Masebo Left In Cold At UPND

Sylvia Masebo, the former Chongwe member of parliament, is being sidelined heavily by the opposition UPND to a point where her position as chairperson for mobilisation has almost been rendered irrelevant.

Ms Masebo, a once forceful member of the MMD where she was known as the “ever green” minister, has pulled back and is rarely seen attending UPND events.

It has been unearthed that this is because the party’s top leadership has on many occasions ignored her political advice and not given her room to fully discharge her duties as chairperson for mobilisation.

“She’s actually on the edge, but she’s stuck about what move to make next and this is somehow the end of her political career,” a senior official in the UPND has revealed.

Ms Masebo played an instrumental role in Michael Sata’s PF prior to the 2011 elections but her zeal for active politics seems to have waned after joining the UPND.

“A once vibrant politician in Sylvia Masebo has been finished just like that in the UPND. This is the biggest problem we have in our party; we destroy good politicians who come to join us. Look at ba GBM! He was frustrated until he left,” another senior party member has revealed.


  1. Personal View


    • Alfred Mwembo

      If you change your altitude towards non Tongas but if you continue frustrating those joining UPND forget about forming government

  2. FuManchu

    Some reporter here sharing only their opinion or is it assumptions why she is not in the party activities limelight without first posing a question as “Hon. Masebo we in the media have observed you seem to have taken a back seat in your party’s activities can you shed some light on your role, what is either happening or not happening to help us understand!” before sharing some conspiracy shrouded views on Ms. Masebo and her UPND!

  3. Mlase

    Ba UPND…don’t just react on anybody who exposes a lapse in yo party.This has been a trend for a while now.I know u a bubbling with confidence that 2021 is yo year of taking over governance of this country but my advise to u is to work with everyone including some opposition parties regardless of whether u think they ar of no impact.For sometime now I have heard most of yo top leadership saying that they don’t need to work with any party to win an election coz they think with or without an alliance,victory in 2021 is guaranteed.I don’t think that’s helping u at all.My advise to u is that u should NEVER write off PF at this stage based on their poor economic performance in the recent past but work towards having more people on board including those in the current Govt.Remember too that u have a very weak grassroot foundation policy the major reason u have been losing elections in the past.The position of Sylvia masebo can not be ignored.If u think that she is under performing,I wud suggest u find someone else who is going to mobilise the party structures at Ward levels nd below.This is wea voters ar but knowing how arrogant some staunch members ar in yo party,I may just receive insults.Is this how u intend to Govt this country?Insulting anyone who tells u yo weaknesses?

    • nzelu niweka


    • Steezy

      Wow @mlase I like your view of things if only the upnd can see things in that way… Iate president m.c sata, may his soul rest in peace, knew that he would definitely win in 2011 but he was willing to form a pact…upnd is in its own disorganized I wonder what makes them think they will get support from more that 50% of the Zambians

    • Vaal mula

      Points taken.tell them.

    • Gershom ingwe

      It’s true tell them to go back on droing bord not the insults please

    • KAPATA

      That is very true Silvier Masebo can help the party out a lot.Especially in their strongholds.
      But I always discourage recycling politicians. Especially those in PF.

    • Tizbabe

      You’re rite mlase..

  4. Vincent gigante

    Ba P.F kuya bebele…twanaka nenu…we just need change,try other pipo to put things in order…to restore the calibre and professionalism we had under Kaunda and Mwanawasa…whether masebo or GBM or whoever is frustrated by upnd,we dont care…our only concern right now is to change the pipo governing our nation,kwasila….

    • Mpombo

      Ba mayo ba Masebo the upnd has become an incubator to finish politicians GBM Banda Maureen Saboi and Mabenga got finished politically for embracing upnd. This time it has turned into a political graveyard. You would have done better to heed Saboi Imboela’s advice where she proclaimed to the whole world that Tongas claim not to be tribalists when it suits them politically but again change when they can use tribe to there advantage. Forget about the economy even if the PF government introduces free mealie meal and fuel. The people of southern province will still not vote for PF. upnd winning in 2021 is like saying Kambwili or Kalaba are going to win parliamentary seats in southern province. You don’t need to have the gift of a prophet to predict this. Yes the common mantra of upnd these days is to insult and pose the question “You are not God”but God has given us eyes ears and the brains to discern. These At the moment indicate upnd winning on social media while losing in the booth

    • Gershom chipata

      If you think like that you get disappointed one day this is politics be careful

  5. Kaka george compound

    That’s the upnd for you,they use you and discard you like a used condom that’s why I have lost interest in Zambian politics its no longer inspiring,one hand the ruling government is falling to perform when you look at the alternative kuwayawayafye,mediocrity all over.I have stopped voting.


    bamayo aba nibamuselelakwakaba

  7. Lovemore

    No matter how much you campaign against UPND you will not break us Chris, I bet you.



