Leadership Isn’t About The Next Election, Says President Lungu

Leadership is not about the next election but the next generation, President Edgar Lungu has said.

In a posting on his Facebook page this morning, President Lungu said his desire is to ensure Zambians begin to strive for a better cause.

“With some debate, some writers have attributed the British Statesman Winston Churchill to the following words: ‘What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?’
It occurred to me that the task for each one of us is to find a cause – not for self gratification or glory – but for national good, even after we are gone. It is this realization that has formented my belief in what I said on 18th September 2015 that: ‘At the stroke of midnight on 24th October, 2064, Zambia should awaken to one undeniable truth and reality: that ours was a generation of achievers, a generation of men and women who, propelled by the energy of patriotism, changed this country forever’,” President Lungu stated.

He stated that his focus was to prepare for the next generation.

“In view of the above, the best anecdote to describe my world view is that of someone driving a motor vehicle and looking behind through his or her rear view mirror. My focus ahead is about preparing for the next generation. I believe that true leadership is not about expediency and the next election, but the next generation,” President Lungu stated.

“I also believe that true leadership is not self-centred and self-seeking but people-centred and focused on the general good of society vis-à-vis securing a prosperous future for all Zambians through our individual and collective efforts.”



    You couldn’t have said it better than this Your Excellence. That calls for wisdom and starts with the fear of GOD.

    • Fonko Fonko

      Well said Mr President!

      • nehemiah

        Well spoken but,surely sir u have failed not only the people of zambia,but the entire nation,from the time we elected u nothing has changed,from bad to worse,even the jobs u promised us u have done totally nothing,the anger of GOD is upon u because the people are suffering coz of u,u will never find favour in the eyes of GOD

        • Gershom ingwe chipata

          If you want ask your self first before condeming your friend blem your self first is it Ecl coz this if is not Ecl then go and reapent before jagement came coz God will panish you

        • Chendabusiku

          #Nehemiah, surely that is the easiest thing to do, to point a finger or even fingers at the leadership in Govt. This this kind of outdated mindset needs to change . The Development of our great nation does not wholly depend on one individual “called a president or a minister” we Zambians need to wake up for once. The development of our nation depends squarely on all of us. How many Zambian owned companies are big enough to write home about? do we all expect Lungu or anybody else to do that for us. Nehemiah you presumably got educated by the Zambian Govt, or at least a Govt School! Built using public funds, what have you done for Zambia besides these outdated criticisms? Foreign nationals have been coming to Zambia to look for Zambian owned Companies to partner with and support them financially, but there is none worth the salt. Ask Kambwili’s Mwamona Co. it is just a Kantemba not worth anything to talk about. This is typical of many so called Zambian owned companies. We are all responsible for this low-level economic growth. We need to reduce on Beer Drinking every day and start working to grow our own companies, we cannot develop a country on beer drinking. The easiest thing we know is yapping, criticising someone else and Drinking beer full stop.

          • Mr.truth

            What pains me is that our president z nt much concerned about corruption. Sata dd a vry gud job in fighting corruption

          • Pharaoh

            There’s sense indeed. We need a collective effort and ideas yo develop or improve the economy of out country. Like the Bemba proverb which says:’Umunwe umo tausalenda”. Which means, one finger can not pick lice.

          • Justine c. Mukungule

            You are right.

        • Mapesho

          # Nehemiah, who are you to tell ECL that he will never find favour in the eyes of God. Don’t you know that by virtue of his position he is already in favour of God? What have you done for mother Zambia or better still for yourself?
          Ushitasha mwana wandoshi.

    • Leon



      Meanwhile an excited and childish Lusaka mayor who had the WHOLE YEAR since the last rainy season to sort the filth and storm water drains in Lusaka was happily walking through the flooded streets of Lusaka.

      All the guy has done in readiness for the rainy season is to buy himself gum boots IN ANTICIPATION OF THE ROT (Which he should have worked to prevent!!!!)

