Mpongwe Man Arrested over Murder of Nephew for Rituals

A 47-year-old Mpongwe businessman has been arrested for allegedly killing his six-year old nephew for ritualistic purposes.

The suspect identified as Ovamas Mwiinga allegedly killed his nephew and removed some body parts before burying the body secretly.

Alert members of the public tipped the police of the suspected crime and led them to the grave where the body was found in a decomposed state.

Police have also arrested the boy’s 34 year old father identified as William Bulongo who received three heads of cattle as payment for releasing his son.

The suspect allegedly killed the boy to boost his transport business.

The alleged ritual killing is alleged to have happened last month and the body was only discovered this week, a month after he had gone missing.

Both Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga and Mpongwe District Commissioner Keith Maila have confirmed the sad development.

Katanga said the two have been arrested and charged for murder.

“For now we are still undertaking investigations and it will be difficult to give details because post-mortem has not been conducted on the body. Yes our officers found the body after being alerted by some members of the public,” Katanga said.

The two suspects are scheduled to appear in court soon.


  1. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Let the Police bring the perpetrator to book if found guilty by the Courts of Law. Thanks

  2. Mpombo

    Sad throw the book at them.Don’t know about you from the names and crime committed,a connection to upnd and Satanism shouldn’t be ruled out. This is no coincidence as our supporters on the ground seems to have sniffed a possible linkage

  3. Fucked up

    Mpondo something is wrong on your head in fact you are mad you are idiot together with those who brought u on Earth what a wasted sperm,stop talking about upnd if you are Satanist in your family God will act on you you idiot what a fucked up, the passage does not states that upnd are the one responsible for this, mind the way u vomit,we can not be insulted by u every time,stop sleeping in a sitting room before you become totally mad, it’s like your brain is being damaged by the vibration of the empty fridge of your mother, fuck you!

    • Mpombo

      @Fucked up Get behind me thee satan wena. Unless you are not in Zambia the names of the suspects makes them upnd cadres by default let us pretend no more.You may be a genius and I may be an idiot,but your ballot paper doesn’t surpass mine. When you insult you sound as if you are a cow belching inert gases instead of methane because of the drought in Bweengwa. Mind you insults are not the preserves of bitter upnd cadres alone .My not insulting your parents is not a sign of weakness but maturity as I don’t want to fall in your satanic rituals of hatred ,bitterness and tribalism. Am not impressed

  4. Monk

    Well said Mpombo, I thought so. This can’t be a coincidence. It can’t never.

    • Curtis

      You young quack mpombo,mature.If you are looking for the devil you will find him. Now real issues,do this silly uncle knows what life really is? How could a reasonable person surely do such a disgusting thing? Now you will face the law and once convicted uzanya oil.

      • Mpombo

        @Curtis thanks I have found the devil with horns himself in upnd

        • Jungle unchained

          Mpombo,you are missing out.you are forgetting that lungu was once upnd, before he joined pf.

  5. Habenzu

    How can you allow your own son or just anybody for that matter to be killed over financial gain?!l literary fail to understand, just so heart wrenching what happened to this innocent life, so painful to stomach.

  6. TKZ

    Mwiinga and Bulongo It’s very rare to find a Tonga name in this type of the case, you have embarrassed my tribe guys 3heads of cattle equating it to a six year old, shame on you anyway it depends how you were brought up and were you are coming from, maybe it’s part of your innovation from that part of a town

  7. Kaka george compound

    Bring back the death sentence,some chaps don’t deserve God’s free oxygen.

  8. Stebbin.

    Hung em fools and let em swing for thy’re evil.

  9. Evans

    The Bible said suffer not for a witch to live.to simplify this I mean to Kill them all.

  10. Tuye tuye

    Let them not to appear in court, it’s waste of time kill them direct, what more innocent people are being killed

  11. VH

    Shameful parents they must be put to death and what about the mother? Didn’t she know anything about the cattle?

  12. Apa twafilwa

    Our Constitution has failed us again.All we need are expert Lawyers to draw
    forthe whole Zambia policies of those who want to form parties should follow
    thats there performances should be Right,Left,Center and Religion.Please at the moment politics has no direction. And
    the President to be elected independently

  13. screw

    @mpombo and monk, sumtimes i do fail to understand some of the things u say about upnd. what type of hatelage is this? is this christianity? if lords will is upnd to rule zambia some day your will, wil do nothing about it, tell me will it do something about it? dont 4get lords time is the best n if He says yes u cant say no, upnd is the second bigest party so anything can happen dont make a mistake to think dat upnd wil be loosing 4rever the death of mazoka helped sata 2 be on no.2 coz those who did not like hh moved to pf n mmd,then it droped 2 no.3 so were is it now no.2 again watch out.

