US Envoy Speaks Out On Sentencing Of 2 Gay Kapiri Men

United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has expressed displeasure at the court’s sentencing of two men of Kapiri Mposhi to 15 years imprisonment.
In a strong statement issued today, Ambassador Foote wondered why the Zambian courts were lenient on other crimes such as corruption and political violence but quick to sentence men for “crimes against the order of nature” when such could have had a consensual relationship.

“I understand that Zambia is a Christian nation.  I also understand that the Republic’s constitution was written to protect all citizens.  To paraphrase the Bible: ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone’.
I was personally horrified to read yesterday about the sentencing of two men, who had a consensual relationship, which hurt absolutely no one, to 15 YEARS imprisonment for ‘crimes against the order of nature’.  Meanwhile, government officials can steal millions of public dollars without prosecution, political cadres can beat innocent citizens for expressing their opinions with no consequences, or poachers/traffickers can kill numerous elephants, barbarically chainsaw and sell their tusks, and face a maximum of only five years imprisonment in Zambia,” Ambassador Foote stated.

“Decisions like this oppressive sentencing do untold damage to Zambia’s international reputation by demonstrating that human rights in Zambia is not a universal guarantee.  They perpetuate persecution against disenfranchised groups and minorities, such as people from other tribes or political affiliations, albinos, the disabled, our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) brothers and sisters, and anyone who is deemed ‘different’.”
He stated that gay individuals have historically comprised over 10 percent of the world’s population, back to the days of renowned Greek philosophers, and reportedly gay men, Plato and Aristotle.
“Gay individuals continue to make exceptional contributions to society in the United States and elsewhere, as politicians, artists, ambassadors, business leaders, philanthropists, and friends.  Perhaps, it’s time for Zambia to consider its outdated stance and obsolete legislation on how to treat the LGBTI community, and all others considered ‘different’,” he stated.


  1. Sylvester Moomba

    To he’ll with your satanic approval. Both the old new testament in Leviticus and Romans is against homosexual and Lasbians. Away with your nosence defense, because, even animals, birds, snakes and plants and crops do mate with opposite sex partners.

    • Jason

      There are many species in nature that is homosexual. You need to update your knowledge before making such ill-informed statements.

    • Tom London

      Silvester my brother you and the rest of you who commented on this sad Kapiri mposhi issue misunderstood the US envoy .
      In my own understanding the diplomat was merely reflecting two pararel lines and I do agree with him ..
      The weight of being a homosexual and that of vandalising billions of dollars political leaders and poaching of elephants rhinos and many other endangered species by Zambians .
      When the cases of economical plunder come before the courts of law they are either ignored or are swept under the carpet .And similarly cases of poaching , especially if big foolish idiots with huge sums of money are involved no justice is expected at all . But if little men are caught poaching justice will only slap such offenders a maximum of 5 years .
      And so the gravity of a homosexual offense when compared to those of corruption , national resources plunder by politicians and other individuals . In my opinion homosexality has got a less impact except on our national morals .
      The diplomat also called on Zambia and , Zambians to at least get civilised and change for the better .
      Cadrelism Mr Silvester won’t help this country already there rumours that Zambia is most likely going to default on her loan repayment program and this is due to corruption , stealing of public funds , misappropriation of donor funds .
      Let us all change our mind set ,

  2. kapilimposh

    this statement is from our very people who support homosexaul. Daniel Foote did not have a capacity to speak on such issue……..fabricated

  3. Maulau

    It is devilish to support guy relationships
    We love our Zambia so don’t bring your foreign ideas that are not progressive for our country.

  4. Sungwe

    This is yakumbuyo party writing. Akaindedotcom

    • Please leave our beliefs alone.We don't dictate to you concerning your barbarick school shootings and your county's selective laws when it comes to police shootings of minority blacks and how the state treat such cases.

      First address shootings and USA judicial treatment of minority blacks in your country. Then you come and ask us why we don’t condone that bad behavior in our country. Don’t act as though your country is perfect when not.


    Leave us alone we cant allow homosexuality.

  6. P.Malo

    Chi Foote,Fuseke ,Fuck,Foolish, Fwaka yakukola Funtila Ku America not here,don’t pork your nose in our business.For your own information we don’t allow eating ass in ZED,wanya bakakutokota.

