We Do Not Support Smuggling Of Mealie-Mealie But Killing Suspected Offenders Is A No No!

No one can be happy about smuggling of anything out of Zambia. No one can be happy about the rampant smuggling of mealie meal on the Copperbelt into the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. But then, no one can be happy about the killing of Zambians that try to engage in this illegal trade.

We received shocking news on Friday of a killing of a man on his bicycle by Zambia National Service officers in Ndola who have been charged with the responsibility of curtailing smuggling of this staple food that is now costing a fortune in our local stores. It is only about a month ago when another Zambian Stephen Banda was shot by the same Zambia National Service officers when he was suspected to be smuggling mealie meal into the Democratic Republic of Congo. How far these matters will go is a story we will discuss another day. But today, we specifically want to address this killing of Zambians that are being suspected of smuggling mealie meal into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Because the demand for this staple food is high in our country at the moment while supply isn’t adequate, the price has gone up. This means those selling this commodity across the border (in the Democratic Republic of Congo) are making a fortune out of this business.

To restrict this illegal trade, the government genuinely put in place measures to stop the trend so that there’s no shortage of mealie meal in local markets.

Therefore, a team of security men led by the Zambia National Service was put in place to stop smuggling. It looked like a good plan – well it is. However, that decision is quickly being put into question because these officers seem to be in a hurry to pull the trigger at anyone that may be suspected of engaging in smuggling. Should this be the case to stop this illegal trade? Definitely not, ¬†and the Chifubu member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi is very right to express anger on this behaviour of the officers. Nobody can be happy with this. Two of the citizens have died so far the ZNS officers’ hands and we shudder to think what next is coming if nothing is done to stop this behaviour.

Mr Ng’ambi has asked the Zambia National Service to stop killing those suspected of smuggling mealie meal. These are human beings only trying to make ends meet. From the pictures seen which we have failed to share as they are in bad taste, you can clearly see that this young man was just trying hard to survive the current economic situation. But then, someone acted without thinking twice and pulled that trigger!

This is not the desire of the government and the team tasked with fighting this scourge of smuggling. May be it’s time other law enforcers were engaged in this exercise because clearly, Zambia National Service officers are up to something that very few are able to see.


  1. LN

    Certainly the ZNS victims were not dangerous armed criminals. It was easy to simply stop them and apprehend them without necessarily killing them. I am sure there are laws that deal with cases of smuggling without destroying human life. Let human life be valued above all things.

  2. Kaka george compound

    I think in as much as zapping the smugglers is bad I equally think that if the said victims had followed the laid down procedure they wouldn’t have lost their lives,you stay in the line you are safe,you try to act clever you are taken down simple.

  3. Mlase

    This story is indeed a sad one.Just as much is smuggling is an offence under the laws of Zambia,the officers mandated to stop this must not be trigger happy.The question I wud like to ask is..Wat is the likely motive of smuggling out this mealie meal?Is there any malice aforethought in this act?Whose money do these suspected smugglers use to buy these commodities?Last but not the least,on which part of the country ar these suspected smugglers gunned down?Can anyone tell me that if am found to have bags of mealie meal on the Zambian side,am deemed to have smuggled the mealie meal out?Y should I be gunned down wen first nd foremost am on the Zambian side?Is merely having an intention to smuggle mealie meal an offence?

    • Shikantwa

      ZNS are now acting like police, judge and executioner at same time. That one trigger happy should be thrown in jail for manslaughter. They will never learn

  4. muntungwa

    Extra judicial killing?? Some one must be held to account.


    Commentthe deforce is so this is just justice.not a service but force. thats why f in developed countries.or them to be engaged means th any cyber crime is met with a ae other wings have failed.

  6. Edwardo

    Zns can’t fight Smuggling, they don’t know any law and how to deal with Smuggling. Replace them with zo

  7. Edwardo

    Zns can’t fight Smuggling, they don’t know any law and how to deal with Smuggling. Replace them with ZP

    • Pharaoh

      Yes, they must be replaced by ZP who at least knows law. Killing is not a solution. Sensitization may assist.Its sad news.It seems the ZNS have failed to perform their duties rightly.The end result we shall hear next time will a riot if killings continue.Something must be done quickly .

  8. Evidence

    Let’s wait and see the action from the president over the gunning down of an unarmed person. Because in Zambian law there is no law which says smugglers must be gunned down

  9. Lukama William

    Comment Sad development. Why killing somebody who is just carrying tuwuga ku bicycle what kind of smuggling perhaps it was just for consuption. Justice and the word of God is needed otherwise people will be killing others like animals.

  10. Bast

    Guys looking price of bag December 300kwac

  11. clint

    How cold are the hearts of some people ,Ka bag of meali meal on bicycle on ati smuggling.hello kaya kapena nikukonda kudya killing a person because of a bag of meali meal

    • Loverman

      ZNS how could u gun down someone on a biscle wen u allows truck with hundreds of mealie passing thru Sakanya plus can some one inspect sakanya and frontier u will c how they stuck mealimeal the truck pass try Zafico trees their the must be deal,

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