No Mining To Take Place In Lower Zambezi, Says Govt

Government has announced that there will be no mining that will take place in the lower Zambezi.

During a joint press briefing hosted by Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya, Mines Minister Richard Musukwa and Tourism Minister Ronald Chitotela, the trio re-emphasized President Edgar Lungu’s commitment to fight climate change and noted that there will be no mining allowed in the Lower Zambezi.

The two line ministers – tourism and mines – further revealed that there has been no report by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency to allow the activity, therefore the government will not allow any mining in the Lower Zambezi.


  1. margie

    Thanx for listening to the people’s concern.Climate change is real so activities like this don’t have to be allowed if we are trying to fight climate change

    • observa

      Why did the same idiotic govt sell the place in the first place?? Criminality everywhere.. STUPID FOOLS.

      • Mpombo

        Woe unto the opposition leader who was funded by his external masters to exploit this pristine land. Zambia is not for auction to the highest bidder

    • Leonard

      Mwaonekela manje ka,insoni ebuntu, that’s what happens when you pretend to be Mr know it all.what a way to govern. Everything you do you reverse,I don’t know wer our country is going.cry my beloved country,help us God

  2. Bambala

    This is very welcome news indeed. Other than the environmental degradation which this proposed project would have brought, Zambia’s economic benefit from the current old privately owned mines is actually insulting, to say the least. These foreign mine investors want to externalise all their earnings from our mineral resources and pay us only about 2% of their total sales ( in Billions of Dollars) in royalties, while their Balance Sheets reflect fake losses- by using all manner of legal and accounting chicanery. Their compatriots abroad even determine the selling prices of our mineral resources- desguised as “market forces”. This is modern slavery, where we perpetually walore is unending poverty while these foreign investors go to their foreign banks laughing about we Africans’ stupidity. At least Anglo American mines who came earlier built and left us the Copperbelt towns with schools, hospitals, sports infrastructure etc, unlike the current mine investors who take almost everything out- and are helped by our own unpatriotic citizens, eg Zambia Chamber of Mines and some crooked politicians.
    Bye bye Lower Zambezi investors. We’d rather maintain our forests, wild animals, a flowing great Zambezi river and other natural resources therein. And you, foreign tourism investors, you must not abuse your local employees by paying them peanuts while you externalise everything you earn from our resources. We want fair treatment as your equal partners, because you brought capital (funds) and you are utilising our natural resources. It is onky fair that Zambia also benefits.

    • Pharaoh

      Well said Bambala but, Ozio whether the government knows the deal or not it doesn’t matter as long we have preserved our natural resources particularly wild animals. A wise man always listens from the people.

  3. Ozzio_

    The Gov÷rnment must not pretend not to know the mining deal and the conseques Zambia will dry up.Nature and money don’t mix well.

  4. Louis Ls Seemani

    Governance by try and error syndrome. There’s no smoke without fire. Over the same issues there has been a host of accusations and counter accusation and that’s when you reverse the sale simply because citizens have massively raise numerous queries over this saga. Please, try to save us from heartaches by doing things correctly as our beloved leaders. As for me, anyone who changes goal posts due to pressure, l never appreciate that kind of conduct. Suppose, there wasn’t this out cry, what could have happened? Well, l think we need to be serious the way we handle our national treasurery.

  5. money maker

    Thank God may animals are saved

  6. Trust

    Now after the zambians have cried,its when you stop it.Kaya.


    Appreciate that the government has stopped activities mining in lower zambezi

  8. Eric

    Bravo to the government’s stand

  9. Bary

    Now that we know that Government of Edger Lungu consented the sale and mining of lower Zambezi. what is Sunday Chanda with a dull lawyer who has never won any major case this year say about President’s Hichilema’s involvement in this sale? so it is true that what ever Sunday says only 0.5% could be true. this guy?????

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