Zambia Partners with Huawei in ICT Development

Huawei and Zambia have continued to enhance cooperation in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector aimed at promoting ICT access across the country in line with the China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Action Plan 2019-2021.

Zambia’s Consular General in Guangzhou, China Daniel Chisenga noted that the Zambian government realises that ICT has the potential to contribute to the overall economic growth of the country as it is an enabler of the growth of several other sectors of the economy such as agriculture, agro processing, education, manufacturing, health, tourism among others.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 2019 Seeds for the Future Program, Chisenga said the Zambian government has identified Information and Communication Technology as a catalyst for socio-economic development by promoting competitiveness as well as being an enabler of good governance.

The Seeds for the Future program is a major CSR Huawei initiative designed to help ICT professionals fill the gap between theory and practice and master the required skills.

He noted that it is so gratifying that Zambia is part of the program and disclosed that so far, 40 Zambian students have benefited in just fou4 years and congratulated them for being among the most outstanding university students in the world.

“The Huawei Seeds for the Future program has created a platform for Zambian students to learn from the best in the ICT sector.  The program gives hope for the future development of the ICT sector in Zambia and the win-win cooperation between the two countries,” said Mr. Chisenga observed.



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