Miles Sampa Launches Lusaka City 100 for 1 Million Trees DIY Challenge

Mayor of Lusaka Miles Sampa has launched the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) challenge to plant a million trees in Lusaka to replace trees cut for road expansion.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Mr Sampa said the initiative was meant to mitigate the impact of climate change.

“Today, I launch this Big Hairy¬† Audacious Goal (BHAG) to plant 1 Million Trees in Lusaka City to replace trees cut for road expansions and aswell as mitigate Climate change effects. I start today and just planted 10 Acacia trees on the middle highland of Lumbumba road. Acacia is ideal because it has a tap root (head downwards) and hence will not crack the road some day. It is semi drought resistant and needs minimal water to grow. For those who cross the road away from pedestrian zebra markings, Acacia tree will grow thorny branches to deter them,” Mr Sampa stated.
“I trust that we can hit the 100 target challenge before end of this year. My challenge to All residents, corporates, institutions and organisations to plant 100 trees in the Greater City of Lusaka at their own time and convenience. I have chosen Acacia for my 100 but you are at liberty to pick any dry deciduous tree variate of your choice. Together, WE should and WE will hit the 1 Million milestone some point sooner.”

He stated that after a quick inspection and audit, he would be giving a personalised trophy from his office to all those that would alert him when they hit the 100 trees mark.

“So let’s do this. Let’s go.
Pyee…,” stated Sampa.


  1. James Mutantika

    Well done Mayor Sampa! Thank you for this great effort. Indeed this effort can be transformative for our greater City of Lusaka. I will plant 50 trees personally.

  2. Louis Ls Seemani

    Wise decision Mayor, lusaka ought to look beautiful much flesh air and atmosphere.

  3. Chisala

    Wow! Great initiative; now if could only have a keep Zambia clean campaign. We need the council’s input; garbage can be picked up of the streets, but not enough council bins and how to get it to the landfill?…

  4. kulibonesha

    Way to go but you almost lost it when you decided to keep cows at a residential area.

  5. Herv Rena

    Acacia trees are also deciduous,which means they will be leaving a lot of leaves on roads.so councils be braced for more garbage.

    • Pharaoh

      All types of trees shed their leaves in summer. So its a must that which ever is planted, expect shedding of leaves as somebody has already attributed.Councils at work


    Now we are talking. At least someone from government with an ecological mindset.

  7. Ino

    I love this…..really really love it. I want that trophy! I am planting 100 trees….just waiting for the rains….This story is such a breath of fresh air…..

  8. Ignatiusmaingwe

    Wise step sampa by so doing we will surely lieve in harmony with nature and will never turn against us by letting us experience this drought

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