Illegal gold miner shot by police in Mwinilunga

An illegal gold miner has died after being shot by Police in Mwinilunga District of North Western Province.

This follows a riotous behaviour by some Community Members who wanted to force their way into Kasenseli Gold Mine.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila who confirmed the incident said five police have been left with injuries after being stoned by the unruly community members.

Namachila said police shot one person only identified as B. Makumba who was allegedly armed and believed to be from Kitwe.

He said the person died on the way to Solwezi General Hospital where he had been referred to after he suffered a bullet wound.

“First hand information in a riotous behaviour. Police officers based at Kasenseli gold mine ran battles with villagers and in the process, 5 police officers namely Deputy Inspector Nzala, Sargent Katooka, Mbewe, Constable Msimuko and Mwanza got injured and one unknown villager was shot at and he has sustained a bullet wound on the right leg. The injured villager was rushed to Mwinilunga hospital for treatment,” he stated.

Namachila stated that the incident happened yesterday  between 11:30 hours and 13:
00 hours as the villagers were trying to force their way into the mine to do some elligal mining.

“The situation is now calm, reinforcement officers from Kamfinsa will be arriving on site in the night,” he added.

Namachila has since urged locals to stay in doors and calm to allow police face any unruly lawbreaker who will dare the police.

“We are calling on every law abiding citizen who sees any armed person to report such to the police for decisive action until Kasenseli village, gold site and all surrounding areas are secured,” Namachila added.

He has, however, regretted the death of the person who was armed, adding that police do not want to lose any more life and appealed to the community to help with any information leading to the recovery of the firearm.



  1. Chendabusiku

    Whether you like the Govt in power on not you still need to respect the Govt of the day. We need law and order to be Maintained.

  2. Chendabusiku

    What the Givt needs to do is to establish a very strong community responsibility programm to assist the locals. The locals must benefit you cannot allow armed thugs to come from the Copperbelt to come and intimidate the law enforcement agents.

  3. boogeyman

    kill the bastards stealing our resources good work zambia police

    • Kufahakurambwe

      Strong sentiments coming from a ignorant brainwashed idiot of a Zambian. A Zambian tries to get ahead you call him a “bastard” but when a foreigner does the exact same thing you either bury your empty head in the sand or call them investors. I would rather you stayed buried. Mu Zambian temunobe for real.



  5. father

    nisala ilelenga mu kopala apa nomba no job no food kulafwafye ngenkoko ku fyalo fyabene

  6. Bambala

    This death, as all death, is sad. This Kitwe fellow was merely trying to find a way to put food on the table for his family in these hard times.
    These gold deposits- where ever they exist in Zambia- must be seen to benefit we the locals. The government should quickly find a way of delegating local experts-surveyors, meturlogists and other mineral experts to determine the commercial viability of these gold deposits, where ever they occur in our country. For areas where these deposits can be mined on a commercial scale, tenders must be floated internationally so that capital is found to commercially exploit these minerals. But this time around this should be done very differently from the way it was done when Cecil Rhodes came with his BSA company in the 1890’s. These gold deposits should be used by our government to represent 50% of Zambia’s share holding in such new gold mines. The new foreign investors can then bring in their capital and own the other 50% shares. When this gold is refined, Zambia’s 50% should then be taken to the Bank of Zambia. These investors could be enticed by a total tax free arrangement on their share. Trusts could then also be registered, where a small percentage of the sold gold from BOZ, could be paid directly these rural Trust Funds such as in Mwinilunga, for the communities- through their chiefs, to decide which use such funds can be used for, to benefit all the citizens in such rural host areas of the gold deposits.
    The current scramble we are seeing by our local people is as a result of the way locals have been short changed by these foreign copper mine owners, who laugh all the way to their foreign banks, while their local accounting Balance Sheets declare fake loses- by using ” clever” legal and accounting chicanery. Their compatriots abroad even determine the selling prices of Africa’s minerals- and they have termed this as ” market forces”!! I call this modern slavery.
    All Zambia’s mineral earnings (in Billions of Dollars annually ) are banked outside Zambia by all the mine owners, and only the crumbs are channelled back here in firm of small royalties, low local salaries, very low local supplier/ contractor payments. How can our Kwacha/USD exchange rate be fair when the proceeds from Zambia’s major economic activity, are banked outside our borders?
    Some of us feel that these economic imbalances are known by our leaders, but surely a few of them must be benefiting from this unfair arrangement for them to have kept quiet for so long.

  7. Voice off the people

    Jst look how our Nation, blessed mother zambia.Dear state my people in luck off any academics will not know what might be happening if we were unfair yet 👍 not VIVID simple manner.

  8. king coin

    it is unfair we need justice in our country zambia

  9. Fredrick muzeya

    Will never vote for pf go ahead idiot police from Eastern and northern province

  10. teejay

    An avalanche starts with the rolling of one small stone and ends in a crescendo of a myriad stones roaring downhill to crash at the bottom of the mountain. Careful with these small stones or else…..

    • Pharaoh

      Every thing has an advantages and disadvantages. Mind you which ever opposition political party comes into power, still there will be some people left with ill feelings .Whether its hunger or not,its not a defence that any person at his own will should be allowed in any illegal activities Its only sad that someone lost his life in a riotous situation

  11. Wise one

    Firstly it’s a ”service & not force”the thing is that the same police who are refusing the people to get a share, them they are busy mining illegally & no one is saying a thing, please try to be fair no one knew that place & most of these police men & women used to refuse been sent to such places but today every police officer is eager to work in that area, it’s God who allowed that place to begin to rain gold for the benefit of the Zambian people now that you have started allowing blood to flow over that area be prepared to see that gold dispear. Let the local people enjoy what God had given to them, police officers please allow peace to reign

  12. Rasmall munsha

    Nisala yalenga

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