President Lungu Counsels Media: Don’t Fan Hatred Between Me And My Opponents

President Edgar Lungu has told Zambian journalists to stop being used as perpetrators of hatred between him and his political opponents.

And President Lungu has advised newspapers to embrace innovation as the publishing sector has been overtaken by the advent of online media.

Speaking at State House today during an interaction  with journalists, President Lungu said journalists must not forget their ethics when reporting.

“I welcome you to State House, and I am delighted that we finally met with all of you.

I have been looking for this opportunity to simply meet you and to say thank you for the great work that you put in, day in day out, to contribute to the development of our great country…The media can build or destroy a nation, therefore, let me urge you not to be swayed by the political shenanigans of the outside world as you do your professional work,” President Lungu said.

“I am proud that since the Patriotic Front government assumed office, there have been great developments in the media, including the digitising of the airwaves. Conversely, we have seen the expansion of the media industry with the private sector taking the lead in the formation of radio and television companies. We have also seen the recruitment of young Zambians to take up positions in these new broadcasting companies.”

He said the print media has, however, faced numerous challenges.

“I know and understand that the same has not been the case in the print industry and the answer is simple; the world has moved onto online publications at a speed unimaginable since the advent of new media. I, therefore, urge those of you who are still printing not to feel depressed, but to innovate so that you survive the harsh reality brought about by online publishing. Let me dare say that there are still thousands of readers who would still prefer hard copies to online publishing.

He said while he applauded the great strides being made in the media industry, he would be “remiss if I did not point out my own observations regarding your products”.

“I have observed glaring disregard for journalism ethos coupled with sustained political bias. Much as I understand that I am the current tenant of state house, and I am susceptible to criticism, I am appalled at the amount of effort put in by you the media in seeing conflict between my political rivals and I. Criticism is healthy in a democracy but surely those few politicians that are quoted on a daily basis are not the only zambians who have voices. There are million voices out there with fair opinions who deserve to be heard,” President Lungu said.

“I, therefore, urge you not to be crusaders of conflict between political players but to provide a forum for public discourse and compromise…You need to create a chasm between journalism and social media craze. This, no one can do apart from yourselves.
Social media is for all; while journalism is for trained communicaters. But if you allow all and sundry to masquerade as journalists, your profession will perish.:

He said the coming of social media has meant individual citizens, themselves, passing content that they have no direct role in producing, and without verification.

“With social media, we have seen that the truth is less important and the more exaggerated or inaccurate the communication is, the more it seems to attract readership. This is the tragedy that we face today. The puzzle is whether our citizens are susceptible to believing what has come to be known as fake news. As Walter Lippmann put it in 1920, ‘there can be no liberty for a community which lacks the information by which to detect lies’,” President Lungu said.

“The question still stands; do our people believe everything they read on social media? If the answer is yes; then we need to find a way of educating them about how to detect lies in the information they come across; if no; then we need to use the same platform to reply to the purveyors of fake news and call their bluff.”


  1. Fwedede

    Trying to manipulate the privet media, wanyala people no longer watch ZNBC bcoz its full of fake news they now prefer privet media to your stupid znbc


    Tell them Mr President! Journalist lack of knowlege only hatred good leadership turned to bad leadership. (fake news)

    • Muso

      ‘Nge ifyo naumfwa (what about this I’m hearing?) Can you cancel it!’” according to Kalaba. Mbuliclever, you can’t fool all the same people all the time

  3. Agent Choonga

    You chris phiri have been at the centre of this same hatred buy posting rubbish article,trying to dent the image of HH and upnd.we know you are a pf cadre anyway!

  4. Yayaya

    Just end violence towards jounalists and voiceless zambians by pf thugs, otherwise 2021 it is game over for Pf.

  5. Donqueen

    Why did you close the post on the pretext that they owed ZRA and yet Times and Daily mail owe more? Why is ZICTA taking our Identity documents and charging for Whatsapp. You are a control freak losing the war on controlled media. A free media exposes corruption, state cupture and many other ills. You belong in prison ka Chagwa.

  6. Gabriel

    Wise words, Mr president .I believe HE ECl is worth of the role bcoz some loud mouthed political leaders can’t achieve what good he has achieved within this framework were they given a chance.and I’m aware of how hard it is to rule state in a right direction but he’s doing his best within his powers to better this country despite tribulations moreover He’s human like anyone prone to errors. However, I thank President ecl for good works he’s already doing , long live ecl.


    Watchdog and Observer are the worst culprits of fueling up hatred among political players.

  8. Savior

    Ba Gabriel you’re just hungry kandile with full of praises and meaningless comments which in my opinion I think it’s just a foolish attempt to blind fold your president.

  9. Sibweni

    Foreign press aid jobs is GOLD Rush 4 journalist want 2 b known by writin fake news 2 please his followers on tweet,whatapp, facebook. Investigative journalist is key 4 zambia peace bcoz facts wil b reportd not lies. Public and private media our ears and eye on the ground not hear say news. Those support opposition parties a solution 2 zambian economic yet not but zambia growern economic not donor fund our wil remain poor. In democracy wil political parties but civical service remains and corruption continuely

  10. Fyantha

    Let the media be factual.
    Don’t filter some info for own benefit.
    Problem is that we want media to please us and our circle.

  11. clint

    medias has got their own rights to play in politics l tell our leader to let medias to play their rights during election

  12. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Well articulated Mr President but let the private Media be given National Coverage because people in far flung areas can only listen to ZNBC unlike other media houses. Again let ZNBC start reporting balanced news rather than being bias. I have understood you Mr. President, there is a big difference between Journalism and Social media reporting. Thanks

  13. Fonko Fonko

    That’s my President for those of you who don’t know!!!!
    My advise goes to the organiser of this event, ensure ladies come dressed properly. The lady dressed in black skirt and yellow shoes, I think her dress was too short. Mpombo is that your girlfriend?

  14. chi.2

    Grabriel just creat yo own comments not vise vesng yo friend’s opinion those ar bad manaz do u want 2 rule de world?

  15. Media

    Ecl don’t interfere the journalist they know there works,the guilty always afraid you know that you are doing nothing the only thing you know is traveling, that’s the development u have made in this country but let me tell you, you can not rule this country for the least of your life, the time will come for you to suffer the way we are suffering.

  16. Monk

    # Media, ECL will never suffer the way you are suffering bcoz we Zambians will give him a good retirement package. No wonder each and every one of us want to be nothing but Presidents.

  17. Fisunge

    I think gwedede you’re behind have you seen that the meeting was called by the president so that they can ask him all the questions but you as illiterate person who think everything is political should know that the president was not partisan ok but my concern for the media is the media houses should put up the dress code for the females especially when the interview is between the man and woman we’re so disappointed with the female jonalists from the ZNBC the way they dress minies during interview they Shud stop showing there bleached thighs on TV we can’t even watch TV with our children atase mwebakashana Baku ZNBC mulefwalako kwati Baku bemba section we’re proud of you bemba section chintobentobe not pipo from English section atase you’re spoiling our children by your nudeness So director of programs make sure when men are being interviewed there comfortable than loosing track because of nakedness we thank you Mr President

  18. man man

    waunfwa chris phiri mwaiche change the way you report not always saying shit about upnd and hh.

  19. Hello

    How can someone report anything positive about Hh and upnd when there is nothing but tribalism, satanism, gaysm just to mention a few?

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