Speaker Suspends Nkombo For 10 Days

Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo has been suspended from parliament for 10 days by Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini.

The decision was made after  Mr Nkombo was found to have exhibited gross misconduct against deputy speaker Catherine Namugala on September 19, 2019.

The Government chief whip Brian Mundubile had written a complainant letter saying Mr Nkombo had disrespected Ms Namugala, but the opposition MP denied.


  1. Bwalya mwaume

    The problem is Mr nkombo is too talkative.you are there for the people not just making noise.

    • Leon

      But he is better than than the pf caedres who are now second from the Zambia army followed by the home guards (police)

      • MJ

        Has your Nkombo managed to develop mazabuka?

        • Pharaoh

          LEON yours is not a wise contribution. It baseless

        • Idiocy Detector

          Being ignorant and an idiot is not a right to life, Nkombo as an MP can only lobby and not fund projects, no citizen in this country pays taxes to Pf or UPND but to GRZ which is why no region should not be developed simply because of perception that it belongs to opposition, besides any opposition member is a Zambian. MJ you are dull and stupid.

  2. George

    Very true. Nkombo thinks he is the think tank of Zambia. Too boastful and too talkative. He represents for himself and not his people who put there. He has over stayed in parliament and thinks he knows everything. He talks a lot of nonsense most of times in parliament, opposing everything even developmental ideas here in kalomo. We the people of kalomo are in problems here all because of him. Next time suspend him for 6 months please mr speaker. These upnd chaps are too full of them selves.

    • Mbangu Chikuma

      I thought Hon Garry Nkombo is an MP for Mazabuka and not Kalomo

    • Eunious

      Liar, are sure you’re from Kalomo?

    • Beenzu

      You don’t even knw wht you re speaking bd He is for mazabuka not kalomo u fool

      • Pharaoh

        Beenzu,no need of insulting.Let’s respect each other or one another.Its just a point of correction.George, your observation coincides with mine.I mostly take my.time watching Parliament proceedings and one may easily testify the conduct of same law makers.They take things to personal and selfishly which is not the case.They are representing us all. The opposition political parties are in existence for the purpose of checks and balances.In fact maturity and trust must be seen in them as.they want to form gvt If a good thing has been done, let’s appreciate it and condem where there’s a mistake.Any way a man shall never be satisfied.

  3. Gangsta Grabs

    Ukadya Zanga Mummy Ni Tonkamapo.Namugala Refused To Open Her Legs After Eating His Money So Nkombo Raised An Objection Depending Sex Plus Costs.I Thing He Is The Hero Here Not Ma Rubbish Yamene Mukamba

    • Pharaoh

      iwe chi Ganstar grabs, why do you always express yourself on this platform so carelessly I think ZICTA must do something so that some foolish individuals could be arrested.Don’t de respect people any how.May be you are the intermediate between the so called Garry Nkombo.Ma rubbish.with your insanity. If you don’t have anything to say,you better shut your mouth.

  4. The seeker

    This type of reporting, failing to give out details pertaining to the real reasons why Mr Nkombo has been suspended is outrageous

  5. Lee Muchenga

    Your mouth is your greatest enemy Mr nkombo.

  6. Don

    We really don’t know what transpired for Mr Nkombo to be suspended , but as a man when you are with women you should talk sensible things to maintain your reputation in public.

  7. Daniel

    he needs deliverance

  8. Curtis

    Mr Gary Nkomboin has in the recent past come in the open to say he will challenge HH to be a suitable candidate for UPND in 2021.Even VJ was quoted to be in support of the move. Now today we are told that the man has been suspended for gross misconduct from National assembly. This is the problem with Zambian politics. Any way conversions are the ultimate forum for all political parties to choose candidates of their choice.