  7. booooow

    Comment Zambia is a Christian nation we don’t allow LGBTI and it’s is against the Bible sorry Mr Foote muno ni male Na female that is so

  8. Jungle unchained

    Foote must be deported, for he has no room here.mbolo pa nini kwasila.

  9. Doubt Katwishi

    What is UPND’s position on this?

  10. Chrisley

    Honestly one wonders whether these so called diplomats are really schooled ? You chi God forsaken country with its too numerous to mention problems only to open his shit stinking mouth? And we all pretend we dint hear that? Where are my neighbours their unpatriotic veggars for 25 million dollars or whatever? Oh my my they cant say anything because they virds of the same feather? If they were born tgat way at what level do their mothers realise they are psycho? I know its at time that they fail to hold on to a spouse.Even my dog Sir cannot sink so low …marry satanz sis then becum kkkkkkk

  11. Raphaelphiri416@gmail.com

    You very much right, that kind of nonsense should not be allowed or talked about course the bible is clear and 100% against such detestable acts. You can even wonder for sure why people choose to do this things when animals, I mean animals that have no proper brain never involve themselves in such acts. May God have MERCY upon their souls.

  12. LN

    Corruption and political hooliganism and other characters are normal in human societies. Homosexuality is abnormal and abomination to God. It saw Sodom and Gomorrah on fire. It madness not found in any other kingdom of organisms created by God. It’s better Zambia is laughed at by the world over its stand on this issue than than introduce this foolish homosexuality.

  13. Dr Fonicks

    The US ambassador has nothing to offer on this imprisonment. He wants to dictate to us what should be done. To hell with Mr Foote. Hedoe


    Ati Foote from u.s very dull you moron us here we’re a Christian nation we don’t support stupid and satanic manners you hear that is why God created Adam and Eve from the onset.So if you want you can leave us in peace and go to your country where gay marriage is legal to here i you are gay also. You embcile you are a disgrace to the world you thinking capacity very low in fact we need to deport you. And the court actually was lenient it needed to sentence them to thirty years imprisonment with hard labour so that it can be an example.ati from America ata kuwayawayafye.

  15. lloyd

    Where Is Law Association Of Zambia. Please Kindly Educate This Large White Pig Called Foote. Teach him what the Zambian Law says on such SATANIC DEVELISH ACTS, We Know That Him and his fellow satanists enjoy SEX with DOGS and promote gayisms and lesbian. ask him was he born from a male parents only? is his wife a male? Please Police investigate this fool foote, take him to court and jail him for atleast 120 years, because his garden boy or driver might be in trouble.

  16. LN

    Before taking them to prison give them 50 shambokos each on their backs and no presidential pardon while in prison. Homosexuality stinks and is the highest level of madness and immorality. It’s better we have thieves, corruption, indisciplined cadres than homosexuals in our society.

  17. Samjrx500

    To hell with your comments..leave us with our laws by the way who are you to challege what stipulates in our constitution ..if you’re not contends with us well leave Zambia

  18. Chikwakwa


  19. Step down boi

    Just as much as Zambia is a Christian nation and we do not entertain other marriages,this man is saying application of the law is selective in that some people will only face the law after 2021.Now imagine if on of these untouchables was found in a same gender sex relationship what is your guess of what would happen.so police should cage all dangerous elements.

  20. Kaalaas

    You copied those laws from your erstwhile colonial master, Britain. Beve bana sinta. Go back to how, in tradition, you used to treat such people. Ifyabupuba fye lyonse. You are comparing murder to gay sex mwe mbwa mwe!?

    • LN

      No need to insult. Just contribute to the debate soberly. When one reaches the point of insulating it means they can’t reason any more.

  21. LN

    Foote is not intelligent enough to deserve the office he is occupying. Homosexuality like any other sin does not only affect homosexuals, but the society as well. Every sin that one commits affects the ithers. The Bible quotation, “Let who has no sin cast the stone… ..” does not mean erring individuals should not be disciplined. Does it mean that Foote being human and thus a sinner, has never ‘cast a stone’ on his erring children to discipline them? Foote should also know that one doesn’t have to be a gay to possess skills such as artist and others that they may use to the benefit of the society they live in.

