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The African Champions League is also known as the CAF Champions League. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) organizes it each year. Top leagues in different African leagues compete for the Champions League title. Betway offers many sports betting markets to gamblers. Read on to learn more about the African Champions League.


CAF Champions League started in 1964 as the African Cup of Champions Clubs. Oryx Douala lifted the first League title after beating Stade Malien. The next African tournament was held in 1966 and AS Real Bamako won the final game. The African Champions League has transformed since 1997. CAF introduced an away goals rule which required the winning side to have the highest number of goals in all away games. The football federation later created the first league stage in the tournament.

CAF introduced cash prizes for all participants. It is the richest soccer league in Africa. In the past, league champions from CAF member countries competed in several preliminary rounds before reaching the last 16 stage.

CAF selected the eight winners from the last 16 and grouped them into two championships comprising of four teams. The leaders of each league group competed in the semifinals. CAF increased the number of African Champions League participants from eight to 16 clubs. The tournament has four mini-leagues. You can wager on any African team in to win a payout.

The League’s Qualification and Structure

All national leagues that have registered with CAF can compete for the Champions League title. Any country that hosts a previous CAF Champions League qualifies for the tournament. The league is a knockout championship that has a major group stage. All ties are played over away and home legs. All teams which lose on the first round compete in the Confederation Cup with those that reach the last 16 stage.

CAF divides all clubs which advance to the last 16 stage into four groups. The first and second team in each group qualifies for the quart-final games. They later advance to the semis after they win both legs.

African Champions League’s Sponsorship

MTN signed a four-year contract with the Confederation of African Football to sponsor the tournament from 2004 to 2008. It was the largest sponsorship ever witnessed in African sports history. The league was renamed the MTN Champions League. MTN organizes the MTN CAF Awards each year. It announces major awards such as the African Player of the Year.

Orange agreed with CAF to sponsor the Champions League from July 2009 to 2017. The confederation didn’t disclose the terms of the eight-year sponsorship contract. It included other tournaments such as the African Nations Cup, the African Nations Championship and the CAF Super Cup. Total signed an eight-year contract with CAF in July 2016. It supports ten major soccer tournaments.

The Confederation of African Football chooses which country will host the African Champions League. Total, Orange. 1XBET and QNET are the main sponsors of the tournament. The Champions League winner gets automatic qualification for the FIFA Club World Cup. Betway offers the latest match updates for all CAF League games.



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