PF Condemns Attacks On Sean Tembo

The Patriotic Front has condemned attacks on PeP leader Sean Tembo in Lusaka.
PF media director Sunday Chanda stated that Mr Tembo was a stakeholder in the governance of the country.

“The ruling Patriotic Front wishes to condemn in the strongest terms attacks against Mr. Sean Tembo, Leader of the Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP).
Mr. Tembo is a stakeholder in the affairs of this country and at 55 years of age, Zambia can and must tolerate divergent views including decisions taken by individuals in pursuit of their democratic participation,” Mr Chanda stated.

He stated that Zambians must be tolerant of divergent views.

“We all have a duty to guard jealously the democracy we have and commit ourselves to tolerance and the maturity to accept that we will not always agree but even under those circumstances, we must restrain ourselves from becoming personally disagreeable and violent,” stated Mr Chanda.

“Patriotic Front is calling on members of the public with any information regarding Mr. Tembo’s assailants to cooperate with the Zambia Police. The culprits must be brought to justice.”


  1. Leon

    All coming from the same party isn’t it hypocritical ,attacker

  2. Leon

    All coming from the same party isn’t it hypocritical ,attackers and condemnation what a ruling party

  3. Resighn

    All coming from the same party isn’t it hypocritical ,attackers and condemnation what a ruling party

  4. Step down boi

    All coming from the same party isn’t it hypocritical ,attackers and condemnation what a ruling party

  5. franz tembo

    I Feel Sorry And Keep It Up,that Is Politics

  6. Curtis

    Shamuna bane! It’s ridiculous for human beings to behave like animals in a jungle.First of all let me define the word cadre in case you don’t know.” It’s a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a large political movement”, meaning that whatever you do portrays the attitude of your leadership.So behave because you are putting the name of your party in disrepute.

  7. Sunday Monday

    Mr Chanda, hypocrisy is bad.Why behave like this sure in this era? whatever measure u use on others it shall equally be used on u. Wait time is catching up

  8. Angoni

    Whoever is doing this must stop and the party must stop this no sense. These condemnation from the party are not adding value, what we want is action from both our party and the police otherwise if its pf who are doing this please SG STOP THIS NO SENSE its destroying the PARTY. I MISS WYNTER KABIMBA AS SG.

  9. Jms

    Its shame,even Chanda can’t recognize that we have security wings who are responsible for such cases. Try to recognise security wings to safeguard Zambian people. God helps those who help themselves. By not put place measures to security wings this has to occur due to negligence in police department.. Lusaka is a small town to be manned by police.

  10. kcm

    Sunday do not be a pharisee,verbal condemnation is nonsense order zps to effect the arrest asap just like the way tou do.

  11. Field

    Let the police do their part now Pipo we will c how long it takes

  12. Jms

    This isn’t a case of investigating, police have to bring to bk culprits,

  13. Prince Mande

    Absolute hypocrisy, Sean Tembo says he was attacked by people he was able to identify as Paul Moonga and another PF cadre a Banda from Kanyama, why pretend you haven’t read or heard that when you who Paul Moonga is. Simply ask the police to arrest Paul Moonga.


    Really bad

  15. pinx

    yaba abena sunday monday chanda u mean u dont know paul monga? just cage him

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