2 Trafficked Zambian Women Repatriated From S.A

The Zambian Mission in South Africa has recorded two cases of suspected human trafficking involving Zambian women who were offered jobs as hair dressers.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti said the two women have since been repatriated to Zambia after the intervention of the Mission.

In a press statement issued by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Mission in South Africa Naomi Nyawali, Maj Gen Miti said indications were that there was a syndicate of some Zambians working in collaboration with identified nationals to traffic women on the pretext that they would be employed as hair dressers.

He disclosed that once the victims were transported, they would initially work in hair saloons for a few weeks before being forced into sex work.

“There is a possibility that the numbers of people duped could be higher as most of the victims had their travel documents confiscated and blackmailed,  hence making it difficult to get in touch with authorities” Maj Gen Miti has observed.

He has since appealed to Zambian women being recruited as hair dressers to be cautious of the offers.

The High Commissioner said people should first get adequate information through the Mission in Pretoria before travelling.

Maj Gen Miti said the Mission was working closely with South African authorities to ensure that cases of Zambian women being duped into sex trade were curtailed.



  1. Abraham Kalifwa

    Does that still exists.

  2. Gangsta Grabs

    The Two Women Are Among The 1000 Women That Were Part Of Zesco Payment To Import Power From South Africa.The Bloke Government Had A Shortage Of $15m Which Equals 1000 Women With Lapsized Breats As Sex Slaves.I Told You There Is No Way We Can Have Vigoli Va Kachasu At State House Just To Brew For Lungu And Kainzi Zulu.

  3. Nyathi

    Gangsta Grabs what a fucked up way of thinking. Aww, dude, yuh such a faceless imbecile. Suck yuh mudda fool!!!
    Surely, man, yuh so uncivilized and unrealistic. Boy, yuh don’t belong to this Era. Who on earth would surely make fun out of somebody’s misery and suffering. Only an idiot like you fool. Learn to be thoughtful don’t just bark at anything ‘moving.’the situation in which sisters found themselves is unfortunate. No person in their right mind would ever find anything amusing about it. Grow up fool!!!

  4. Diaspora

    This is not new, a lot of our girls have been going to SA for such jobs from time immemorial. They are good hair dressers. I recall I had a good time with one of them in Durban.

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