Kapata Urges PF Members To Stop Illegal Land Allocation

Lands Minister Jean Kapata has told Patriotic Front members in Ndola
to stop interfering with the work of the Ndola City  Council and the
Ministry of Lands by engaging in illegal allocation of land.

Meanwhile, Ms Kapata said a list of PF cadres has been given to the
police for criminal investigations.

The lands minister said this on Friday evening when she addressed PF
officials, council management and officials from the Ministry of

Ms Kapata said it is worrying that PF cadres are always in the news
for wrong reasons of illegal allocation of land.

She told the PF officials to restrain party members from intimidating
council officials.

Ms Kapata said both the party and government are worried with the
increased reports of suspected cadres involved in illegal land

She said members of the ruling party and those in the opposition are
also citizens who are free to apply for plots as long as they adhere
to procedure.

“Stop intimidating officers at the Council and allow them to work
independently,” Ms Kapata said.

She also complained about the continued illegal allocation of plots on
the railway line buffer and under electrical pylons or on vacant
pieces of lands with underground cables or water and sewerage pipes.

“Zambians are free to acquire plots in any part of the Country and let
us all visit other towns outside the line of rail and apply for
plots,”  said Ms Kapata.

And PF Copperbelt Province Chairperson Nathan Chanda said the ruling
party  was ready to fight the illegal land allocation in partnership
with the Council and the Police.

“If it is established that some of the members are involved in illegal
land allocation, we will have no option but to suspend them. However,
l must assure you that most PF members on the Copperbelt are
disciplined,” Mr Chanda said.

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe called for co-existence
between the government and the party officials.

“Civil servants in the region should follow procedure  and  desist
from illegal activities and outsiders should also respect people in
offices,” said Mr Nundwe.

Later Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said her
office has received a lot of complaints about illegal allocation of


  1. Majesty

    It’s because of crimate change.

  2. King power

    Parallel to what you promised us that you will so once you are in power
    . 2021 out . Ask them clearly where are they getting those powers.we ( orphans) we are tired of you.

  3. Addis ababa

    Lusaka or CB is not zambia. Zambia is made up of all ten provinces .her people are cooking mangoes as there staple food.you don’t even know why we elected you into those offices you are . It’s just matter of time .

  4. Kfb

    A pf cadre hasbeen made to be above police, nothing will happen. You are just doing it to blindfold the zambians for votes. The pf cadres/thugs have humiliated the majority zambians for too long. Pf in its current form has made Zambians suffer, from whichever angle one may look at, need to vote pf out.

  5. Bayoka

    Umwaice ngabamutasha ulUbilo kuti apilila pang’anda

  6. Mart

    In Luanshya pf cadres have five,five Plots U will see here in LY caming 2021.

  7. Pac

    It’s true @ Bayoka, that’s why some opposition leaders have been by passing plot 1 for so many years now.

  8. kabwe Martin

    50% I addiction

  9. Mr.tell them the truth

    Pf government is too relactant and does not have a heart for the people

  10. Man of substance

    Most of pf members on the copper belt have disciplinary cases not disciplined coz they are the one involving mufyabupuba

  11. GRAVE MOON (Star dust)

    We are tired of you pf here we will die of anger tulolekeshenipo ba poor finish him

    • Night Shift

      If you think other parties will feed you when they come in power forget! Just work hard… kwapwa, don’t rely on politicians for your living.

  12. Sosa

    Has kapata stopped smuggling the mukula trees for him to start yapping about the plots her party cadres are selling?

  13. Pf cardar

    2021, it is a must that people will seek for change of the regime because the situation has now become “survive of the fittest”

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