President Lungu Seeks Funding For Infrastructure Projects

President Edgar Lungu has disclosed that he has submitted four “priority” infrastructure development projects to the Abu Dhabi Fund for financing consideration.

He stated on his Facebook page today that the projects include the rehabilitation of 238 kilometres of the Serenje-Mpika road, upgrading of the 225 kilometre Kasela-Kaona road, rehabilitation of the Beit bridge and re-developing “Misisi and Chibolya unplanned settlements”.

“The four projects include: 1. Rehabilitating 238 kilometres of the Serenje –Mpika road, which forms part of the North-East corridor, linking Zambia to the port of Dar es salaam in Tanzania; 2.  Upgrading the 225 kilometre Kasela–Kaona road, which links the mineral–rich North Western Province in Zambia, to the ports in Wavis Bay in Namibia and Durban in South Africa; 3. Rehabilitating the Beit bridge which links Zambia to Zimbabwe, and 4. Re-developing ‘Misisi and Chibolya unplanned settlements’ located on prime land within 1.5 kilometres of the central business district in Lusaka city,” President Lungu stated.

The President stated that he is optimistic that the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development will positively consider the requests to finance the projects.

“The abovementioned road and Chirundu bridge projects are important undertakings because, in their current state today, this infrastructure serves as constraints to economic diversification and job creation instead of [being] facilitators. The inadequate levels and low quality of this infrastructure only leads to low economic activity and high production costs, leading to low competitiveness for our economy at regional, continental and global levels,” he stated.

On the Misisi-Chibolya settlement plan, President Lungu stated that factors resulting from overcrowding exacerbate environmental degradation and diseases such as cholera.

He stated that his government’s endeavor to re-develop Misisi and Chibolya unplanned settlements is to address the  negative effects of unplanned settlements.

“Further, Misisi, Chibolya and other unplanned settlements are characterized by overcrowding, with most urban residents lacking adequate access to housing, energy, clean and safe drinking water, sanitation (solid waste management systems), transport services, quality health services, quality education and employment opportunities. These factors exacerbate environmental degradation and diseases such as cholera,” stated President Lungu. “This status quo is totally unacceptable. Thus, my Government’s endeavor to re-develop ‘Misisi and Chibolya unplanned settlements’ is to address the above-mentioned negative effects of unplanned settlements, and in that, meet the 7NDP overarching goal of; ‘accelerating development efforts towards Vision 2030 without leaving anyone behind.”


  1. Sosa

    Just give them the 48 houses sir! AND SAVE MONEY for a power plant
    which is causing havoc to people’s lives .


    That’s the way to go Mr president. Make Zambia DUBAI of Africa. Thanks for what you are doing in Lusaka but also remember chama -lundazi road.

  3. kelly

    Please Mr president we have had enough debt from foreign countries already
    The country may face debt default soon,if we continue to complicate and add other issues.I suggest that the trip to Abu Dhabi be a transitional meeting
    To discuss the agenda for refunding debt the country already owns.

  4. Kfb

    No need to be excited! Pf is looking for 2021 campaign funds. The Eurobond was not put to good use. Even at individual level, the effect of paying back nkongole is being felt. No money in the pocket but a Zambian owes someone an amount s/he has failed to pay back. Many Zambians have developed chronic headaches as a result of pepertual nkongole, with so many cases before court bailiffs.. awe mwandini filekoselakofye muli ba Pf.

    • Mukwasu

      There goes Mr Nkongole selling the country for a song.

    • Gershom ingwe chipata eastern

      Job well done Mr President Dr ECL pitirizani kufunafuna zabwino mudziko tebanthu tithandizike osayamika nimwana wafwiti may God bless you sir and Zambia

  5. Ask

    Awe sure this President kuwaya waya fye. I believe this president takwata amatwi namenso takwata

  6. Concerned

    Where is the money from the toll gates going?Is lusaka the only district we have in Zambia.

  7. Ba Tree Ghat Leaves

    Mmmm again zambia is slowly getting into serious debts with arab emirates

  8. Angoni

    I feel happy when i see my president talk about projects he would wish to be done. I know that some chaps from up ND down will say nasty things about what the president has posted but we know them otherwise BRAVO Mr President keep it up we need more of these developmental lobbing.

  9. Bwalya

    Imwe sure too much of debt why can’t we generate our own mone

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