Mwinilunga Student Arrested For Illegal Abortion

A 25-year-old student of Mwinilunga Trade Training Institute has been arrested for alleged illegal abortion.

Ethel Munakampe was nabbed by police after she allegedly illegally aborted a seven months old pregnancy.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Hudson Namachila has confirmed the incident which is said to have been reported to police by the institution’s Principal Maxwell Chilemu.

He has explained that the suspect is alleged to have administered some unknown drugs to terminate the pregnancy.

Mr Namachila stated the act is illegal in Zambia, adding that a docket has since been opened while the suspect is currently in police custody.



    Yehova Tafwaya Ukuponya Ifumo Mulandu Wakufwilapo _ukufuma 21 vs 22.23

  2. Kasonkama. Reuben

    Let her face the wrath of the law. Becoz she knew the outcome of wat they were doing even b4 they did.it at Lisambi

  3. Kasonkama. Reuben

    If you are not ready to be the mother. Its beta you go 4 family planing unlike resorting to abortion.

  4. Kay Man

    Let me ask first,,,why did she opened her legs and allowed the flow of electrons, knowing in mind that the bulb will be electrified and then strike it with a wooden bar while its enjoying the shelf life?

  5. Kay Man

    You will corrode in jail, foolish beech!!!

  6. Km


  7. Lewis Chisote

    If a chicken can manage to fend for its chicks ,what about a human being who was made in the likeness of GOD

  8. charlie'do khamps

    lack of common sense fool…. rot in jail

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