The Constitutional Court has dismissed the petition by Law Association of Zambia and Chapter One Foundation where they were seeking to stop parliament from passing the constitution amendment Bill No. 10 into law.

LAZ and Chapter One Foundation were challenging the decision of the State to alter the 2016 amended Constitution through the proposed Bill which parliament is currently deliberating on.

The Constitutional Court has however said it has no jurisdiction to hear the matter against Bill No. 10 and therefore dismissed the petition by LAZ and Chapter One Foundation.

Five judges gave a majority judgment while judge Professor Margaret Munalula delivered a dissenting judgment.


  1. Bob

    Now dat da Concourt has put da matter to rest, let us put our heads together to continue with developmental agenda of mother Zambia. Viva Concourt!

  2. Angoni

    Laz has been finished by its president who is a upnd cadre hiding in laz. Mweetwa should resign before this organization becomes a upnd branch completely otherwise this judgement was expected. UPND are loosers and they will loose again in 2021 together their failed project Laz even when PF is at its weakest point UPND will cry bandibida ma voti mawee. Their lawyer thought they could skool the Hon Speaker over this issue but see the out come. Please UPND change your President HH or remain crying. Am wait for 2021.

    • Zambia

      Go on the ground we Of are few, am afraid we will loose come 2021 , let’s not be sugarcoated by a few patriots, please people are not fools no mater what we do, no mater how I feel I can’t change people, I can comment posively in favour of our party but I tell you even if we win I see a revolt people are not fools, take care of their stomachs then we will rule again.

      • Concerned zambian

        Thankyou for the truth, we suffering and jobless yet we have degrees but people who do not even know how to read are in govt offices, things have to change

        • Zattie Bee

          @ CO CONCERNED CITIZEN nadigree yashani vizungu vothyoka. You can’t work a staff job coz yo educ is of leakage.

    • RK


  3. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, the throwing away of Bill Number 10 by the Constitution Court means what??? Does it mean that the case has been put to rest or the Court has rubbished the LAZ appeal??? Does it mean that the Constitution Court will go ahead with the motion of Bill Number 10 in Parliament??? Please help me to understand the position of the Constitution Court concerning this burning issue in Zambia!!!! Does it mean that LAZ has become toothless now or their mandate has been overpowered by that of the Constitution Court???? Thanks


      LAZ is a bunch of thieves who are into day light robbery. LAZ is not mweetwa and his concubine linda kasonde. it has many members and when you compare the numbers with the 2 idiots i mentioned, you will know that the 2 were just fundraising for CHRISTMAS. these so called lawyers demand for payments even if they know that you will loose the case.

  4. Moses P Sichula

    Good judgement indeed.

  5. John Katongo

    It’s was not going anywhere.

  6. Bob

    What it means now is LAZ has lost the case and if anything, must abide by court’s ruling. That’s so! Unless LAZ have other issues present to a different court. As things stand, the Supreme and Goncourt are the last courts of appeal unless otherwise.

  7. Bob

    What it means now is LAZ has lost the case and if anything, must abide by court’s ruling. That’s so! Unless LAZ have other issues to present to a different court. As things stand, the Supreme and Concourt are the last courts of appeal unless otherwise.

  8. Bambala

    Not until our judges start being appointed by an independent entity, will we see fair judgements without bias. Our judges are mostly scared. Look at what has happened to the same Consitutional Court’s judgement over that illegal ministers’ stay in office.
    This Bill 10 has many clauses which will harm innocent citizens,eg the removal from government pay roll of unpaid civil servant retirees ; continuation in office by ministers after dissolving if Parliament- and many other clauses.

  9. Jms

    This is one way of embracing your masters,although you sim to be above them. The case isn’t over yet.

  10. Peter

    The ConCourt pretends to be handcaped when it is 100% free.

    One of the things that the proponents of Bill 10 forget is its effects on future generations. Things may not be constant for decades.

    Scott was in MMD government when the clause on parentage was passed in 1995; matter of fact, cabinet minister. He supported it with full force. Little did he know that the same clause would haunt him after the death of the founder of PF, President Sata. Had not it been for that clause which he supported in 1995, Scott would have been president today.

  11. Joe London

    Ba LAZ naba CHAPTER one,do not think that U are more learned than the Judges at ConCourt.Do nt be used, u are just disgracing yourselves or maybe u did not go through ZIALE and maybe it is the reason why u are always losing.

