Chongwe Police Arrest Driver For Ferrying Stolen Carcass

Police in Chongwe have arrested the driver of the Canter registration number ABK 977 used to ferry carcass of seven stolen livestock in Lobolola and Kolomwe  villages in Manyika ward.

The suspect is reported to have surrendered himself to Chelstone Police Station alleging that the vehicle had been stolen by unknown people.

He is currently in police custody at Chongwe police station.

Details are that Police officers intercepted a truck ferrying carcass of seven animals belonging to different owners that were stolen and slaughtered by thieves at around 01:00 hrs on November 5, 2019.

Residents, of Chongwe especially in Manyika and Lwimba wards, claim that they have lost over 100 animals in the last two years.


  1. The governor

    Let law take charge

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, but i don’t understand, the culprit surrendered himself to Chelstone Police station but why is he in Chongwe Police station custody??? May you shade more light ba Zambia Reports on this kind of reporting!!!!! Thanks

    • Pharaoh

      Winpeg, you are right in fact,the driver should either be a state witness or to be jointly charged with the criminals.He knows all the game A normal business of that kind would have been conducted during day time.In fact even stock movement forms should have been obtained from the police yo prove their innocence. 7 yes behind the bars.

  3. boogeyman

    the man is only trying to make living

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