Lightning Kills 12-Year Old Girl in Chipangali

Lightning has struck to death a 12 year old girl of chief Chanje’s area in Chipangali while another girl sustained some burns in the attack.

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people confirmed the incident which occurred on Tuesday and named the deceased as Rahabe Nkhoma of Katema village who was a grade five at Paf-Luji primary school.
He said Nkhoma and Rachael Banda 13 of Chiziwa village met their fate when they were coming from school.
“These girls were struck around 12: 00 hours when they were coming from school. The issue is that when the girls knocked off from school it started raining and they were struck by lightning near the school,”
chief Chanje said.
He said the deceased was put to rest on Wednesday while Banda was currently admitted to Chipata Central Hospital.


  1. money maker

    My condolences to the family and friends. May ur sour rest in eternal peace

  2. Chakalifya Moshe

    It is very sad coming from school? Let now those who condermne presiden. Lungu over natural disasters come out in the open and help stop lightning’s killing innocent people in this country



  4. Lungu


  5. Ferdinand sibanda

    May your soul rest in peace and In God’s hands

  6. Jacqueline

    May your soul rest in peace girl.

  7. Let NOT fight

    In Serious Matters Like These Let Not Include Politics. That’s Why We Will Go 2 Hell Because Of A SMALL THING. LET NOT POLITICS LEAD US TO HELL!!!

  8. Curtis

    I equally tend to wonder what calibre this is where some people could associate a bereavement to politics please come on, a death is death and has no barriers whether one like it or not at one time one will answer t to She call. Remember there is 100 percent probability that all living things will eventually die , regardless of their status.So let’s learn to respect a bereavement. MHSRIP.

  9. Abraham Kalifwa

    May his soul rest in peace

  10. Angoni

    Its sad. Disaster is disaster no human being has control over them, not even the President but we always want to politicize every thing in Zambia even the the lack of the rains is blamed on the President thank u brother Moshe for remanding us. SAD condolences

  11. Napatali

    Rest in peace

  12. Charlie'do khamps

    sad development😢😢😢😢

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