High Court Jails Two Kafue Men For Stealing Zesco’s Cables

Zesco Limited says it is happy that the Lusaka High Court has jailed two men of Kafue town who stole armoured cables from five Zesco transformers in the district.

The High Court last week jailed Cephas Lwindi aged 27 and Obetty Monde, also aged 27 to 15, 10, 10 and 10 years to run concurrently for five counts of vandalism of public property, meaning the two will serve for 15 years.

Zesco public relations manager Hazel Zulu stated that vandalism of the power utility’s connections was robbing the country of resources.

“The Zesco transformers that were vandalized are located in Linda Compound in Chilanga, two in Zambia Compound, one in Likolongo, and one in Kafue East in Kafue district. The convicts are Cephas Lwindi aged 27 and Obetty Monde aged 27, both of Kafue district, Zambia Compound but were apprehended in Chilanga on 20th July, 2019 in connection with the subject offence of vandalism. The vandals were convicted on Wednesday 20th November 2019 by the Lusaka high court. As a corporation we are saddened as it is detrimental to the development of the country. As you know, electrical equipment involves huge amounts of money and investments and any acts of vandalism takes the corporation and the country backwards. We have been consistently warning perpetrators of this vice that vandalism is a crime under the Laws of Zambia and anyone found liable would be brought to book. We are therefore happy with this conviction and trust that it will act as a deterrent to would be perpetrators. Our call to the public is to join the fight against vandalism and report any such acts to the police,” Zulu stated.




    These could be the same UPND members who vandalised ZESCO pilons in Dudumwenzi. The president was right.

  2. steven

    They can’t respond because the known the truth you up nd idiots

  3. I don't know

    Yeah😂 loadsheding is too much

  4. Curtis

    The case is very clear perpetrators have been convicted or sentenced.let us not point fingers to say it’s this kind of group where culprits must have come from by so doing we will be urging others to continue vandalising bearing in mind that they won’t be mentioned.This is a lesson to all citizens regardless of their political affiliation. My appeal the authority is that cane these characters using the same cables for fifteen years that they will serve. How could a reasonable person go to an extent of vandalising Zesco cables when everyone is complaining of loadsheding?.

  5. Dr Fonicks

    Mwe bantu, please these are just common thieves. Let us not link them to any political party. Probably, it may be hunger that propelled them to act in this manner. Any way, hunger must not drive us to such horrendous crime. They deserve to be behind bars. Please, let’s not politicize the issue. A thief is a thief despite his or her political inclinations.

  6. Abraham Kalifwa

    Yes steal and increasing loadshedding ba kolwe

  7. Lewis Chisote

    Load shedding is too much please do something before these thieves turn the whole country into a living hell.

  8. Kopala Adams

    In Chipata We Hav Experienced The Same Vice And The Zesco Company Is Stil Investgating For The Culprits,and I Hope They Wil Be Caught.

  9. Martin

    What about the owner of 48 houses
    “Ena tabala mukaka na nomba??”

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