PF SG dissolves Mwinilunga Committee

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has with immediate effect dissolved the Mwinilunga District Executive Committee in North Western Province.

Mwila said the Committee has been dissolved for failure to  campaign for the party’s candidate  during the Samuteba ward by-election which the Patriotic Front lost to the UPND on October 10, 2019.

He has since advised the North Western Provincial Executive Committee to inform the structure of the action accordingly.

Mwila has further directed the party provincial authority  to appoint an interim  committee, which would include some of the officials who participated in the campaigns during the recently held by-election.

Meanwhile, North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo has welcomed the decision saying people are elected into positions to serve the party.

Kungo, who campaigned in Mwinilunga where the ruling party lost, has been accused of having lost focus.

Last Week, now former Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary Thom Mushinge alleged that the party lost because Kungo still had ties with UPND officials.


  1. Sibweni

    Party choice or candidate is all members choice. In politics, pipo want what they feel not what party decide 4 them. SG Act is timely and warning 2 other. SG Whip them 4 decmpaignin PF Candidate 2 prove their point

  2. CLINT

    Ya Kosa Ba PF Bola

  3. Fredrick muzeya

    We don’t vote for pf only hh forward chabe

    • Pharaoh

      A vote is a secret hope you are not campaigning..Your rights are not for everbody when it comes to vote .

  4. Idiocy Detector

    PF should just divorce the entire Party and GRZ functionaries, they are not needed, they should go the Bolivian way.

  5. Idiocy Detector

    PF should just disolve the entire Party and GRZ functionaries, they are not needed, they should go the Bolivian way.

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