PAC To Launch New Symbol

The People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) will be launching its new symbol and brand at its fourth anniversary celebrations in January 2020 as it kicks off mobilization in preparation for the August 2021 elections.
In a statement released to unveil the new party symbol and brand already approved by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, PAC president Andyford Banda stated that it was always important to be timely and relevant in today’s political environment.
“We are excited to announce to the people of Zambia of the launch of a new symbol and new party colours. The symbols and colours are for the relevance depicting the time that we are in. The new party symbol is described as a linesman flag with rotating arrows which both depicts change and time up. Indeed this symbol is timely and relevant as the country is in need of change and yes the time has come. Our new party colours are royal blue and orange for our positivity for the future of Zambia and proper utilization of untapped resources. People have been asking, why are you quiet? Why is PAC seemingly inactive, I just want to say that we value planning and strategizing. We have been up to something. A lot has been cooking in the background and we can assure you, you can expect some new energies,” Banda stated. “Yes there is new energies coming through that we can guarantee. We would like to thank our members who have been patient during this planning and strategizing period as our momentum is coming, our time is coming. Change is coming. Its time up! We are not headless, we believe a delayed well- calculated plan is far better than a rushed bad plan. We will flash our symbol by rolling the two forefingers over each other like the way it is done in football when fans are asking for change or demanding that time is up. Yes change and time up! We want to deliver a new Zambia through a new set of leaders”.
He also stated that PAC would begin to wear blue berets and called this change a “blue wave”.
“The PAC will also wear blue berets. It’s indeed a blue wave that is going to sweep this country in 2021. The party had to change its symbol as the Torch which has been used in the past elections was a temporary symbol. In the run up to the 2016 elections in which the party participated and came fourth in the Presidential race, the party had a symbol where two fingers were pointing at each other meaning change starts with you,” stated Banda. “However, on short notice before the elections in 2016, the ECZ advised us to change the symbol as too main political parties were using hand symbols. It was difficult to find a timely and relevant symbol at the time hence we settled for a temporary Torch symbol. Today we believe we have the most relevant and timely symbol in today’s political environment with very distinct colours – royal blue. It’s a blue wave indeed come 2021.”
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