Kampyongo Mourns Zambian AU Diplomat

Zambia has been robbed of a patriot and dedicated employee, says Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo during the memorial service for Zambian diplomat Linda Siamanjime who died on November 3, 2019  in Addis  Ababa.

Mr Kampyongo has said Siamanjime saved SADC diligently before taking up her new post at the African Union as  a Political Analyst,  a position she held until her death.

He has said that it was government’s desire to have its citizens work  and prosper in multilateral organizations.

And African Union Deputy Chairperson Thomas Quartey Kwesi said the African Union has been robbed of a dedicated and diligent worker.

He said Siamanjime’s death had come at the time when the mediation unit she worked for was laying a foundation for peace efforts in Africa.

Meanwhile, AU Commissioner for Peace and Security Smail Chergui said Siamanjime’s credentials were unmatched as see was selected to take up the position of Political Analyst and Expert  for the Mediation Unit after a competitive selection process.

And her spouse, Ramokate, who spoke through his sister, thanked the African Union and the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia for their assistance during this period.

Others that spoke at the memorial service were the Association of Zambians in Ethiopia, the African Union Staff Association and the Embassy of Botswana in Ethiopia.

Siamanjime’s body is expected to be repatriated to Botswana where burial will take place.

This is contained in a press statement issued by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian mission in Addis Ababa, Inutu Mwanza.


  1. Spade not Spoon

    Tafilepalako fye nangu panono ati Kampyongo, someone else would have made sense of this headline. Ba Lungu chinjeni abanenu.

  2. peter



    Spade not spoon jealous is toxic live kampyongo alone

  4. Targeted Diplomat

    Kampyongo mourning Dilomat.. It’s unacceptable when he has been spearheading the attempted assasination, persecution, pillaging and harasment of a UN Diplomat who was picked on merit and worked diligently and returned home after her assignment at two different missions, amidist fierce malicious lust and envy by her former colleagues in Zambia police and other Zambians who killed her daughter just when she took up her UN assignment. ….And she was told that she was the target of the assasination. Even upon her return several assassination attempts have been inflicted on her indiscriminately and even in abuse if the judicial process and she has since petitioned the UN & AU for her infringed rights.
    The victim is urging the AU to investigate thoroughly what caused the death of Siamanjime, as she suspects that the negative attitude and malicious envy of some Zambians out there may have targeted Siamanjime with assasination. Whilst it is advisable to mingle with fellow Zambians once abroad, some have proved to be primitive, wicked, deadly and a hinderance to their peers appointments and they have been attacking and killing others for lust and envy. AU must instead ask Kampyongo and others to account for killing anUN Diolomat’s daughter and the several assasination attempts, pillaging, extortions, and illegally with holding of her money and inhuman discrimination inflicted the UN Diplomat. He may be celebrating such death.

    I was suprised to read of Siamanjime’s death as attributable to Asthmatic attack, but I wondered as to why a professional like her did not carry her Asthmatic spray all the time. Her death ought to be ruled as suspicious. Some Zambians are wicked to the core and they target others once and upon deployment. I am saying so as I have facts and I was targeted and mobbed even by majority of Tonga speaking women, who are complacent in killing my daughter and they attempted on my life and stole and attempted to extort. But I detected them and reported them all to the authorities, and I know of others that got killed out there, by fellow Zambians. To date and back home the assassins have unacceptably inhumanely attempted on my life, extorting, and primitive comparisons, attempts at extortion, wicked gestures, begging and stealing.
    Zambians should have been proud of Siamanjime’s appointment and given her support. But I have been out there I know how wicked and primitive the majority are. There is need for change. The wicked must account. This is the Pan Africanism Ubuntu which needs t be handed, majority still have malicious colonially oppressive livelihoods, lust and envy. AU must investigate how Siamanjime died,mto rule out assasination. She may be a victim of lustful wicked satanist envy and such deaths are putting Zambia in shame as the international community is aware of some Zambian’s attitude of assassinating others for envy of Diplomatic jobs and peacekeeping assignments. Too bad for her family. MHSRIP.

  5. Targeted Diplomat

    Siamanjime may be a victim of jeolousy Zambian women, especially her fellow Tonga speaking ones, and others who envy female Diplomats, together with Zambian mysoginists, who can’t breath well when they see a female Diplomat. Her death ought to be thouroughly investigated.

  6. beatwell


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