Police Arrest Headman In Chasefu For Defiling Grand Daughter

Police in Chasefu district  have arrested a 75-year-old village headman for allegedly defiling his six-year-old grand daughter.

Eastern Province Deputy Police commissioner Geoffrey Kunda, who
confirmed the incident, named the suspect as Edwin Phiri of Kadulandewo
village in Senior Chief Magodi’s area.

Kunda disclosed that the incident occurred on October 14, 2019 when
headman Kadulandewo is alleged to have dragged the minor of the same
village into his house and had carnal knowledge of her.

He said the parents to the girl suspect that Phiri had on several
occasions had carnal knowledge of the girl without the victim
reporting him as she was most of the times found at his house.

According ZANIS, a medical report signed by Chasefu district health
director Dr. Muyinda Musamba at Kanyanga health facility shows that
the minor had some bruises on her private parts and that her hymen, a
membrane covering the vagina, was not intact indicating that there
was evidence of sexual intercourse.

The headman has since been charged and will appear in court soon.



  1. screw

    mmm ba shikulu at 75 u stil feel sex muna enjoya kudala malume lekelani bana badyeko chisepo. just do ponyoponyo if its stil jecking

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Too bad for Headman Kadulandewo!!!! As old as you at 75 years showing your manhood to a 6 years ago girl sure???? Why didn’t you invite someone of your age rather than a minor??? Shame on you ba Headman!!!!


    Iyeeee! Head man, you are doing wrong things in the presence of God. iyee iyee, headman now your name now has changed from head man to Head Son lelo chapwa Head son imwe lyamoneka ijele bakaku jela chikala 75 years in prison plus 75 yrs eyo ukwete

  4. Martin

    Hang that idiot to death

  5. Emelly

    At that age you still have feelings for sex, shame on you old man you will die in prison you have destroyed the life of the little child where is this world going.

    • Pharaoh

      What an embarrassment,and in this case, how do we show examples to our children. What an evil this so called fake sex head man.In fact he is not supposed to be a head man.

  6. Dennis Zulu

    This is demonic, satanic and witchcraft, he is very lucky if it was the time of Moses, he would have been stoned to death

  7. Mwenda

    It’s true tht, de wrld z toward to de end. Coz leaders re dng ths thngs, wat do u expect frm unleaders?

  8. Chilankalipa

    I don’t know why Zambians take a casual approach toward these SAKALAs, do not entrust anyone or anything with these mambalas ni bakoswe mu mpoto. Stupid idiots! 75 ulefulila ka 6 nefi myefu fya white pa ntweno? Chikakeni!

  9. Jungle unchained

    The sentence should equal the age of the offenders, like in this case, the foolish man is 75 meaning he has to go in for 75years in jail.maybe it can serve better.

  10. Jungle lima

    Shame on u

  11. boogeyman

    but e.lungu you see wat zed as become stanyoko

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