  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This is truth, GBM , MR BANDA and SILVIA MASEBO were pillars of UPND.

  10. Mlase

    U keep saying 2021 PF Zwaa wen u have not even put up a proper strategy of how u will vote them out.Just to remind my colleagues in UPND once more…don’t think PF will sit idle nd let off power easily.PF knows the consequences of losing power as such expect a serious fight frm them.I have been in PF in all these years nd know better their winning strategy.UPND is of no match wen it comes to this.Year in year out wen UPND loses an election,they blame the player.Don’t blame the player basa but blame the game.To be honest…PF can only lose 2021 election if people want change of governance nd not because UPND has a better governance policy than PF.Watch 2020 nd see how PF will begin coming out just to convince the electorates that they still have life in them to improve this failing economy.U snooze u lose badala

  11. PWII

    And how does that concern this PF media? Does that improve the ailing economy?

  12. The seeker

    Only in Africa, Zambia in particular, will thieves regroup to loot again and again and the youth whose future is being ruined are celebrating it.

    • Curtis

      Come on gentlemen come to your senses. Surely you could even talk of people whom we have seen to politicize in their own interest. Today they are in water tomorrow in ashes are they really for us? If you want follow them and you will remain in the ditch yelling for rescue but to no avail By the way who told you that Silvia has been left in the cold? How do you expect her to mobilize the UPND when the public order act is not so effective. Permits are being denied, let masebo speaks for herself $ not picking your dirt finger in her. For you tribalist talking of Tonga’s I Berg you in the name of Christ to mature. God didn’t create a tribe but human beings by the way whoever talks of tribe is the one who is the most tribal Remember it’s ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.

  13. Kiki

    Unruly Pf thugs have suppressed the rights and freedoms of the women in opposition. Pf has enough stock of teargas cannisters, machetes and now guns to use on the opposition seen mobilising. Silvia has opted for door to door meetings. GBM went back to pf to eat, he has already fattened just a few months in pf. They have gone back to pf to make the economy worse. Genuine and principled leaders, like HH are trusted & donot give citizens headache.

    • bajende

      HH sold companies during Chiluba era he is also a thief and a lier don’t trust political ngeki Jesu NO

  14. Coming soon

    Only in PF where a cadre can slap a minister, justice minister for that matter and no displinary action is taken by any authority. Given Lubinda has been left out in the cold in PF. He is currently facing displinary charges for refusing to shake hands with the PF thug leader,Moonga,who organized the beating up of the Justice minister. “Mr Lubinda is a disoriented,frustrated and dejected figure” said a PF source. “He is not wanted in PF, just look at the way he is being victimized by both senior and junior officials”, said another. Meanwhile, sources within PF say Mr Lubinda may just be waiting for the right time to leave the party.

  15. Doubt Katwishi

    I can’t agree more with you Mlase, the weakness upnd has is what we call in bemba ” munshebwa”. They don’t seem to take criticism well, starting from their leader and now it has gone down to the grass roots. For instance just on this platform any one who points any wrong in upnd will be insulted right, left and center. How will they take criticism once they are in power if they can’t get it now?In bemba we say ” Ichi kwanka ba chimwena ku mapalanya.” Your current behavior is a good prediction of your future behavior.
    Another saying that may help upnd is ” ichisendo ku nkoko ku nakilila.”
    How do you insult electorates before you are elected? I hope upnd can learn to humble themselves.

  16. Niso kodibba

    beautiful and smart lady , ms masebo is a legend, she knows what she’s doing and she’s doing fine don’t cheat us.pf is going out and upnd coming in . 2021 they Will vbe vacancies in ministerial positions, she will be back in action as an awesome minister.