    • Idiocy Detector

      Which next generation does Lungu have in mind when his Government has over borrowed for the same generation to suffer debt burden and repayment when they are not even beneficiaries? Which next generation does Lungu have in mind when his Government is willing to spend $750, 000 more than the normal cost of useless used fire tenders? Which next generation does Lungu have in mind when his Government is willing to spend $600,000 more than the normal road works per km, for the same next generation to come and pay after he is long gone? Which next generation does Lungu have in mind when his Government can afford the luxury of a Presidential jet at the cost which can install 4 solar power generation plants to avert load shedding? Which next generation does Lungu have in mind when his Government when he can encourage lawlessness by inciting ministers not to pay back illegally earned money after he unlawfully incited them to break the law and kept them in office illegally, the list is endless. Ba Lungu just shut up your mouth as our Nigerian colleagues can demand.

  2. spare me the shit

    well said but unfortunately sir you are lieing, which generation are u preparing for? what have you done for the next generation? if this generation is starving what hope is there for the next generation? out of hope we got u to plot one with a view that u wil better our lives now dat hope has died, do sumthing sir its not too late

  3. Fucked up

    What have you done in this years you have serving as a president, totally nothing see how people are suffering you are the only one who have enjoyed, you are saying that climate change it the cause of hunger and shortage of power but yesterday it was your birthday and we were having power the whole day, you are the selfish parent.

  4. Nzika zokuzidwa

    sir thz iz nt the only year to exprnce climate charges No,
    But u do thngs for the benefit of ur selfz,Be careful!!

  5. Kicks

    It is very easy to do that, but with your calibre, its just hallucinating like one suffering from chronicle malaria. You know that we gave you that mandate but the way you have strayed out of it, is very disappointing. Fighting and killing the oposition suporters is what you call patriotism in you reign? switch on mr president and learn to protect all citizens regardless of who they are. Do you mean that we should suffer for the next generation while you are enjoying with you ministers? No.

  6. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Good afternoon Mr. President? In as much as you have spoken your mind, your words Sir could have concured by the Leadership of the Late President Levy P. Mwanawasa not you your Excellency. Your Leadership Sir has made many Zambians Struggle and become more poorer than they were. There is nothing we can point at when your tenure of office finishes apart from road infrastructure and housing units doted across the nation nothing else. Thanks

  7. King john ii

    That’s true Mr president, but people do appreciate when the person is no more, if you are still seen into their naked eye, no matter what you do, all is to insult and criticism.
    It looks very simple when the friend is holding the highest position and there a lot of sayings, but when it comes for them to take on the same position, that’s when now their eyes becomes red like the carpet and start to shever.
    Awise and intelligent person prepare about tomorrow, what is that I will eat and do for the best of my future life and family at large.

  8. blacksmith

    namweo alungu nkalani tyala so u want us to suffer on the expense of the next generation walk your talk boss if in hard times like these u give us tuma 12kg as relief food i gues the next generation wil be given 4kg n loadshedin wil be 60hrs enconomic hardship wil be worse because nothing has been done for this and next generation.

  9. Monk

    Wow King John ii, so true, we only appreciate a person once they are gone. Just look at the praises we have given to the dead. For example Sata and Mazoka have earned good names in the eyes of upnd and pf respectively. Now that they are no more, it is typical to find Sata being praised by upnd and Mazoka by pf. What a world of hypocrisy!!!.

  10. Leon

    Perhaps you are the best President we have ever had going by your speach kikiki

  11. Kfb

    We hold elections in order to generate quality leaders for the the next generation. Pf has failed the zambian people and should be voted out.

  12. Mart

    Well said mr King John II people apliciate when a leader is out of Office.

  13. Niso kodibba

    if u want work for next generation build universities, stadiums, big hospitals, schools in each province.create employment by opening up parastator companies ,bring long term big investors,like mwanawansa tried then the next generation will remember u.not just concentrating on roads,,roads are expensive but they have a short life span within 5years they need maintainance once they are bagard people will forget u, ….fight corruption to keep resources for all citizens.

  14. General manager

    People do appreciate, Mr president even if you die today no one will appreciate u because you have done nothing to develop our country,we will just remember you for the suffering you have brought in our country,

  15. General worker

    We will remember you as one leader who defeated the satanist and tribalist individual 3 times in a space of 10 years.