  12. Ndoleshyafye

    Amen! thank you Jesus for disgracing your enemies

  13. Bambala

    All laws in any country should not disadvantage any section of society. This contraversial Bill 10 is very popular among those ruling us today, but very unpopular among the majority Zambians. In African countries our elected leaders behave as if they are our bosses, when they are actually our servants, and can be changed whenever we deem it fit. On Bill 10 our very senior members of the Executive always publicly vow that, whatever the opposition groups will say, Bill 10 will definitely be enacted into law. Now,what massage do such pronouncements send to our judges? Is our Legislature trully independent? This ” bosses” mentality by our political leaders in Africa is what causes the thefts and rampant corruption we see, with these leaders stealing from us and stashing the loot in offshore accounts. This is the main cause of Africa’s underdevelopment. Examples abound-Mobutu, Gaddaffi,Al Bashir, Mugabe, Zuma and many others.
    We need to be fair to each other in all leadership areas and seek concensus from the majority of the citizens on matters such as Bill 10. This Bill has some very unfair clauses, such as the removal from the civil service payroll before they receive their terminal benefits, which mostly takes years; the continuation in office of ministers even after the dissolution if Parliament, etc.
    Those currently ruling us must always remember that one day they will not hold those positions and will find these same unfair laws, which might even disadvantage them. Take heed.

    • Lisa

      What does this mean please???does it mean the bill will become law or maybe it didn’t pass??I don’t understand the term used I guess๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™†

      • Bana Simon

        #Lisa in simple terms LAZ cannot stop the bill from passing parliament. The bill will passed in parliament and MP will vote for or against for it to be law.

  14. Curtis

    The petition by LAZ over bill #10 doesn’t concern LAZ alone but other stakeholders like retired officers and the like,but other stakeholders like retired officers.Don’t bring issues of elections here,those falls under the electoral process act,osanama bantu.From my point of view I feel it could have been so comforting for con court to give a ruling than to say it doesn’t have jurisdiction.If this is a case who then has jurisdiction for the sake of future generations to be set as precedent or does it mean that such matters could never be justified in our judicial system?

  15. Ghost

    I heard what Kambwili said on prime TV. So just hear bill. 10 and some people don’t know what is behind it. Have knowledge about it and make a judgment on your own. This bill has beneficially who want to be power for long after realizing they might fall down if they don’t act fast. #Not a politician nor cadre.

  16. kelly

    This hectric of a plot
    The courts these days have no power as they used to,now this case has been here for some time now,and we all want a solution to it but they dismiss that
    Putting a very crucial pressure on our judges,from the petitioner’s who are trying to stop the bill from entering law,the bill has its setbacks that will affect our citizens.And again it provides a restriction on some of the abusing of power from govt.Let’s see our opinion should it be amended the effects take its toll havoc,and stopping it may lead more what we are suffering economically and politically today.let’s see our bright minds on this.

  17. Jms

    Concourt has just been manipulated, in Africa thats why we see too much of protests ,and over throw of governments. Viva LAZ you have shown how love and respect you have for the mother land ,judiciary has done it part now we want to see how legislature is capable to do.

  18. Fisunge

    Please sometimes you don’t need to comment when you don’t understand the issue please may one learned person educate me about this bill 10 and it’s contents or show me where I can get the copy Of this bill I need to understand before I educate others please help me

  19. Bana Simon

    @Fisunge, let me try to share my knowledge from a layman’s point of view. My understanding is that the bill is the one shown in left hand side of the report containing items ‘a to p’. Firstly the bill will be presented to parliament in which our MPs will either reject or pass the bill through voting. Once it passes, each individual item will then be discussed and amended accordingly . I guess this will be done by voting again.(I stand to be corrected) For example although the bill maybe passed by parliament, item ‘n’may be rejected by parliament.Meaning that the functions of Bank of Zambia remain the same. While other items may be revised depending how parliament votes.

    I wish to state my knowledge is basic and stand to be corrected by professionals.

    I am glad to assist should you need further clarification.

  20. Kennedy Kapobe

    We thank God the rule of law as prevailed,laz things they are very educated than our judges in our courts,laz you have become irrelevant to this country.

  21. Bwalya

    I wonder why we Zambians are like this, read this bill 10 and compare good and bad about it…. This bill is mostly helping politicians in government if this bill was effective these ministers would have not been requested to pay back that money they obtained illegally….. I thought it was nice until I studied it…. Read, understand before supporting things

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