Scrap Off Monthly Fixed Charge for Zesco-Mtayachalo

Former General Secretary National Energy Sector and Allied Workers Union (NESAWU) Yotham Mtayachalo has appealed to the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to consider scrapping the monthly fixed charge ZESCO charges on all electricity accounts.

And Mtayachalo has called for the adjustment upward of the life line tariff structure in order to cushion economically vulnerable consumers from the current 200KWh to a higher bracket.

He said this is as the result of the anticipated hike in electricity tariffs following the decision by the government to import power which is aimed at mitigating the energy crisis the country is experiencing.

β€œI feel that the fixed charge cannot be justified because it is just pushing up the already high cost of electricity in the country to unmanageable levels and as such the power utility must explain the justification behind such charges which are a burden to electricity consumers,” Mtayachalo said.

He said the importation of electricity will undoubtedly come at a great cost to electricity consumers as there is no doubt that the cost of doing business and basic needs such as mealie meal shall again go up.

Mtayachalo who is Forum for Democracy and Development Chairperson for Labour said government should also consider suspending or reviewing downwards taxes charged on electricity bills such as excise duty and Value added tax (VAT) as a relief to consumers against the high cost of imported electricity.

β€œIt is not long ago when ZESCO was allowed to increase electricity tariffs by unprecedented 75% more importantly because salaries for most workers particularly public sector workers have remained static,” He added.

Mtayachalo said it is unfortunate that despite such a huge increase in electricity tariffs in 2017, ZESCO is still facing a financial challenge which is quite disappointing.




  1. Tuye tuye

    We are now failing to understand what is going on in our country stop accusing each other, the only solution is to work together solve this problem we are facing because if this problem will not be solved then next year we will face it more.

    • fintu

      That’s the only solution working together, too much accusetions. That’s y money is being stolen.

  2. Chilankalipa

    The same fixed charge can even be halved so as to compensate for the long hours of load management we have been subjected to.

  3. SAM

    very true, but zesco should diversify electricity source to sources which are long term and sustainable such as solar, bio energy etc. when they predicted this load shedding in the second quarter of this year they should have called for a stakeholders meeting to find solutions, but they didn’t they thought they can hide a growing pregnant from the people forgetting that it’ll eventually grow and the end results will seen, zesco management is incompetent including the director, they are sleeping in offices instead of finding means to stop load shedding the country is facing if it was kk minister and the director were going to be fired for incompetence

  4. Razor

    There is an application to increase tariffs by 75%. If that is the case then the monthly fixed charge must be removed as well as vat. People should only be made to pay for what they actually consume and not these hidden additional charges. This will help mitigate the increased cost of power.

  5. OMG!!!?

    Fuck Zambia, fuck you all.

  6. Ifuko


  7. Yearn

    Mmm Zesco we no longer believe in u

  8. Twaisa Mutubepe

    Goodness of tariff increases – IT COVERS INEFFICIENCY, MISAPPLICATION OF RESOURCES, POOR MANAGEMENT – zesco would still be making money. High fixed charges, duty, vat makes up more than 2thirds of what we pay. Who benefits? Who pays erb officials? WHO WIL SPEAK FOR THE CONSUMER? in such a scenario do we expect justice? From whom?

  9. Twaisa Mutubepe

    Its animal farm replay. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others … I get your point – you say it’s EVERY ZAMBIAN DESERVES ELECTRICITY BUT OTHERS DESERVE IT MORE. using tariff+fixedcharge+duty+vat to filter out the less deserving consumers. Good thinking no one will be blamed. Let’s put our candles high and salute them

  10. Chako

    Zesco Powering The Poverty.

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