I Abandoned My Baby Because Of Hunger, Ndola Woman Tells Court

A 20-year-old woman has told the Ndola Magistrates’ Court that she abandoned her nine months old baby at a stranger’s home due to economic hardships.

In this case was Hope Nyirenda, 20, who appeared in the Ndola Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to child dissertation.

It is alleged that on October 24, 2019, Nyirenda, being a parent and having a child under the age of 16, deserted the baby in Twapia Township.

When the matter came up for trial, Grace Zimba narrated how Nyirenda abandoned the child after she asked to use the toilet at around 19:00 hours.

She said after a few minutes, she saw that the toilet door was open and went to check.

Zimba said when she checked, she found Nyirenda had disappeared.

She said a check around the neighbourhood did not yield anything which prompted her and some neighbours to report the matter to the police.

Zimba said on the way to the police, a man identified himself as the father of the child.

“We reported the matter to the police and officers asked us to look after the child until its mother was found,” she told court.

She testified that after the matter was reported to the police, the purported father offered to look for the baby’s mother at Old Twapia bars.

Zimba said Nyirenda was found inside a drinking place called Dangote Club later at night, and was apprehended.

And during cross examination, Nyirenda, who did not have legal representation, said she left the child at Zimba’s home so that she could help in informing her in-laws who stayed nearby that she had failed to take care of the child because of economic hardships.

“I did not have food or money to look after the baby and that is why I took the child there so that they could tell my in laws to look after my baby,” said Nyirenda.

The matter comes up for facts and ruling on Monday.



  1. Herv Rena

    Foolish girl iwe,but you can afford to enjoy a beer.

  2. VINNY

    But y did you choose to have a child, if you knew your status

  3. VINNY

    But y did you choose to have a child, if you knew your status

  4. K"sir Nelson.

    To bad

  5. boogeyman

    leave the girl alone bafikala the economy is bad

  6. Sams

    But our President said there is no hunger in our country.

    • Cosine rule

      There is no hunger in Zambia,I think the father is to blame.

  7. Joseph

    Aka Bunga K170 Pamela nayo K30 perday, so to have food at home at’s K50 perday, now how can we sarvive and the President is queit, because to him everything is for free. Zambia a Christian Nation, Tulelola kwiii? And we were the fools to vote for them, come 2021 my fellow citizens open up your mind and your eyes, lets fight for Mother Zambia our Country.

    • cozcowjr

      just work hard, ubunangani. if a farmer is given K130 for a 50kg bag of maize, what do you expect the bag of kabunga to cost. the price of ubunga will never go down even if you have a satanist or magician in state house. just get used to it

      • Ok

        #Coz cow Jr, may be if we have a satanist president at plot 1 bag of mealie meal will go down. I am thinking may he will talk to his fellow satanist to bring down the price. Just thinking…….

    • Weagan mulenga

      I conquer with you Joseph, let’s use 2021 wisely, I regret voting for pf in 2016, these people have tought us a lesson.

  8. father

    y didnt u take her urself to ur inlaws insteady of abandoing an inocent child

  9. Louis Ls Seemani

    When as farmer, you plant seeds in the field, my question is, do you abandon it? An unreasonable farmer, of course, he wouldn’t go back to nature it. As for this anyway, l let the courts do their noble work.

  10. Curtis

    First of all I appreciate the life of the innocent child for he was born by the grace of God.Mind you no one knew to say one was going to be born, regardless of the way one came into being. This lady definitely knows the father of the child.What she should have done is to sue him for child maintenance as simple as that.

  11. lucky

    she just a fool she wantd to hav more freedm.

  12. Active police

    So sad having a child at the age of 16 ……and in Twapia township many girls with babies can be found in bars as early as 06 locked inside with babies…..reasons hunger insala mu chalo. I visited this place in this year u will see wonders……

  13. Chako Paid Cadre

    mind you 1+1 its nt always 2

  14. Muzzuma Keagan

    Chalo ichi

  15. Don

    It is good she did not kill the child , she only needs to be disciplined so that she does not do the same thing again.

  16. Abapondo


  17. p

    ati there is no hunger u are a fool

  18. Joel Mulungu

    Only God knows

  19. Chit

    She should have taken the child to the inlaws

  20. Chris rafael

    I actually can’t blem her due to the hunger crisis we are facing, its the father who should be at fault coz he has failed his obligations

  21. E woka Mwanza

    That girl need help that’s so

  22. Evans

    Very sad u don’t. Have family dea wafye Nani

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