  22. kedrick siame

    Bullshit chi ambassador you just brought you fucking billshut in America not in Zambia we are Christians or else soon u will face 15 years in jell too bullshit.

  23. Bã Zêd Mõñtäñâ

    Instead of insulting him y cn’t u chambian also give ur opinion 2 the case…this were chambia alwz gets it wrong

  24. Jms

    Daniel Foote, a blessed person who has just shown Zambian that what is happening to government and wrong doings is being realized by the world. He come in the name of gay but sent to teach what has been missing. God send saviours for purpose and at a right moment.

  25. Joel Cossam jr

    ‘Rights’ or ‘Freedom’ , is not doing what you want to do,
    ‘Rights’ or ‘Freedom’ is doing what you ought to

  26. Jms

    All comments are useless, you are commenting blindly. I have never seen real cowards who see without seeing much,read but don’t understand what they are reading, have brains but they think not,a prophet is a strong person sent and says things without fear or fervour although he came in another name,salute you hypocrites.

  27. Jms

    you are commenting blindly. I have never seen real cowards who see without seeing much,read but don’t understand what they are reading, have brains but they think not,a prophet is a strong person sent and says things without fear or fervour although he came in another name,salute you hypocrites.

    • LN

      God’s true prophets cannot promote one sin and condemn the others. He strongly condemns all forms of sin. Which nation is free from the sins that are committed in Zambia? Is it the USA? Yes we agree that there are serious wrongs in Zambia that need to be dealt with,but we cannot accept another filthy problem of homosexuality. Can you imagine your sister or brother or relative being a gay, involved in unnatural sex with some one of the same sex something that even dogs or any other animal cannot do?

  28. Fisunge

    Please no ambassador Shud come in this country and start charging our judiciary on this one the our judges have done it the first question each one of us shud ask ourselves is who gave birth to those two foolish men and the complainant who is the ambassador for USA please ambassador fear God and give him the glory for your mother🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  29. Penny

    This couple were having sex in a motel when a worker decided to spy on them. Seeing what they were up to, she invited several of her colleagues to have a good, long look before anyone thought to call the police. So while consensual sex gets 15 years, being a Peeping Tom is just fine and dandy?!

  30. Ignatius maingwe

    When man mounts another man the throne of God shakes, thus homosexual is totally against the laws of creation

  31. I'm pan African

    How can you honestly support evil doing , Mr foote? Do you even read the Bible? It says wages of sin is death. To this fact, those found wanting must face the law.This is inhuman ,unnatural ,satanic,Antichrist. If you have no wisdom in your speech just shut your maxillar and mandible.You have failed to control USA how can manage to control Zambia.

  32. I'm pan African

    How dare you speak your mediocre words against our judicially . This is ridiculous .You must be mentally ill bcoz chicken, dogs other animals know the law and order of nature .your idiotic comments on decision of our judicially show how naive your thinking capacity is and how disrespectful to our law you are. This is not USA where u and trump lack wisdom here true wisdom applies.

  33. pan African

    Mr Foote and Trump must marry first if Foote is to blame our judicially.

  34. Mpundu

    Mr Foote is not wrong he understand that Zambia is Christian Nation of which we all know this fact but what is trying to say is sin is sin the way God can treat a person stealing money is the some way he can do to gay person.thank God the world is watching what ever is happening in our country.

  35. Jovial

    God created both man and woman for the purporte. God is God. He will be God. And no one will change him. His patterns are always unique. However, thou shall not change.

  36. Kambanje

    Kwanu Not Kuno Kolwe Iwe!

  37. Civic

    Just legalise marijuana, not that shit!

