Crime Prevention Officer Dies After Being Kicked On Testicles By Suspect

A Chienge Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU) officer has died after he was hit on the testicles by a resisting suspect.

Acting Police spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the development in a statement and identified the deceased as James Kabala.

He said four officers, who included Mr Kabala, were taking a suspect identified as 22-year-old Mumba Kalwa of Chienge District to Chipungu Border Police Post.

On the way, the suspect became violent and in the process bit Mr Kabala, 47, on the right arm and later kicked him on the testicles.

Kabala fainted immediately and later died on the way to Mwabu Rural Health Centre.

“This occurred on November 27, 2019 around 15:00 hours. The suspect, who was earlier facing the case of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm (OABH), is detained at Chienge Police Station while the body of the deceased has since been deposited to Chienge District Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem,” stated Mwale.



    What about the 3 officers? Maybe they are just watchin o what? any way R.I.P MR OFFICER and don’t 4get 2 save the place in heaven until next time we meet 4ever

    • doctor

      Kikikikiki!!!!! Shaidi eo panona!!! and friends were just watching sure. Uluse mwe!

  2. Shi Mumba

    I am sorry that a man had to lose his life while helping to protect the community, however, I have a feeling that these “Crime Preventers” are sometimes too heavy-handed. A couple of months ago, a nephew of mine travelled from Johannesburg for a funeral in Lusaka. Later, he and some friends went to a pub to drink. Due to fatigue, he dozed off and when he awoke, the guys had left him and the pub was closing, so he was asked to leave, but he couldn’t recall the way to the house. He then decided to sit in a ditch, for safety, to await the sunrise. Then a “posse” of crime preventers saw him and accused him of being a robber and beat the hell out of him. He showed them his passport and explained that he was a stranger, but the guys just handcuffed him and beat him to a pulp, until he snapped the handcuffs. This terrified these cruel crime-busters because the dude now looked like the Incredible Hulk. Instead of fighting them, he asked to be taken to a police station so that he could explain his situation and request for help, but the cops further locked him up and fined him for vagrancy. He is a strong guy and could have killed one of those crime preventers too.

    • Lewis Chisote

      What a sad story

    • Tokotoko tateka mushi

      Iwe naiwe story yobe taile umfwika serious we. How can he be left dozzing when he was the big buyer from Juberg ……… and he decides to stay in a ditch, neya taxi tabakwete, or a fone to call someone who could call someone in order to get home. Fyabufi!!

  3. Angoni

    Too bad for him there. Sometimes these chaps are over excited as they left to work without proper police supervision. please police command take charge.

  4. Filungula Namenshi

    So sad the officer to lose life. But the guy now has added salt to an injury. He was picked for assault and now he has extended his tenure in jail to cater for the murder which will be slapped on him. enjoy your stay in jail.

  5. magical minds

    Sorry zoona r I p amatole yalibA dangerous

  6. Reuben kasonkama


  7. Kayoz

    May his soul rest in peace and let’s continue praying for the suspect

  8. Fuckson

    Oh,no.thats bad

  9. Gangsta Grabs

    Job Well Done My Boy.Its Good To Gn To Jail A Proud Man.These Popo Fools Are Strong In Numbers But You Showed Them Kungfu Skills,you Deserve A Nobel Bangkock Prise.What A Nigger!

  10. John Phiri

    Mmmm!!!! Wanamumenya ku moyo. Too bad!!! I can imagine, the man died a painful death.

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