4 Zim Men Nabbed In Kitwe For Stealing K30,000

Police have arrested four Zimbabweans for allegedly stealing K30,000 at Eco filling station near Buchi Township in Kitwe.

The alleged theft happened on Tuesday when the four suspected criminals broke into an unregistered Mark X vehicle belonging to Abuit Daka and went away with the stated amount using a Toyota Corolla.

However, Daka sought permission from Eco Filling Station to review the CCTV camera where he managed to get the number plate of the motor vehicle of the suspected criminals in the same footage.

Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has confirmed the theft.

She said Daka, while driving around with his colleagues around 15:00 hours, spotted the motor vehicle, a Toyota Corolla registration number ACX 4755, alleged to have been used by the suspected criminals near ZNBC in Parklands area.

Katanga said the victim then gave chase to the criminals until they were cornered in Buchi with the help of police.

She has identified the four as Jameson Sibanda, of Phase 4 Upper Range Mall, Bulawayo Zimbabwe,  Sikangele Masuku of Ndola Lodge, aged 35, Lovemore Tendai Chitske, 36, of 1828, Lobengula, Zimbabwe and Ophias Ndebele, 51, of 1336, Garden House, Lusaka, all Zimbabweans.

She said the four are currently in Police custody and that K4, 000 was recovered from the suspects who are scheduled to appear in Court soon.


  1. Chendabusiku

    These acts are the ones that bring acrimonious relationships in different countries. In South Africa it has been learnt that a number of hard-core criminals have left Zimbabwe and are trellising neighbouring states. Zambia has hard a fair share of these hard-core criminals who have left Zimbabwe in the name of economic refugees. One will recall some murders that took place in Livingstone some time ago involving Zimbabwean criminals. One would imagine that when you go into a foreign country one would use their opportunity to work hard and contribute to your hosts country. But if you become counter productive this is what has led to Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Zimbabweans themselves where worse than South Africans in the treatment of their perceived poorer neighbours when their economy was better than that of Zambia. A lot of Zambians where subject of Zimbabwean scorn including personal abuse even by Zimbabwean immigration officials for just going to buy some groceries with your own money. But some Zimbabweans are now trooping in neighbouring states to steal and kill.

  2. Idiocy Detector

    These are thieves on training. Can a real thief steal and stick around? If you ask the Bembas they will tell you ati taikala apo yaikatila. It is actually sad that people can become economical refugees only to turn into thieving refugees.

  3. boogeyman

    awe from 30,000 to 4,000 ba police were is the rest of the money bapompwe

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