  38. Hammer

    When Zacheus asked Jesus what to do with the money he stole God the son AKA JesuS looked at the coins and told him to give to Caesar what belonged to Caesar. But when God The Father saw what was happening in Sodoma and Gomorrha he decided to burn the city so that all but one could perish.
    So the Bible is clear on the difference in gravity of sin

  39. Panyo boma

    No ways fuck u all

  40. OC

    We are Zambians not Americans. If our constitution is not well followed then it shouldn’t make us follow America’s. When we are facing economical crisis, Daniel Foote and his America fold their arms as they laugh at us. What has made Foote to come out and interfere with our constution on gay matters? brothers and sisters, country men and women, the fact that no one is right before God should not make sin knowingly. Should we continue sinning so that grace may increanse? NEVER!! What did Foote mean when he said that our constitution was meant to “paraphrase the Bible: ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone’? This simply means that in America everyone is a sinner by choice . This American has a mission to legalise homosexual in Zambia. He should be deported to his country.

  41. Kennedy Kapobe

    It’s very shocking for mr Foote to pop is nose into the zambin judiciary,what’s is agend to comment on the courts ruling?these are the people sponsoring and financing opposition parties to champion for same sex marriage,we here by ask mr Foote to stop interfering into our affairs this is Zambia and not American were you legalize same-sex marriage and if you cannot compile to our system of judiciary you better pack your bags period

  42. Look at ourselves

    Look a good look at the Bible. The 10 commandments say ‘thou shall not kill’, ‘thou shall not commit adultery’, ‘thou shall not steal’. So, so many of us do exactly that. Jesus said love thy neighbour as thy self. The sentence of these men is a definitely not just. It may be the law but it is not just.

  43. Jms

    Let that one innocent person,who is free from all what he said be the creater of his fall.

  44. Aka

    Punishment for law breakers should be done in justice .. GOD is watching. Your time is limited. I can see people are ignoring the fact of unbalanced application to law breakers .. Your days are numbered. We pray to the living God .

  45. Lsk

    I wonder what Trump saw in this man to appoint him as an American ambassador to Zambia 🇿🇲 l…

  46. zed

    iwe chi foote stanyoko,if your father was a gay,where you going to be there? You think God is a fool when he created a woman…imbwa iwe

  47. cassius munthali

    how can you sentence those guys for 15years couse they don’t have feellings of girls let them be the way they are.

  48. H2k

    So these gay people did they choose to be gay ? Or they were born that way can somebody with adequate knowledge explain to me.

  49. gayisim rejected in zambia

    I can see Mr ambassador there is no space for u in zambia cause you have placed the wrong button maybe try other countries here will follow Christ nowonder we are called Christians ( christ like) Next time will come for u at the embassy and we are not gonna be good right now you’re life is in danger your days are numbered u idoit


    Ambassador FOOTE
    With due respect, I never knew that Zambia-US relations are strained. I wish you had elaborated more on what is straining the relations is it just the homosexuality issue or the increasing Chinese Footprint in Zambian economy.

    We appreciate that as a country we have received overwhelming donor support from your great country. However, we know the political economy of donor aid well well as a Nigerian would put it. Aid is not given freely because it comes with some strings attached such as furthering the donor country’s interests in the recipient countries. Besides, the aid you give makes you so arrogant that you have audacity to impose your obnoxious culture on other people. Your statement that Zambia must show commitment to improve the decaying relations also means that if a country not support gay rights they should not expect aid from USA.I am not a diplomat by training but I am flabbergasted that diplomacy means disregarding the cultural beliefs of other countries in preference for your perceived modernity which reeks in my view.

    Is this another insidious quid pro quo being pulled on Zambia like Ukraine predicament which I do not intend top dwell on for now.

    I am amazed that you claim that Zambia-US relations are strained because on court sentence passed on a gay couple. Perhaps the best you can do is to implore the Presidency to exercise the prerogative of mercy.

    Mr Foote, please address this question: Why is it Saudi-US relations are not strained despite the blatant , heinous and barbaric slaughter of Jammal Kashoggi by the Saudi Government in Turkey? Again is it because Saudi Arabia is a major oil producer ? Therefore human rights abuses of Saudi Arabia cannot be questioned unless a seemingly small country like Zambia facing economic challenges.

    Again I contend that aid is not given for free unless there are tangible benefits for the donor country. US you know which side your bread is well buttered.No wonder your President has effrontery and Dutch courage to refer to African countries as shit hole countries.

  51. Look at ourselves

    Agreed Cassius, when so many of us who do like women beat them up and remain free.

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