    • Mpombo

      @Screw its not hatred we just bring to light the true colours of upnd. Mind you we are inspired by the Zambian watchdog ways of doing politics

  14. Soka

    # Screw, yes you right watch out for imbwili.

    • Monk

      For the sake of those who don’t understand broken English like I do, I will translate what Screw is saying. He is saying that the death of Mazoka made pf to be no.2 opposition party from mmd at no.1. This was so bcoz people who did not like Hh moved to pf or mmd.
      From what screw is saying we can therefore conclude that this hate for Hh has not began now, it started from the day he was adopted. The only hope Hh has is in God because if God says yes, no-one can say no….not even Mpombo.
      My only question I have is that what if God say no to Hh and Screw say yes. What happens in that case? Does it mean Hh will be loosing all the time?

  15. Mukanwa mukikopo

    God help Zambia! Some of cadres have stopped reasoning. I pit the President coz he is for one Zambia one Nation and yet some cadres against it. Brothers, HH is as much a Zambian as any of us is – meaning he can win 2021 elections and become president and this is very possible.

  16. Mwiza

    Ba Evans which book Say’s so

  17. YURL

    Mpombo what a bad name shame on you. You idiot who can you talk about murder and politics shame on your date mind of yours and date mouth of yours what a waste spmer.

    • Mpombo

      @YURL with this type of English. You are the same idiots complaining about the economy instead of bettering yourself. Go follow the plough of oxen behind instead of social media makaka. Mailo ati vintu vadula forgetting that you are commenting on things you least understand instead of being productive

  18. Imbwili

    Mpombo, we are crying and you are busy indulging politics. What is wrong with you.?

  19. screw

    @monk u kno wat brotherman politics its not like a school were by there can be a change of a headteacher without confusion. i gues u understand what happens in these political parties.those who were not royal 2 lungu wat did they do? if jehova says no am not worth 2 say yes n cant dare to do that. if i stil got life am just waitn 2 c wat wil in 2021 n years to come. u claim u are inteligent but behaves like an idiot full of useless accusation is that what ur wisdom all about?

  20. screw

    @mpombo what wil u do if upnd happens to win? when u are in a race and u are on no.1 u get so worried about the one on no.2 not no.3 knowing that if u make any single mistake u wil b giving a chance 2 him, thats exactly wat pf has done in case u dnt kno dont get overwhelmed about 2 ma by-election whereby the whole pf goes to campaign general election wil be difference my friend, moreover pf has not done much on the ground, in hospitals no medicines this year there is no food ther gving tuma 12kg ati relief food the enconomy has gone down, no employment neary every one is complaining people wil not vote 4 upnd or hh but change the onry party i see to get that chance is upnd.am not saying pf is a bad party no, infact i enjoyed pf under leadershp of king cobra now nabafipenya aba ba kembo what makes u think pf wil rule 4rever there was unip,mmd now pf this is not SA its zambia KK messed up got kicked RB now its lungu just wait 2021 is just around the corner u wil be supprised life is hard under lungu

    • Mpombo

      @Screw thank you for your sober analysis. But I believe in reality. The upnd had chance of removing PF when sata died when they were disunited and no resources. campaigning as an opposition party. When there is a revolution to remove government even trees participate. In 91 and 2011 this was visible not on social media this time

  21. Felix Bwalya

    @screw spoken well boi all we need is change and automatically we are backing upnd since is the only part close to the line….. This is the first time my whole family is giving upnd votes…..so katutonka buyo…..

  22. screw

    @mpombo, my brother sata died in office quiet alright the party went thru turf moments after the dimise of king cobra we stil had alot of hope in pf life was not the way it is today.thats how it is when u reap were u did not sow sata sowed lungu reaped he understands nothing nowonder he said i got no vision. am not saying pf is a bad party no but its leaders lungu brought back the mmd we kicked out y he is weak. dora siliya,rb, and many more those are the people who were in red soup when the king won now there enjoyn the soup infact using big spoons at the expense of us ordinary zambians anyway lets just wait for 2021

    • Pharaoh

      Its seems Mpombo has shiftted the minds of almost everyone on this platform. His intention is deliberately to mislead and nothing else.He is in another world.

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