Lubinda Faces Disciplinary Action over Handshake Snub

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has clashed with Lusaka Province Patriotic Front chairperson Paul Moonga after the latter reported the Kabwata Member of Parliament to the party for disciplinary action arising from a handshake snub.

Moonga was incensed by Lubinda snubbing his handshake in church during the memorial of President Michael Sata.

The provincial chairperson has written to the PF General Secretary General Davies Mwila asking him to invoke disciplinary action against Lubinda.


“With the above submission sir, I recommend for Hon. Lubinda through your good office to show cause why he should not be suspended from the party for insubordination before he disintegrates the party in Lusaka Province in general and Kabwata in particular,” Moonga said in his letter.

Lubinda is not new to clashes with the party grounds people as he recently was on the receiving end of a slap as he toured Kabwata Market.




    Ba Moonga first of all you were in church when Lubinda snubbed your hand, so it could be wiser to report Given to the parish priest instead of ECL pantu even ECL seeks guidance from the church. STOP INDULGING TOO MUCH POLITICS IN YOUR LIFE STYLE we know both of you love PF but your great grandchildren won’t, Reason being your are disciplining each other over a snub moreover is it a sin or a crime

    • Break News

      As usual Police disrupt Harry Kalaba’s rally in Samfya this morning despite having given him a police permit.
      Armed Police dispersed crowds that had started gathering to witness the DP vision launch in Samfya.
      When news filtered that the Police had recieved ‘fresh instructions’ to cancel the rally last minute.The crowds started getting agitated forcing Mr Harry Kalaba to make a pre-mature appearance at the grounds to calm the crowds.
      When at the scene, Mr Kalaba reasoned with Supt Chilala who agreed that Mr Harry Kalaba should ask the crowds to leave.Its at this point that the Police provockingly fired blanks into the air and a number of teargas cannisters were thrown.
      Quick movement by Harry kalaba’s detail whisked him into a nearby safehouse as Police frantically searched for him.

  2. P.Malo

    I think this guy is tired of being in PF he is just looking for a way to be kicked out,politics bwafya sana. Lubinda boi just go back to UPND where you came from before there guys crucify you, yesterday balikutoba amapi,lelo ati handshake snub.ebu justice minister ubu? Balekupanga ichipuba.

  3. Innocent

    Moonga is just a simple boot licker

  4. mr dick doyo

    continue fighting i think 2021 wil be hot as party wrangles wil get harder

    • Mapesho

      I thought we saw more party wrangles in 2015, yet pf merged victorious. Don’t capitalise on pf wrangles to win elections, they instead make them stronger…democracy. This is different in one tribal party where you are fired before you even open your mouth.

  5. Roberto Carlos

    Who can explain to me what a handshake snub mean? Some of these issues are but simple ones, which needs no publication at all, at all. Ba Moonga naba Lubinda, kuleni mumano, as leaders in yo different levels of leadership. Nsofu nga shilelwa, chani chicula!

  6. Curtis

    A handshake in our traditional culture is the most standard of greeting, but which has now turned with limitations due to evolution of diseases like cholera, ebola to mention a few. Mr moonga how do you know may be the man was preventing himself or yourself? Maybe he had other reasons to deny you handshake that doesn’t warrant any disciplinary action . Gentlemen let us come to our senses.

  7. Umuntu mutwe

    Is snubbing a handshake a crime or insubordination? Moonga is sick. He can’t force anyone to greet him



  9. Louis Ls Seemani

    Politics and Church can’t mix. Most times people go to Church to be seen, not for prayers. Unfortunately, this trend, goes only to show how far mankind has run short of glory of God. A human being has total moral obligation of choice and there’s nowhere, someone is induced to acknowledge anything against one’s will. Okay, dictators live by commands unlike those who believe in democratic governance. Going by this handshake, it’s personal and has nothing to do with politics. After church service, l guess people ought to have been edified by the word of God, not on the contrary. Mathew 18:15-22 let not feel bigger than or more important than others, that way on Lookers will applaud us as good leaders.

  10. Chakalifya koswe.

    Friends you were Ku chililo chaba shikulu Bantu ba data feelings at this envent were different from individual to individual I saw ba mayo bana data balelila my church given was also in the same mood and if moonga went there to be known through greetings then it means he did not go there as a sad given lubinda was okay not to greet coz moonga went there for pride

  11. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Put Politics aside and Church aside because these two things CANNOT and will NOT be mixed in any way. Church issues are church issues and Political issues are political issues. Never should these things be mixed at all!!!!! Thanks

  12. Agogo

    I think this chap Moonga is very childish and immature to say the least. What if Honourable Lubinda was playing chimbuya ! Maybe he is the one who organised some stupid cadres to assault the honourable minister sometime back who knows! It would appear he just hates the minister . Your friend is a minister and you are just a party cadre what snubbing is that if he does not want to shake your cheap hand!

  13. Mpombo

    Moonga instead of rehearsing how to throw stones you are whining about a handshake. As a green blood myself nowhere does the PF manifesto prescribe a snub as a crime warranting disciplinary action. Become big next it will be Lubinda clamouring to greet you.At your level I wouldn’t be dying to greet you myself,I would rather do that with Bo Lubinda

  14. Kk

    What tribe is Moonga and lubinda?Their behaviors are questionable.

  15. LN

    What’s wrong with a distant non contact hand shake? I have used it in clouded places to greet some I know but I cannot easily reach and these people have responded without associating it with any party. Please put hate and suspicion out of your life and promote love and peace

  16. Bwalya

    Next time this man luninda will be crucified in the name of politics

  17. Niso kodibba

    lubinda again in tough time,, muzungu wa pa kabwata don’t back down mapolitics ni kulimba,, but you suit well in upnd not pf kuwaya wayafye

  18. Leon

    Lubinda is a threat in terms of becoming President so the jealous ones try to discourage him always towards elections

  19. Joshua

    What really happened “snub” i dont understand this?

  20. Edwardo

    Hand shake snub ending in a disciplinary charge. Given is a senior member of the party, needs some respect. Pf is the people’s party, there are people who stood with the party even when it was in the opposition and are still supporting though they are not loud and physically involved in politics. Bembas say ‘ mumbwe pukulila Ninshi pali uko anshintilile amatako . That persons accusation is not made in good faith .

  21. John Phiri

    There is no news here.

  22. muntungwa

    Just a hand shake??? People have nothing to do really!!!

  23. mugabe

    let him Face the law his not under the law

  24. treason

    Poor father always on petty matters shame

  25. Jah Child Timot Zila

    I think PF needs to be on a reality show, especially the central committee….. One has a right to snub a handshake hence Moonga shouldn’t be surprised
    I’m sure Hon Lubinda was hurt at the memorial of the great “King Cobra” upon seeing how the party has been ruined, a party that was full of good will and reasonable leaders has now been turned into a circus by these villagers who only know to applaud their so called “President”……. In this current PF there is no freedom of speech or expression and the founders or pillars of PF have been wanting on numerous occasions
    In reality Lubinda is the next big fish to leave PF

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