Eskom To Be Paid Next Week, Says Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said the government will soon start imports of power from South  Africa’s Eskom to mitigate electricity shortages as $14 million has so far been paid to that country’s utility.

And President Lungu says it is sad that some people made a joke out of his statement about devastating effects of climate change on Zambia.

He told journalists at State House during a press conference today that many countries in the world, including Zambia, are facing a myriad of challenges today due to the impact of climate change.

“It is unfortunate that the power deficit in the country has impacted heavily on household level. It is regretable that small-scale businessmen, whose businesses depend on electricity, have had to endure long hours without electricity to power their businesses. I feel for that barber who works hard to feed his family in mandevu, Lusaka; I feel for that young beautician in masala, ndola, whose salon business is critically affected because of loadshedding; what about that welder in chiwempala, chingola who has had to work in the night because that is when power returns,” President Lungu said.

“The lasting solution to the power deficit is more investment in renewable energy such as solar. To this effect, I expect zesco limited to finish the solar project by mid-next year. This 120 mega watt solar pv under the getfit programme has six 20 mega watt projects and they will reach commercial operation date in the third quarter of 2020. In the short term, however, my government has made a decision to import power from eskom of south africa. The initial requirement is to pay 44 million united states dollars of which 10 million united states dollars has already been paid. Next week, 14 million united states dollars will be paid and anytime soon therefafter, the rest of the amount will be settled.”

He said the imports were a stop-gap measure as the country waits for the coming on board of 750 mega watts of power from Kafue Gorge Lower in early march next year.

“The project is at 80 percent completion,” President Lungu said.

“Our experts, on the other hand, have predicted that the 2019/2020 rainy season will give us normal to above normal rain. This means that in 2020, we expect our hydro-power stations to revert to normal production. In addition, my government is scaling up power production from solar to mitigate the effects of climate change now and in future.”

He said interventions such as afforestation and reforestation, promotion of conservation farming and diversification of agriculture, are key in ensuring our environment is used in a sustainable way as we pursue our national developmental agenda.

“Going forward, I am directing the minister of lands and natural resources to draw up programmes to sensitise citizens on the importance of engaging in sustainable agriculture, and preservation of our forests to mitigate effects of climate change. Citizens must be encouraged to adopt tree-planting as a way of life to restore our natural forests,” President Lungu said.

“Further, the ministry is expected to draw up robust programmes aimed at combating indiscriminate cutting of trees throughout Zambia. Time to act is now, if nothing is done by ourselves now, I am afraid we are condeming future generations to even harsher climate change effects, and posterity will judge us harshly.”

He recalled his statement to parliament in September when he warned about effects of climate change.

“On 13th september, 2019 when I told parliament about the devastating effects of climate change and how it was going to impact on our lives, some people made a joke out of it. Two months later today, the country has felt the full import of climate change.
In my september speech, I said; ‘Climate change is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly. The inability to have adequate water, generate enough
Power, grow enough food to feed our people, have all been greatly caused by the effects of climate change.’ We all seriously need to understand and begin to appreciate this in
Detail and stop pointing fingers at each other for failure to Grow our economy at the desired pace,” President Lungu said.

“My words still ring true to this very day. What we should not entertain today are lamentations of yesteryear about who did what or did not do what; rather what we should entertain today is innovation for today and the future. They say necessity is the mother of invention.”



  1. Leon

    Escom paid Maamba to be paid good news

  2. Bambala

    Our ZESCO appears to be managed in an unprofessional manner, going by the many complaints we have heard about them from time immemorial. While the water deficit at Kariba Dam is the cause of the current calamity, more innovative management could have saved us. It is also not a secret that this parastatal has hugely over-employed. I hope the recent news we heard recently on one of our private radio stations- that ZESCO has 8 senior marketing managers- is not true. If a huge chunk of their revenue goes to their payroll budget, there would be nothing left to undertake new innovative projects like solar power plants in many sunny locations across our country.

  3. Zesco

    Good news bakateka.,……and use the money u want to pay chipolopolo and buy amalaiti

  4. Mweemba

    All will be fine my presido God is still saying something….
    Good move

  5. Muna

    If you know the devastating effects of climate change, why has your government destroyed forest number 27?

    • Hon DM

      Good move master

    • Leon

      Yes people are destroying forest 27 and we want to great another that 1 step forward and 4steps dununa reverse

  6. Mwenda

    Dr lungu, everythng will b over soon coz GOD z wth us (zambian) nd even those who re nt zambian’s bt stays in zed..

  7. Mobbym

    Everything will be fine

  8. leonard likuka

    Help us o grade 9 and 12 no time to study .

  9. Enalo

    Too many getways allowed the flow of water to the Indian Ocean. We should have had another set of power station at a point of lower Kariba. Forest reserves have been cleared.

  10. Curtis

    Reforestation and afforestation is a good move towards achieving good rain patterns. We have scant patterns of trees because of vices such as malasha. How I wish that we could come up with treated coal to mitigate the effects of bad fumes and replace the use of malasha. Take a look at equatorial forest where there has been no incidents of erratic rainfall,Why? The answer is simple too abundance of trees.

  11. Mr banda

    good news mr president everything will be perfect

  12. Kenias

    In Zambia we will always be the ones lagging behind in development, no fodging ahead, its tragic

  13. Francis

    Morbidity and mortality rate are on high increase in Zambia due to poverty,,,


    Poor things

  15. Mulenga c

    Plz help us g12 on Monday will start writing exams no power,,,,, how can you manage to get a good point,,,,plz try to have a pit to us………to much rodisheding

  16. Dunamis

    God’s Time Is The Best

    Zambia For Jesus

  17. boogeyman

    ulimbwa chikala lungu

  18. Fuseki

    Lungu you’re a grade 7 failure

  19. Gabriel

    EL, his a best comedian zambian president, in history of zambia.

  20. U A

    come 2021

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    nice my presido

  22. Drizzy

    2020, seriously? We need the power now man. This country is wasted.

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    Gud gud

  24. Marker

    I have seen people who made it without to higher level using other source of light.So G,12s just look for the end of what you are aiming at.

  25. Martin

    Ba ‘Boogeyman’ read the Bibie pliz,insulting our Leaders is not good because they are choosen by GOD.’

  26. Fucked up

    Our president we really appreciate to some of the things you brought in our country,on 18 the October we always have prayer, fasting and reconciliation, please tell us were you taking our country bring back everything you have sold, you are not the only president who started to rule this country, you are fifth president and you are the only one who brought our country down, this is not your country alone do the right thing and bring back everything you sold we don’t have time for your comedy you forced yourself to be a president that’s the reason why nkunda inakhana kumbululuka we will not forget about that,God will punish you for making a lot of people to suffer.

  27. Kelly

    Comment that’s awesome

  28. Sodiun

    That’s important and good at same time. But seriously look at what is happening around kafironda (AEL) area where our beautiful forest is being destroyed slowly but sure. Government officials use that road and they know what Iam talking about. They have seen the destruction being done there and they have heard your speech Mr. President but they are all mute. Could it be that they are beneficiaries of the same or they are scared Of the rich people who have bought the land? To me it’s like we are making one step forward and two steps backwards. Please check this area for it gives as very good rainfall.

  29. Twikatane

    Good move Dr.lungu please try by all means to talk to zesco as l writing now we have no power from Tuesday last week upto date like this how are we going to survive

  30. Edgar

    Mmmmmm we are now importing electricity. Next year we will start importing yellow maize… Awe cashupafye Yamaha .come 2021 NDC for President CK

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