  16. chiko

    Wise words,its beta i go hungry 4 a while especially wen am buildng coz 2mro i will b a landlord.Gud roads,many schools nd hospitals eva seen n 50yrs this z wat we cal developmnt nd indeed next generation will kip on smilling.

  17. king coin

    the only way which will make our country to be good is when all people does the service of implementing there communities, throw making family devotions,teaching children classes,teaching junior youths, study circle, teaching the couse of Baha’u’llah to all humanity. by dowing this the abha kingdom will come here on earth. if not by dowing that whether will chage the 8 presidents nothing will. so we just need to pushing our selves in ths process of community bulding

  18. boogeyman

    ulimbwa iwe chikala chi lungu

    • Benjamin

      That’s the great vision farther of the nation my the good lord bless you

  19. Chinjavata

    Hypocrisy of the twenty first century.People are dead already even before the next generation hence how can it happen?

  20. Abantu mucalo

    Lesa tatentekwa,he will be punishing all evil doers ,don’t pretend, God is watching, God is hearing the cry of innocent people, napita

  21. Don

    There is no President who can do the best things in the world to please the people, others will still be complaining the president needs to be appreciated he has done a lot in his reign , let’s see what the next president is going to do as well.

  22. kopala

    kkkkk u dont hav to fear tata dis now is all about next election kaili wafilwa tuchite shani kuya bebele elo nganikugeto dnt even make a mistake to cum tukakutoba amabwe

  23. teejay

    I do not know what to say…..Lesa eka!!!

  24. kasonde Gabriel

    Your enemy will never praise you Dr lungu , God has already stemp his approval on you don’t worry with negative word from pipo who will never see your work. Just wish them well…

  25. Kufahakurambwe

    I can not stand this useless drunkard of a man & the majority of his ministers. I find it unworthy to call him president. Chikawalala.

  26. kasonde Gabriel

    Your enemy will never praise you Dr lungu , God has already stemp his approval on you don’t worry with negative words from those pipo who will never see your work. Just wish them well…

  27. kasonde Gabriel

    Lazy pipo don’t see his works. As a hard worker ndafimona bad futi

  28. The BFG

    Your Excellence, There Will Be No Next Generation. Here In Natukoma Area Of Shangombo District A Bag Of Mealie Meal Is K200 A Bucket Of Maize Is At K120, Then Do You Think A Mare Villager Who Is Jobless And Finishe The Cattle Paying For College Fees But Not Employed Will Survive To Produce The Next Generation? Only A Few Individuals Are Benefiting From The Relief Food, Most Of Us Depend On Tubers Known As ‘Lindowa’, They Are Extinguishing. How Are We Going To Survive? Think Over It Your Excellence, We Are Dying!

  29. Honourable muzzuma

    Lungu must go! Truly the only stories our next generation will find is that we once had a president in zambia who promoted holiday after holiday at the hand of clipping economy, the president who was always drunk, the only president who travelled môre than the sum total of all the presidents that has saved.
    A president of wako ni wako!
    Zambia shall rise come 2021
    Time is the best equalizer 🗾

  30. kasonde Gabriel

    Education is the best equalizer dear not time that’s y u are still behind mune, long time ago is when time used to equalize pipo washalila apo waimona

  31. Pf lusaka

    It’s true Mr president you are a christian but am very surprised with you because of a lot of suspension of former sesheke police officers
    Mr wakuñuma and Mr mukela
    Why are you feeling to for them and take them back for work
    You are parentparent and the Father of the nation
    Please hear our a re senior gavernment
    Please please

  32. Tween

    Just resign Mr president

  33. Ok

    President don’t worry about the negative sentiments, they are coming from bitter people. Forgive them they don’t know what they are doing.

  34. Mwamuziba Yesu

    Unfortunately Mr Presido,you have worked soo hard indeed for the next generation.
    1..too much corruption in your government…well dooone
    2.. Hide behind the church..well dooone
    3..People are becoming poor day by day…well dooone
    4..power goes for 48 hrs in some places..well dooone
    5..etc…well dooone

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