Two nuns have returned from their missionary work in Africa with pregnancies.

The two women, one a mother superior, are from two different orders in Sicily.

Both nuns are African and were posted to their home continent as part of their charity mission.

One of the women, who is 34, only discovered she was pregnant when she had a medical scan after complaining of stomach pains.

The mother superior, whose age is not known, is based at an institute that helps “fallen women and their children.”

A church source in Rome said: “There is consternation at this news. It appears that both women were back in their home nations and obviously had some form of sexual encounter.


“An investigation has been launched. They both breached strict rules of chastity but the welfare of their children is uppermost.

“The most likely outcome is they will leave their religious service.”

One of the women is based in Ragusa and the other less than 40 miles away in Militello. Its mayor Salvatore Riotta said the news has “left our village shocked . . . but should have been kept quiet”.

Pope Francis admitted earlier this year that some nuns had been sexually abused by clerics.

Credit: The Sun UK


  1. Wallen mwanza

    It is written that even God’s chosen people will be deceived

    • Yambayamba

      Nuns getting pregnant in the Catholic Church is not new. Many of them get pregnant and have secret abortions….this is a well known “not-so-secret” of this church. You can’t have the Pope himself admit that YES nuns have been sexually abused by some clergymen and not have some of them turn up pregnant. In fact, some of these pregnancies are a result of concential sexual relations the nuns engage in.

  2. paul njobvu

    the devil is happy but GOD NOT HAPPY

  3. margie


  4. margie

    Things like this have been going on for a long time,this just come out.

  5. Kaka george compound

    Nabo ni bantu.

    • Man of substance

      That’s why nowdays you will find a lot of orphanage centers full of children’s of so called fathers and sister’s

  6. Lovemore

    mmmmmmm anyway its part of life pipo

  7. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    We are in the last days!!!! Therefore, anything which is in the dark will come in the open. Jesus Christ is coming very soon!!!!! Thanks

  8. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    They are human beings and they feel sex also. But the bad part is that they are deceiving people that they are not going to bear Children in their lives which is SIN against GOD THE ALMIGHTY. Therefore, GOD is punishing them for withholding Children in their wombs. Thanks

  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    The same so called Nuns Fathers join the Catholic Church just for money not for Service. Sexual abuse is rampant in the Biggest Church in this World called the Catholic Church. Thanks

  10. Kikiki

    They wer also produced after sexual contact, they must also produce. Some nuns remove a uterus after having one or two then work as nuns. No one is rightious. Just forgive them

    • Favour comfort

      That’s true forgiveness is very important in Christians life .

  11. Junior Badu


  12. Ephestus

    It’s devil who sent them,in doing so they are working for the devilthat’s all.

  13. Mpombo

    Wouldn’t mind sleeping with a nun myself.

  14. LN

    Getting married is not sin. Even powerful men of God such as Peter got married. This Catholic church tradition of not marrying on thr part of nuns, fathers and brothers is not biblical, it just puts these peoples at the risk of being engaged in sex scandals. You can’t twist God’s laws and be right. God said it’s not good for man to be alone. This is the truth any teaching contrary to this principle is not the truth. Congratulations to former father Bwalya and Bishop Milingo for coming out of the error and following God’s ordained principle of marrying and living single lives that are risky and tempting.

    • Valdano

      Read Mathew 19vs 12…and understand why priests do not marry…. Don’t just read the Bible without asking for spiritual guidance to enable to understand Wat u read

  15. MK

    Pretence in the eyes of God is bad, what you do in secrecy shall be reviewed to the general populace as the case is

  16. Pela

    Is this news or a well known fact that nuns and clerics have children. Mulecita kwati elo mwaishiba!

  17. Bwalya mwaume

    God said it is not good for a man to be alone.aba abanesu balapililika amalembo yakwa Lesa.amafumo balafumya saana.

  18. Nickempire

    It’s normal,if there wasn’t concieving would their be there? If you were born you should also be able to produce your own offsprings.

  19. Passmore

    To bad for them 😔😞☹️😭

  20. nainewine

    For once no one has accused HH and his UPND for getting these nuns pregnant!

    • zed power

      kkkkk it is possible

    • Weka

      # Nainewine ,Hh can’t be connected to this . He is a member to lesbians and gay’s group.

  21. Ozzio

    SEXY is NOT a SIN. Are 7bn people sinners?

    • LN

      Careless sex outside wedlock is a sin. More over it was not the Catholics that evangelized in the West. It was those that were running away from persecution by the papacy. The papacy should not rest until all the errors they have preached are corrected. They must apologize to the world for persecutions and wrong doctrines. .

  22. Niso kodibba

    its normal, for God to create a woman (Eva)for Adam it’s not a joke,.

  23. Ozzio_"

    Catholics relax you have done enough let others do the rest. You have made West where its today .GOD is on everyone’s lips.Thank you,job well done. GOD BLESS.


  24. brics

    In the first place, people have to purely understand that God is not stupid to create two opposite sexes. I plainly admit that he had a good plan for them, and knew that one will need another. People like Paul, who lived that life, was actually special case in their make. You can’t suppress feelings for the rest if your life.

  25. Phillip


  26. Don

    It is good that they have come out openly than those who do it secretly , it is just the matter of quitting the job and ask for forgiveness from God , you never know maybe they were just forced to do it.

  27. Phillip


  28. DC

    Even Apostle Paul in the bible said if you can’t control ur feelings marry . Let’s not hide in the name of father n nuns

  29. Uncle

    I don’t blame the sisters of getting pregnant but I blame the religious, how can u surely refrain from sex.its Gid’s creation u fools.

  30. David Phiri

    They humam

  31. David Phiti

    They are huimen beings.Natuter is nature

  32. David Phiri

    They are human beings .Nature is nature

  33. Robby Chola

    They NEED sex to some extent. Why not if not? Priests do the same only that they can not get pregnant for people to see that they get involved in illicit sex, so leave them alone.

  34. Dennis Zulu

    Please let us not use our reasons for doctrine matters let us use the word of God. Marriage is not forbidden by God.what is forbidden is sex outside marriage

  35. fatlun

    Who forced them to be the nun?us Roman Catholics we don’t force anyone to be a sister. So be careful when choosing your career course you be disappointed at last.

  36. Mwansanga Pano

    This is no strange news,nalilyapo babili who were my teachers.They seduced me like no man’s business.One of the two aborted and she paid me handsomely

  37. Lute

    Ine Kulya Nangu Ni Nun

  38. Let it rain

    Wen is loadshedding coming to an end….is the news we want now

  39. piii

    U think u can manage to stay without sexy ey???

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