Govt Has Made A Commendable Decision On Lower Zambezi

The government on Wednesday made an announcement that no mining activities will take place in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

This decision was announced when Minister of Information and chief government Spokesperson Dora Siliya, tourism minister Ronald Chitotela and mines minister Richard Musukwa held a joint press briefing where they indicated that there will be no mining activities that will take place in the Lower Zambezi, one of the most popular tourist destinations.

During the joint press briefing, the ministers re-emphasized President Edgar Lungu’s commitment to fight climate change and noted that there will be no mining allowed in the Lower Zambezi. The two line ministers – tourism and mines – further revealed that there has been no report by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency to allow the activity, therefore the government will not allow any mining in the Lower Zambezi.

Further, the ministers revealed that the prior decision made to allow mining in Lower Zambezi was not Cabinet decision but that of government, which former lands and natural resources minister Harry Kalaba championed.

You will all recall the vigour with which Zambians fought the decision of the Lusaka High Court that allowed mining to go ahead in Lower Zambezi. And what followed were government pronouncements that pointed to the fact that this activity was likely not to proceed. Finally, an official position has been made – no mining is to take place in the Lower Zambezi. This is a very good and heart-warming decision by government because it gives us energy to know that this government cares about our environment and took time to listen to concerns of ordinary citizens and environmental activists.

We had questioned the motive of Mr Kalaba to approve an environmental impact assessment for mining in the Lower Zambezi submitted by the developer when the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA). His argument that a minister can overturn the decision of ZEMA was baffling and quite unfortunate, especially that we were dealing with a delicate matter that got Zambians angry.

It is good that President Lungu’s government has said no to this. Thank you!



  1. Xeno

    Kkkkkkkkkk sure????? “This is a very good and heart-warming decision by government because it gives us energy to know that this government cares about our environment and took time to listen to concerns of ordinary citizens and environmental activists”. Who invited the mining company??

    • Xeno

      Check out this!!! Zambians should be asking questions like: who issued the Mining license in the first place? The answer is: then Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Harry Kalaba issued the license in 2014. This was despite so many objections from interested parties, including some officials from the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).
      Some people have insinuated that there might be corruption at the highest level. OK. Let us try to believe for a while those who may think President Edgar Lungu was involved. Who was Republican President in 2014? It is definitely not Edgar Lungu. Another question that Zambians should ask is who among local Zambians is in Mwembeshi Resources? What is the name of the exploration company?

    • Leonard

      Zambia reports, you can fool people sometimes but not all times.wether you like it or not,as long as the economy is hurting us we can not support pf anymore.is it not your pf which issued the lincese.if you are accusing kalaba and hakainde of committing a crime, arresst them

  2. Jaizy

    Comedy of errors😂

  3. vince

    Contradiction after another, Musukwa said the possibility of being sued is high,,Makebi says its hh,You can’t fool us with your biased reporting,,,commendable how?Its their mess so let them clean it

  4. Anyway it's the proffercy fullfuling

    Last days

  5. Zero

    We know these things! We are heading towards elections! Once PF is elected back in office this decision made today will be overruled! Listening government? Are you addressing issues of unemployment and high cost of living which everyone is complaining about? Speak sensible things that will make people agree with you! Tamumfwa imwe!

  6. Mukosa Liteta

    2021 here we come

  7. PM

    Chris Phiri, are you a reporter or PF cadre. Commendable my foot!!!. Who created the mess in the first place? The pf thugs will overturn this decision and mine the lower zambezi once re-elected in 2021.

  8. Leon

    Laughable indeed

  9. David Phiri

    Kalaba took advantage of the sickling Micheal Chilufya Sata,no wander he resolved to form his polical part because ECL was mostly wanted.


    The issue of Lower Zambezi National Park should be handled with sober minds.The Government should take time to make a final decision on this issue.It needs to consult widely both locally and international.For instance what is the position of UNESCO which has declaired Mana pools in ZM aUNESCO siteHow about the environmentalist both in Zambia,Africa and the World.What is the position of mining in the parks in the World at large?
    Who is going to compensate the tour operators who have invested heavily?What happens to the 800 plus permanent employees in the tourism sector.What happens to the cathment area.Many questions come to mind but just these few will be able to contribute to a very good debate
    Kalaba issued a mining licence without realising the damage he was going to cause in the park.Whatever happens to the park Kalaba will be held responsible.

  11. Monk

    Those who think Chris Phiri is PF cadre should just stop reading his post. Why are they bothered if they are so convinced?

  12. kulibonesha

    @Monk; of course he’s a die hard PF cadre. You do not see he’s partiality towards the opposition especially the most talked about politician because you are made from the same cloth. We wont stop reading and exposing him for what he is- a cadre masquerading as a journalist!!

  13. Monk

    #Kulibonesha, are journalists excluded from bring cadres? More especially that he is in a private organisation. It would have been different if he was in one these govt owned institution like times of Zambia, Daily mail, ZNBC etc.
    Otherwise he is entitled to give his own analysis regardless of who it favours.

  14. Monk

    #being not bring

  15. See Mind

    Let’s go ahead mine activities! Their plenty gold and oil ! Zambia will became rich after open mine their. True line !

    • Kaoma

      Think about climate change first, what impact our we going to face in future?

  16. Ozzio

    The solution to LowZambezi is toNationalise IT 100%.Only 15%could be allow to leave the country.This issue is there and sooner or later it will be implemented.My fellow freedom fighters,this is Colonialism our Economy is in danger. They want our resources for their Space Projections.

  17. Pf cardar

    People are tired of suffering due to high cost of living, they are just waiting for 2021 to make change

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