Zambia’s Strongman Gatman Tears Biceps, Drops Out Of Africa’s Strongest Man Contest

Zambian strongman Melvin Gatman Mweemba has torn his biceps at the Africa’s Strongest Man 2019 contest in South Africa.

This happened on his third event when he was flipping a 350 kilogramme tyre.

Mr Mweemba, who competed in last year’s event, has been preparing for the contest and has earlier refused to give up but decided to pull out on Sunday.

He says the injury will require him to undergo an operation once he returns.

“DISASTER!. After 3 events & on my 3rd event; Tyre flip (350kgs) for 8 flips… on just my 3rd flip I have torn my Biceps long head. It’s completely detached. I went on to finish the course in good time. 1 more event to go today, and 3 more tomorrow. I will try to do what I can and not quit. I am in so much pain and need to go under the knife as soon as I get back home to get this thing re-attached and fixed.#StrongmanDiaries…” he posted on his Facebook page on Saturday.

However, on Sunday, Mr Mweemba announced that the injury could not allow him to continue in the competition because he was in a lot of pain.


  1. man lubi

    I’m wishing quick recovery strong man

    • Uwaku Buchi

      Ba reporter bashino nshiku! Since when are sportsmen called Mr Mweemba? Just imagine the commentator going “and Mr Rainford Kalaba’s pass is intercepted by Mr Billiat Khuzwayo. Mr Khuzwayo shoots past Mr Kennedy Mweene. It’s a goalllll!

  2. Curtis

    Very unfortunate circumstance for strong man after all his preparations.I wish you well and get back future contests.

  3. claudy lungu

    get well soon bro!!

  4. Lennox

    Wishing you a quick recovery Mr strongman.

  5. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Poverty in the country has contributed

    • Pharaoh

      Its not poverty but sports.someone must be creative, K K said we must be self reliant to avoid dependence for you to your food on the table. Wake up man.The man in dedicated to his sports activities.In injury cave.

  6. Niso kodibba

    too bad, wishing u quick recovery strongman, u do better next time. mutapengi mulapona bululu.

  7. sean

    Our hero get well

  8. pyscol kid

    he is fucked up

  9. Ironman

    High voltage huh?

  10. costern musumuko

    get well soon strongman

  11. samuel muchindu

    our own Braun Strawman

  12. Kay Man

    Strong man you were lagging the tyre by quadrature, you were not in phase with the tyre,,,,,,,get well soon and next be in phase.

  13. Beatwell ziwa

    Come Zambia we are hoping in you

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