Sean Tembo Accuses PF Lusaka Chair Of Being Among His Attackers

PeP president Sean Tembo has accused Lusaka Province PF chairman Paul Moonga and Kanyama PF cadre Reuben Banda of being part of the group that attacked him while conducting a peaceful protest against the government’s purchase of 42 fire tenders worth $42 million using Grandview International.

Mr Tembo posted on his Facebook page last night that the person who hacked him was not easily identifiable as he had applied white powder on the face.

“This afternoon, a convoy of motor vehicles for our political party, the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) was attacked by some aggravated robbers along Cairo Road while we were undertaking our 13th peaceful protest against the $42 million fire tenders…which had full permission from the police. This occurred between National Milling and Farmers House. The robbers arrived on the scene in about three Toyota Corollas and were clad in black t-shirts and blue jeans, and a few of them had applied white powder on their faces, ostensibly as a disguise. The robbers were about 12 in number and carried an assortment of weapons ranging from pistols to machetes and assorted PeP members ran in all directions. Those who were driving the vehicles on the convoy were pulled out assaulted and searched of all valuables, including phones and wallets,” Mr Tembo stated. “Personally, I was attacked by three assailants and I managed to identify two of them as Mr. Paul Monga, the Lusaka Province Acting Chairman for the ruling Patriotic Front and Mr. Reuben Banda, a well known Kanyama PF Cadre. The third assailant who attacked me was not easily recognizable as he had applied white powder on his face. After searching me, my assailants went away with my wallet which had K8,300 in cash, my bank ATM Cards, Driving License, etc. They also took away my two phones, an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone 7. I was hacked twice in the head with a machete. In total, there were about 11 PeP Members who were assaulted.”

He said he and other victims were later taken to UTH for medical attention.

“I was given several stitches for my wounds and was later sent home for security reasons. I then proceeded to Lusaka Central Police station where I reported a case of aggravated robbery. Much as the two assailants that I was able to identify are well-known PF cadres, I would not like to rush and prematurely conclude that they carried out this aggravated robbery on us under the sanction of the political party that they belong to; the Patriotic Front. However, as the days pass, we shall see how much appetite the Zambia Police will have to arrest Mr. Paul Monga and Mr. Reuben Banda. If the Police are reluctant to firmly enforce the law in this matter, then we can all conclude that this aggravated robbery on ourselves was not only sanctioned by the Patriotic Front but possibly by President Lungu himself because it is only President Lungu who possesses the power to stall a criminal investigation,” Mr Tembo stated.

“ Personally, I am giving Mr. Paul Monga and Mr. Reuben Banda as well as their colleagues who attacked us this afternoon a 72-hour ultimatum to return our goods, our money as well as make arrangements for compensation of injured victims and damaged property. It should be made clear to all the citizens of this Republic that we reserve the right to take any and all measures necessary to get justice in this matter. What Mr. Paul Monga and Mr. Reuben Banda must remember is that just like any other human being, they are made of flesh and blood. Finally, we wish to take this opportunity to inform the citizenry that the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) will continue with the 42 scheduled protests against the $42 million fire tender scandal. We shall not be pushed around by anyone whether in the Court Room or on the streets. When we decided to form this political party, we were very alive to the fact that Zambian opposition politics is largely dominated arbitrary incarcerations and physical violence. In this regard, we shall announce a new date for our 13th Fire Tender Protest, given that this one was disturbed.”


  1. Leon

    People are even scared to comment

  2. Hh

    Why sibanakupaye chabe mbuya?



  4. Jms

    Its unfortunate, but when spotted, yaba.In Zambia security is a thing of the past,you can’t be paid for nothing police should know the culprit.

  5. Step down boi

    Our police are working in fear

  6. The seeker

    PF go on,kill every one who is in opposition, kill them. So that they know that you mean business when it comes to violence. After all, this country belongs to PF alone and no one else. The president EDGAR CHANGWA LUNGU will continue protecting you as long as you kill in the name of the party and his name. The police won’t do anything unless they want to be retired in the name of national interest. Go,go beat up, hack and kill them all. We shall forever be behind you. We will turn a blind eye to all the atrocities you are committing. After all,who are we to do anything if the president, the party leadership and everyone is behind you. Kill the mother fuckers!

    • j.peace

      if it was yo relative who was killed what could u do! you dont know what tommorow will bring, lets all stand together and pray for our leaders both in rulling and oposition parties for to God everything is posible,becouse tommorow it will be me or you, yo relative or my relative.

  7. Angoni

    Its sad that Mr Sean Tembo has found himself in this situation. My advice to him is for him to come down, let wound heal and sober up. Police also should ensure that they arrest the culprits.

  8. kcm

    very sad indeed,zambia is rotten.

  9. Field

    If you had permit then you had the police where were they when your where being beaten say the truth

  10. Carlos

    That’s sad police must arrest those culprits

  11. Mr k

    Mr Sean. Tembo kindly stop politics of hate we know you have the right to protest where were the police when you were attacked? You are saying you reported the matter to police you went on the streets without informing the police it is you to blame for not getting the permit why now you are insisting the police to arrest your attackers the law is there to protect you but you feel you are above the law and that you are bigger than. Zambia you are just a small thing out of th17million making noise does not make you ahero see now you look foolish

  12. Jms

    If any worker has the tendance of fearing his boss, its either the boss is cruel or he doesn’t know his work.

  13. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay sad development!!! The Zambian Cadres should remember and understand that we are in a Democratic Country were by each and every political party is free to conduct a peaceful protest on the streets as long as they have been given a police permit. This kind of inhumane and barbaric behavior on a free and innocent Zambian political Leadership is unfair and undemocratic in our Country called Zambia. This has to stop by all well meaning and learned Citizens!!!! Thanks

  14. Jms

    Viva Mr k,you are a true corrupt person who practice hate as your hobby.

  15. David Mwamba

    We should stop talking or morning. We have enough arms to kick out the dictatorship hiding under the name of the fake Christian nation, through a guerilla war.

  16. Joe London

    Mbuya ba Tembo some times u must learn to give a listening ear to de Police and respecting their advice. Because u know abit of Laws u even went to an extent of sueing them and got compasated.please mbuya involve them as this world is no longer safe So sad and am sorry to what happened.

  17. Razor

    If the police do not arrest the known culprits then next time opposition members who are marching should equally arm themselves to protect themselves.

  18. Chumbu

    Where at we going now because its like Zambia z not a Christian country

  19. Ba polish ghat shoes

    Jxt get used to it thats hw politics ar itx game of blood after blood…the police won’t help coz itx a govt institution

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