  17. story

    mmm zambian media platforms kuwayawayafwe,,zambia reports is againist upnd,, zambia watchdog is againis pf if u look at there reports u can tell who they suport

  18. Mpelembe

    You can’t put it any better than this. I salute you. They enjoy living in a fool’s paradise. Whoever tells them the truth is Called bootleaker, corrupt or stupid. They applaud those who tell them that they’re dressed when in fact they are naked.

  19. vince

    Mlase u r right, upnd must not do away with such pipo, it is hard to remove a ruling party, Embrac

  20. Gift

    Chris are you a pf repoter? everything you post is against upnd what a herk

  21. story

    u dont know ba mpombo what strategy pf used to win in 2016 them knows the truth,if it was genuine winning or otherwise the truth remains wit them. i remember king cobra telling RB to beat him genuinely not through stealing the ballot. in 2011 RB failed 2 steal we were even shown the center that mmd had created to use to rig the election so mr mpombo dont just get too excited there are alot of ways to kill a rat.u dont know what exactly happens in these election unless if u tell me that u r a top pf official, but if u are just a supporter dont insult southern over something u dont understand my bro. my children can not boast that dad is rich unless they fully kno the source of my wealth.so before u blasphemy the opposition go n find out brotherman

  22. treason

    Get out lazy boy

  23. Lisa

    The boat has become stuck in mud. water has vanished as a result of drought. Equally pf members are stuck and can’t think beyond HH. Their thoughts are ever on HH and Upnd, no wonder the stagnant economy. Masebo is adult enough to speak for herself. Pf has damaged the economy to a level of destitution.

  24. Razor

    Sylvia Masebo is still very active and is actually a minister in waiting in the incoming government. Zambia reports needs to stir some controversy to get a reaction and they also need to do such to survive so we understand it’s ok.

  25. Oooooooooooo

    Gakwaliba abantu bashishita sana bantu basambilila pantu umuntu alishibikwa ati ama party yonse apwisha mulinu ati you are most welcome aisa mukonaula ati you are most welcome awe sure umulembwe wachipuba wapwilile muli tunfwe.

  26. Kalusha Bwalya The Grand Thief

    Chi Masebo used to be sexy before she got the VIRUS. I used to admire her take. Chenze cha bwino. Ndipo Winter Kabimba enjoyed! But she’s finished now. Nowadays ni mafupa yoka yoka.

  27. Flado

    Forward is forward nomatter what

  28. T

    Upnd chabe bakamba forward*1000

  29. kufahakurambwe

    To everything, there is a beginning and an end. Madam Masebo we thank you for your service. Zambia needs an entirely new crop of leaders. PF”s self-proclaimed tycoon President Lungu and his kleptomaniac ministers have destroyed Zambia. You expected a Fox to guard the henhouse! How ironic. Quit the tribal voting.

  30. Obama junior

    UPND niba chabe chabe….no wonder they bitterly cry cold… when they loose.. what happens to all their Veep’s..??.. only the Hungry Hyena knows..

  31. nasson mangwende

    Comment just come and apologise to ecl and join the party. period. upnd will never appreciate anyone who is not a Tonga.

    • Jay1

      But I heard that Chintombwa HH pompwe number 1 just got a $14,000,000. From the lower Zambezi mining investment? N now u guys are busy saying pf zwaaa…the upnd🤒 for me I refuse to jump from the frying pan into the fire…..upnd it’s tribalism + corruption+stupidity…..it’s beter not to vote if that’s the only option….🚮

  32. Tiger

    Why did the of government failed to arrest hh over the privatisation of companies in chilubas time, hh was not in government how can he sell government property when he had no Powers an Agent and a seller are different chiluba was a seller hh was an Agent or middle man and go to court to challenge hh if you have evidence little man


    Masebo messed her self up when she left PF.UPND has not accepted her fully.But the real reason for Masebo’s quietness is that she has a big issue to sort out.She fired ZAWA top management but lost the case and the government has to pay the officers colossal sums of money.Masebo has to pay the lawyers who defended her.She talks too much but there islittle or no substance in what she talks.
    If Masebo cannot go to Pf she can join MMD or NDC.


    ITs difficult to follow satanic upnd

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