The Hour Has Come for MMD Judgment

The Lusaka High Court will today deliver a ruling on whose claim to the MMD presidency is legitimate between Felix Mutati and Dr Nevers Mumba.

Two factions of the MMD have emerged between Mutati and Dr Mumba both claiming to be the legitimate head of the former ruling party.

Lusaka High Court Judge Sharon Newa will pass judgment on the matter that that was taken to court by Dr Mumba after an MMD convention that elected Mutati as party president.

Dr Mumba challenged the legality of the convention saying it was against the provisions of the MMD constitution.

The verdict may be a significant step in giving the former ruling party a lease of life.


  1. Observer

    Hope it will be a fair judgement.

  2. Mbuzi

    HH should take over mmd I think he can win

    • Pharaoh

      Mbuzi how can you succeed a married woman when her husband is still alive. IKnow Dr Nevers Mumbai will carry the cause the MMD party constitution might have not properly followed.

  3. Impyakusu ichinyo

    How many times are you going to judge the same matter


    abeshikulu abaume babili balelwila itoloshi (trouse) lyabupyani lyashile bashikulubabo abafwa

    • Niso kodibba

      how much does an mmd President get? becouse winning elections it can’t happen the party is finished.. koloko yalifwa.why fighting for a carcass ,dead animal..


    Mumba go away clergyman. You aren’t feet to rules MMD no. Leave Mutati with MMD Epela. mumba you was already tested time Mwanawasa died Rip. You failed to pick a good voted number you was 6 position out of 11 presidential. Mumba back to prophecy people to go to heaven.

  6. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    The question is who will be the Party President of MMD? Will Judge Shalon Newa be neutral in passing judgement on this burning issue? Let us wait and see as the judgement is nearer and nearer. Thanks

  7. mugabe

    nevers mumba is the right person believe me fairly judgement

  8. Kabs

    Let the court decide.Don’t give your own views.Whether they pick Mumba or Mutati it’s just the same.Let the courts rule.We are waiting.

  9. 1

    lets wait and see

  10. Bayoka


  11. Junta

    it’s like flogging a dead horse…

  12. Skb

    Waiting for a very CLEAR and FAIR judgement such that the looser should not see the need to appeal. Because an appeal will take another three years.

  13. mugabe

    congratulations dr mumba as i said it that you will win this battle

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