Kitwe Resolves To Take Kids Out Of Streets

Stakeholders in Kitwe have resolved to completely get rid of street children in the Central Business District where the numbers are growing everyday.

The resolutions were arrived at after Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe and District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu called for a meeting to attend to the matter.

In a communique, Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe said stakeholders resolved to take children off all the streets immediately and work on relocating the blind street adults back to already established government facilities.

“We have resolved that we utilize the two houses in Garneton and Kawama to accommodate street kids without homes, identify homes for those street kids who have parents and their houses known,” Kang’ombe stated.

He added that stakeholders also resolved to identify few street children who are advanced in age to be trained at the Zambia National Service (ZNS) and also fundraising to supplement the efforts by government towards Garneton and Kawama homes and the ZNS expenses.

Kang’ombe added that the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Social Welfare and Ministry of Sports have been requested to draw up activities in schools to help address the challenges.

“The stakeholders also have appealed to residents of Kitwe to stop giving money to street kids as an exit strategy,  link trained street kids at ZNS to government projects needing skilled labour,” he added.

Kang’ombe stated that the stakeholders also advised that organizations like Citihop,  Zambia Rehabilitation Alliance, Change Mindset, Dreams to Reality and Child safeguarding organise programmes that would address the matter.

The increasing number of street children in Kitwe has become a serious matter of concern to general public.


  1. Curtis

    What a wonderful thought! That’s good riddance others should now follow so that we move forward for the better Zambia.

    • Leonard

      Let all those who stole public funds wether still in government or have left especially politicians contribute towards the same cause cause they stole public funds of which was to be used towards the same.you stole retirement benefits hence retirees children are now street kids and bearing children in the street.

  2. Ozzio_

    Thats a fine initiative,;but you need to proj212ect it like all vulnerable chiildren

  3. kelly

    Yes a very courageous move from stakeholders and minister pointing
    That there is little being done in other provinces.on the same topic
    May this idea or rather ideas be adressed though all parts that need
    Control of street children,as a peaceful nation.

  4. Pela

    Christopher Kangombe and Binwell Mpundu! You are our superstars! You are the most geniuses l have ever met in the political arena! We are behind you young men. The sky is the limit for both of you,! Go, Go.

  5. Josia Chapuswike

    Good move congratulations leaders , this kinds are leaders for tomorrow


    If every one holding gvt positions were to be like kang’ombe Our president ecl was not going to struggle with campaigns at all. Ghost ministers dirten the legacy of our humble president.

  7. Mpombo

    The legacy of privatisation lives on,leaving those who didn’t benefit from it to clear the lot. Am not impressed

  8. pweee

    what a good move just pray dat it works

  9. Louis Ls Seemani

    Wonderful. These are things that we need to hear from our leaders. May God guide you as you find a lasting solution to this scenario.

  10. Jungle unchained

    Yes clear out those barbarians of the streets, though it comes after they gang raped an innocent girl.flash them out as soon as possible.

  11. Jungle unchained

    Yes clear out those barbarians off the streets, though it comes after they gang raped an innocent girl.flash them out as soon as possible.for those barbarians involved in the rapecase,I suggest that you cut their manhoods coz they can’t control their apatite

  12. kedrick Mbao

    May God the Creator of universe be with you in everything you are doing for our mother Zambia…..

  13. Mr Director

    naifwe mu Lusaka teti sure tukwateko ama leaders like mr kan’gombe and mpundu

  14. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Wow! Wow! Wow! This is a wonderful move! Job well done ba Christopher Kang’ombe and Binwell Mpundu! Keep it up for that wise thinking!!!! Thanks once again!!!!!

  15. MB

    Good move indeed. However, the general public also must be discouraged giving these street kids money. The move encourage the street kids feel the street is the best place for them. I have said this based on my past experience. I’m running a community school and I once managed to get some street kids from the Arcades round about in Lusaka. The showed willingness of wanting to complete their education. Our school targets vulnerable and orphaned children. They went through psychosocial counselling. Here they vowed not to go back on the street and we stayed with them for a year and half. Later on they went back and when asked, they said they are used getting free money from well wishers on the street. We Couldn’t find any other alternative of bringing them back because at the moment we are going through financial challenges. If donors and well wishers came on board and work with us, this can help us. We really want them back.

  16. Central power

    Yes yes good move and make sure these children are reintegrated back to there families….even cadres shud vacate stations….give pipo chance to breath.

  17. Kcm

    Mission impossible, street kids is part of living in many countries as advising people to stop giving them money is not a solution.the ? is were do they come from?whose children are they?why did they run away from home?mind you some have grown to become street adults nd some are born out of the streets and that’s what they call home.

  18. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Good move. But know that it’s not a one day, or week, month or indeed one year action. This should be an ongoing active. Kapiri District Child Protection Committee have been in it and are still doing it. And plse check for those in early marriages.

  19. Mukanwa mukikopo

    I meant ” it should be an ongoing activity “

  20. Sir b

    Let exercise be extended to other Districts.
    Good move


    Kang’ombe congrats, good mind ideas not stopped continueing move forward. Lets others cities and towns take actions like Kitwe start !!!

  22. Trainee

    Goodmove sirs,even me onces upon i was a street kid in 2007 GRZ,ministry of youth partnership with ZNS took street kids to chipata ZNS chiwoko camp,and i did plumbing and sheet metal and i appreciated to the GRZ and am still appreciated and surviving,but it was unfortunatry after GRZ promised us,if you have finished your courses GRZ gone to find for you jobs or giving you tools,but upto now no tools,no jobs and some GRZ people of concern especially here in north western province(solwezi)jublicanting there relative to show up as if it is them who went for ZNS for training as street kids, and giving them jobs for the mines,GRZ,ZNS and so on,but for the real street kids who graduated from ZNS no jobs since 2007 upto now and some of our friends have even gone back again in the streets,we need your support from your office through our DC and MAYOR here in solwezi

  23. Kaka george compound

    Here in lusaka they are even making marriages in those garrows and breeding themselves like cockroaches while everybody else watches,those chaps are a time bomb.


    Thanks ECL for grooming these two men to think like you. We need such men in society.

  25. Idiocy Detector

    That black mountain you were sharing, you should have given at least 1% to this cause but mwalya mwailaba.

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