man enough when they come for him instead of bolting .Have a nice weekend. Time to cool myself with my favourite Flying fish

  15. Fucked up

    People without sense, we are suffering such that people in government starts stealing and pf cadres,we lead the news yesterday, this happens because of hunger. If pf will win 2021 you will see what we will happen in our country,we don’t forget that previous elections the dove refused to fly from the hand of ECL this was the results.

    • Mpombo

      Stealing in Zambia begun with privatisation,When those entrusted with the exercise became filthy rich .They used the same resources to fund tribal politics at the expense of the nation. This system of stealing government resources finally trickled down to everyone When people saw those who had stolen flaunt their wealth and become arrogant. The Dove refused to fly because Satanists immobilized it to imbalance the president.

  16. Sosa

    HH was on Christian voice where he articulated real issues concerning development and even the very dirty story being debated now.Poor Families have no agenda,no vision,no plan an even direction what so ever to convince the people of Zambia on how they will run the country.

  17. Sosa

    Sorry ba Chris for misuse of this platform but it is hurting to hear some people insulting innocent people without cause.

  18. AM

    Country men the officer is right ba upbd they always wants to fight who doesn’t know .looking carefully rally / card renewal and donating to members these they are up to do
    something .kikikiki awe power hungry.

  19. Razor

    So called democracy & then they will say we have free and fair elections when they can’t even allow an opposition party to renew their party cards. The same police who claim to have no manpower will suddenly come with over 200 police officers should these people go ahead to hold this meeting.

  20. Joe London

    Upnd must distinguish between CARD RENEWAL and MEALiE MEAL DONATIONS and again coupled with their RALLY at the same event and time.No wonder de. Police can not allow them to proceed.

  21. Joe London

    Remember what happened at OYDC where some church wanted to give mealie meal to pipo,there was a stamped and pipo died while others got injured.So police should not allow any more sacrifices to happen.

  22. Joe London

    Mr Hichilema declared a National Disaster without knowing the Needy areas or having data.Surely pipo of the Southern province can still vote for even if he does not give or help them during this period of hunger and he is 100% sure of his votes.

  23. Joe London

    The PF is donating mealie meal to areas where there was draught and floods while the UPND is doing the opposite by giving it in areas where pipo. can afford e.g Bauleni In Lusaka ,Kafue and now it will go to Kwacha East in Kitwe.

  24. Joe London

    Campaign my 2021 ikashupa sana because of this Hunger situation we have and my Prayer is that let this Hunger situation continue up to 2021 so that abantu bakalyeko UBUNGA BWA MAHALA kuli ba POLITICIAN,ba millionaire ukubikako naba TYCOON.We are going to chew their money this time,just look at their Disparation.Nifilyafine bane no DONTCHI KUBEBA nafuti nafuti.

  25. Mampi

    Card renewal,donations,which one is which? thats wat happens when u hav selfish leaders with self motives.Let them go ku Namwala or Gwembe 4 such filthy nd headless programes.

  26. Chiko

    Am telling u de truth guys this hh’s power anger has killed almost de all of southern pipo.they usually vote 4 him even wen its nt necessary bt he is doing completelly nothng n those hunger striken areas bt u will neva ever hear any tonga cursing hh 4 not giving them a hand,but if u go 2 Lstone,victoria falls is completely dry and the blame is on Ecl and the Pf gvmnt and worse on zesco’s loadshedngs.when ar these tongas goin 2 wake up and cal that spade a spade on hh’s face? its too much u tongas there,pliz wake up!

  27. THE EYE

    Continue Halucinating, we know who we voted for in 2016 and we regret it…..so we are changing the boot size this time around. Why should I continue wasting my energy creating chances for someone who can’t score

  28. Mpombo

    Two things ba muntu. You are confusing democracy with lawlessness in developed countries gatherings are also regulated. When the police say they don’t have man power it doesn’t mean they don’t have man power to control lawlessness far from it. If you break the law the government can conduct a recruitment exercise the same day to come up with man power to keep you in line. HH’s strategy is to disturb next year’s farming season so that there is hunger again. He knows those Tongas in Mpongwe and Lufwanyama are preparing their fields. He wants to bus them to his insidious exercise so that they stop doing this important operation.This will reduce yields and hunger will continues for his campaigns. Ironic that someone who wants to fight hunger is in the forefront of exacerbating it

  29. Berington MWABA

    They should have given UPND a permit, people are watching all these. PF if not careful they will lose power in 2021. MMD used to give opposition polictical parties permits to hold rallies including us PF. We just creating more tension and divisions in our country. the more you deny permits to opposition parties, they will become more popular

  30. The seeker

    After national day of repentance and reconciliation, nothing changes, same old story continues. God will not be mocked, never!

  31. k5

    Go go one Zambia one nation you pf why, HH his human from Zambia i dont want you think.

  32. Ttt

    thus why a lot of people didn’t participated in the day of fast and prayer,coz pipo who fast are the ones who dictate others,no matter how much you hate some one,God will provide the way.

  33. Mpombo

    How did it go. Did Elisha dare the police and survive or like others before him he cut with his tail behind his legs. Let the upnd practice democracy before they are subjected to Democratic tenets

  34. Idiocy Detector

    It is shameful and idiotic for anyone to deliberately forget that apart from winning elections in 2011, PF has never won any credible elections except what they specialize in STEALING. Chulu and that Ugandan know what I am talking about. Idiots and blind supporters don’t know what I am talking about.

    • Fonko Fonko

      If Pf has never won any credible elections, I am afraid the opposition has no chance of making it in 2021. It means pf will do what it always does to stay in power. That being the case, ba opposition start preparing for 2021election petition.It looks you like you have already been defeated even before the actual voting.

  35. Leon

    Cards are not a requisite when voting the only way upnd would not rule in 2021 is by disallowing it from participating in the general elections.wapya baisa.

  36. Pate to.pate to pate

    The only members remaining in pf are those holding posts otherwise I see a landslide victory for upnd in 2021.

  37. jz

    there is too much corruption in the government of of let’s put the upnd in power I believe they will make a difference.

  38. Steezy

    Here the police were wrong to totally stop the card renewal excercise by the upnd…even 10 or 15 officers would have been enough, I mean you can’t tell me that the entire Copperbelt can’t provide only 15 officers. This was clearly a polotipol scam on the part of the police, why don’t they want the opposition to exercise their constitutional rights. For the upnd it was not wise to go ahead with the meeting even aftet they were denied permision, this action was clearly based on frustration which should not be the case, ever. What picture are they giving to the members, that the police is useless? If they form government do they really think there will be order when they have started by trashing the decisions of the police, what if the reasons were genuine, which we highly doubt. It’s really
    depressing looking at what zambian politics has come to. There was really a better way of doing things both police and upnd.

  39. kanwakahosha

    Mr. Yes, i do not agree with the way you think arising from the fact that you belong to the party then you think the PF must do whatever they think. To rule the country means obeying the laid down rules. If the law says that to hold a meeting you need to INFORM the Police, then if they are informed and they respond negatively, then the meeting may go on irrespective whether people will be arrested by those who do not respect the law. Know that no court will arrest anybody on account of a cadre’s thinking where you say, ” show them that they know that we are the party in power” Rubbish. Based on which law in Zambia? Total illiteracy.

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