Luanshya Council Proposes Reduced Land Rates

The Luanshya Municipal Council has proposed a reduction in Land rates.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has since invited all ratable property owners, managers of mining properties and power transmission facilities to inspect the entries in the latest Main Valuation Roll at the Civic Centre during the next 28 days.

This is according to a statement issued by Council Public Relations manager Gideon Thole.

“The call on the public, which is being made by the Council, is in line with provisions of Section 15(2) of the Rating Act No.21 of 2018, which requires that the Luanshya Municipal Council Main Valuation Roll of 2018 is made available for inspection by the lease holder of any property,” Thole said.

Recently, the local municipality held a Special Council Meeting chaired by Chanda.

During the special Council meeting, it was unanimously resolved to propose a reduction in the rate levies for all the categories of rateable properties in Luanshya District.

“The Special Council Meeting  proposed the following rate levies: 0.002 (low cost residential),0.0008 (Meduim Cost Residential),0.0008 ( High cost residential),0.004 ( Commercial/ Special user),0.004 ( Light Industrial),0.01( Heavy industrial),0.02( mining properties) and 0.0305( Power transmission). Starting from Monday, 4th November 2018, Luanshya Municipal Council has been calling on rateable property owners  to visit the Committee Room at the Civic Centre and inspect the Valuation Roll, with the aim of checking if the roll has the correct entries  of their names, the correct property number and check the current rateable value of their property,” Thole explained.

He said the multiplication of the rateable value and rate levy gives the property owners an idea of the suggested amount of money they are supposed to pay in terms of rates.

“All objections to entries in the Main Valuation Roll must be lodged to the Town Clerk through the Council’s Valuation Office, which has for the sake of this exercise shifted to the Committee Room and those wishing to do so are advise to make their submissions between now and on or before 2nd December 2019,” Thole said.

“All entries of objections must be in writing and made in the prescribed manner and form complying as nearly as may be with the Objection Form. The local authority has made available copies of the Objection Forms, which can be obtained at the Valuation Office.
The Rating Valuation Tribunal, which has the powers of a court of law, will hold public sittings to hear objections to the Main Valuation Roll from the rateable properties owners on or after 26th December 2019.”

The effective date of the Main Valuation Roll is January 1, 2020 and the time of Valuation is 11th September 2018.

“After following the laid down procedures listed in the Rating Act, the Luanshya Municipal Council has come up with a new Valuation Roll and letters have been distributed to rateable property owners inviting them to visit the Civic Centre with the aim of inspecting the Valuation,” said Thole.

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