UNZA Student Develops Body Spray Prototype For Asthmatics

A fourth year University of Zambia student studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy has developed a prototype of a body spray which can be used as well as prevent attacks on asthmatic and hypertensive patients.

Florence Mulenga, who is 20 years old, said the concept behind the project was based on the fact that most asthmatics were allergic to perfumes and body spray, hence the need to develop a tailor-made body spray which would also act as medicinal to the patients.

She said during her research, she also discovered that the ingredients used to make the spray had properties which can help to lower blood pressure, hence extending the study to hypertension.

Mulenga said the prototype which has been developed so far was specifically for asthmatic patients, therefore, expertise would be required to help research more on how the spray can be useful on hypertensive patients.

“The ingredients being used in developing the spray were also found to be muscle dilator meaning the product can dilate the blood vessels, hence, lowering the blood pressure,” she said.

She revealed that a lot of people were already requesting for the product, however, she added that the product still needed a lot of research to make it safe for customer use before it can be put on the market.

During her research, Mulenga was supported by WECREATE Zambia, Southern African Network For Biosciences (SANBio), HIVOS and other companies.

She has appealed to the research institutions, donors and well-wishers to support the project in order to make the product a complete package that is safe and effective for public use.

Recently, Mulenga participated in a national Biosciences competition called “FemBioBiz Acceleration Program” and her project emerged as the best-student start-up, which earned her sponsorship to represent Zambia in South Africa at the African Women Innovation and Empowerment Forum (AWIEF).


  1. Travis

    This is what we want students who can delivery and take this nation to another level I salute you mama

    • Frank Chombela

      It takes time for something to get licenced as a remedy for an ailment. This is just a promising student project now but let’s encourage her. It has been a long time coming from UNZA. This is wht our universities should be getting in the news for, not reports of police breaking students ‘ legs and stuff like that.

      • The One

        Exactly. If we can have as many students like her, this country would surely develop. This is what we need to hear from such institutions. Thumb up for her achievement

  2. Laston kapitanga

    God bless you mama.

  3. Mlase

    That’s exactly Wat we expect our students to be doing at UNZA nd other high learning institutions.Surely we ar tired of importing tooth picks,needles etc etc which can be made here in Zambia.Congratulations my daughter nd pliz keep up the spirit of research.Leave those who ar only there to fill numbers.Am tired of seeing graduates from these Zambian institutions who can’t even design anything of sense.

  4. PM

    She is really genius. Fourth year at 20!! That means she entered university at 16 !!!

  5. muzo

    So,she started grade one when she was 4yrs old? She is really blessed n very genius indeed.

  6. Oh, Shit!


  7. Chilankalipa

    This is what you get from students who have not entered UNZA through back door. I guess you all know what I mean. This girl did not ever depend on leakages but studied, studies and will continue to study and research. Please parents never ever allow your children to go for leakages if you love them. Congratulations we mwana.

  8. Nene

    Proud of you mama. Continue working hard….

  9. Jovial

    That’s what I call extraterrestrial intelligences. Indeed you are such a vibrant student. Amen

  10. Henry Lukole

    That’s good innovation keep it up you have my blessings.

  11. Edify

    So excellent 👏👏👏👏

  12. Nathan Fitch Kalunga

    This is magnificent ,congratulations

  13. Josia Chapuswike

    Congratulations young lady, may Almighty God bless you and help you in your project

  14. Fredrick Chama

    Well done

  15. Mr piece

    congratulation sis u ar the reason why school is found in education

  16. brics

    You’ve made me feel guilt, if there are people that can do such, why haven’t I? I’m proud of you for setting the bar high…challenge accepted.

  17. The seeker

    Scratch any hero and you will see the devil behind.

  18. paul njobvu

    oh no this is wonderful

  19. chipuka

    See what our child is doing let’s support her. But not this people who just use this platform kotukana


    Congratulations, that’s good, very few ladies can do that

  21. nineo

    This is a great achievement by our own Zambian in the field of science. Well done and may the Lord bless you with more in your area of achievement!

  22. Jungle unchained

    Thus splendid my dear, unlike this self odend professor luo.i winder what she has inovated,I hope the government won’t sideline you for the title of a professor.all in all congratulations to you & your team.

  23. Gelo

    Well done young gal! The sky is the limit.

  24. Lyambai

    we want such great minds thumbs up…………….

  25. Fyantha

    I conquer with the rest. Please let us support her. We should not only support those eyeing for by elections.

  26. Yotam

    Zambia we have a bright future well done

  27. johnz

    what a best inovetor

  28. Lusaka

    she entered university at 16.
    she enrolled for grade one when she was 4 years only.
    We need journalist and police to find out the information.
    Psychologist recommends (the law of readiness)
    do we really think she was ready to enroll at age of four?
    Just wondering

    • Madiba

      My daughter is turning 12 this December but she is writing her grade 9 exams

  29. ?

    This is true studying ‘my sister may Good God gives you your heart desire in Jesus name

  30. Marker

    Don’t be surprised by the age she started her Grade one,it’s possible. If at nursery one is too bright why can’t I take her to grade one? Sometimes back it used to happenings

  31. joezman

    Come on

  32. Abel Mulenga Bwalya

    Congrats Florence Mulenga unza student 4th yr on such great achievement pliz continue putting knowledge u are gaining from unza into practice I hope in future u can even have your own company and start employing your own employees and help to reduce the challenge of lack of employment in our country and the world at large may God bless you Florence Mulenga

  33. Kankinda Maxwell Sapallo

    Fabulous . Keep it up and continue to be a blessing to humanity

  34. natasha

    👏awesome,am motivated
    #this is really inspiring 😍cant wait to hear
    for more projects from you😊

  35. Arnold Phiri 99

    Well done Ms Mulenga. Please keep pushing for this project to become a useful product. Let others emulate and do great things for themselves and ultimately the public benefits.

  36. Nickley mwanamwale

    This is a good development my sister.. It’s a think big project we are behind you for support

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