  9. Laston kapitanga

    Atase imwe

  10. Mpombo

    This is another upnd coward who has no stomach to challenge wamuyayaya HH,but tries to exhibit his political immaturity on the government.His survival this long on the political scene has more to do with tribal politics than his brains.Even if the son of man was stand against him in Mazabuka,he can still win. Refer to Chishimba Chimbwili’s prophetic warning.

  11. Hon.mwiinga

    The man always has stood for real things obtaining in our land.
    Truth hurts, time is coming when he who is righteous should remain so.
    Time is the best equalizer 🗾

  12. kasonde Gabriel

    Mr Garry u are inbarrancing pipo you represent. They will start losing hope in u, for them to gave u a vote they did not mean you should be come a trouble some, wilalaba God is watching.

  13. Monk

    Maybe Gary he is frustrated as his boss keeps considering bembas for the position of vice president.

  14. Roberto Carlos

    Badala, put your interests after those who elected you to Parliament. You are even luck, pantu walakotela mu Parliament. Women leaders are mostly sensitive to open critics. Be wary of your electorate, mwalalusa vote!

  15. Rogers

    What really transpired for Garry to earn the suspension? It is unfortunate.

  16. Indoshi palupe

    Who cares? Fools!!!

  17. Wise one

    Zambian politics are worse than dirty..

  18. foolish and rubbish thinking does an mp develope an area, or it's the duty of the government to develope. now that your government have failed now u want to blame anyone opposing you, nonsense

    Its that the speaker is behaving like a of cadre

  19. Manungu monze people

    Mr nkombo tell them even the times of Jesus when Jesus was telling the truth some people chased him and said bad about him ,now its happening in Zambia with a failed government

  20. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, what was the nature of his gross misconduct? Please Zambia Reports, tell us the whole issue here before we start commenting!!!! Thanks

  21. Adrew

    Gary bolo don’t talk on your behalf talk for us

  22. Kanyika

    Wages of sin

  23. kelvin D Mulanga

    Unless our lawmakers realise that when they are in parliament, they represent their employers who voted for them, we will continue to see baseless and irrelevant discussions in parliament. Why who Gary speak as though he was the first MP in Zambia? Zambia is 55 years after independence, and he says some who have just joined- my word. Has Nkombo been in parliament for 55 years, certainly not. There are so many who have been there before him. He should stick to issues that belong to his constituency and not just making noise. I thought he would be better than his party president but alas he has proved otherwise.

  24. jj

    Nkombo was suspended for doing his job of debating issues. Namugala couldnt handle it and started “crying”. You cannot exclude a senior opposition member from the discussion. Mark my work, they want him on suspension when a big motion is tabled in parley. thats the ploy.

  25. Chakalifya koswe

    Gary nkombo has made parliament like personal property for being there for more than 20years parliament must enact a law to limit the term of an mp so that they work when elected he has a lot wealth and he is now dancing in parliament suspension is not enough expulsion is better to stop this foolish actions in parliament

  26. Mapesho

    Both Gary and HH have outlived their position of MP and opposition leader respectively. No wonder their behaviors!

  27. Monze

    We are proud of Gary in parliament. He is not a doormat

  28. Ozzio

    Zambia has brilliant MPs but its uncomfortable to find that we have aprimitive one calledGary,he
    seems tribally ,insensetive not fit for parliamental debates.Look
    how the country has developed in few years you have been in opposition .This Government was
    Paying and ispaying attention toAgro and infrastracture .MPs
    who have nothing to offer must be
    deprive their seats like Gary.

  29. Mr.tell them the truth

    Mr Garry Nkombo might be right.I know they can’t tell the truth why he was suspended.they are just finding irrelevant faults for him to convince us,we know you already.

  30. Ozzo

    Zambia has brilliant MPs but its uncomfortable to find that we have aprimitive one calledGary,he
    seems tribally ,insensetive not fit for parliamental debates.Look
    how the country has developed in few years you have been in opposition .This Government was
    Paying and ispaying attention toAgro and infrastracture .MPs
    who have nothing to offer must be
    deprive their seats like Gary.

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