Govt To Complain Against US Envoy’s Pro-Gay Comments

Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji has said Zambia, through its mission in Washington D.C, will present to US foreign Department a Demarche against Ambassador Daniel Foote.

A Demarché is the raising of a matter with the sending country of a diplomatic official, often accompanied by a specific request for some type of action or decision in connection the conduct or misconduct.

Ambassador Foote yesterday issued a strong worded statement expressing shock at the Zambian court’s jailing of two men of Kapiri Mposhi for practicing homosexuality.

He stated that he was surprised that this is happening when government officials steal millions of dollars without prosecution while party cadres were beating up innocent people without consequences.

Malanji, at a briefing today, said he called Ambassador Foote over the statement and he stood his grounds and refused to withdraw it.

“I wish to state categorically that in Zambia, we subscribe to and maintain the independence of the Judiciary as the fundamental tenet of our democracy. The Judiciary is the guardian of the Constitution and has the responsibility to interpret and safeguard it without any undue interference. To question its decision by a representative of a foreign government is tantamount to questioning the Zambian constitution on which the Judiciary makes rulings. This is unacceptable, especially on matters of an internal nature like this,” Malanji said. “The decisions by the Judiciary are made on the basis of the laws of Zambia and not of another country. Consequently, it is the Zambian people who should decide appropriately and through the established practices and processes to change the laws. The government of the Republic of Zambia takes great exception to the remarks made by the ambassador on the decision by the High Court as well as his comparison of the homosexuality case to other cases of alleged theft by government officials, political violence and poaching. The ambassador may wish to note that all cases that are brought before the courts of law are adjudicated based on the available of evidence. It is extremely unfair and highly misleading to suggest that such cases are never brought before the courts of law. Zambia remains a signatory to major international and regional treaties protecting human rights and has several well established institutions to promote and protect human rights.”
He said regarding the position of Zambia as a Christian nation in view of the court’s decision in this matter of homosexuality, the Ambassador may wish to confine himself to matters that are within his competence.

“May I take this opportunity to remind the US Ambassador and indeed any other envoys accredited to the Republic of Zambia that they have always been granted audience by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they have always been granted audience by the President of the Republic of Zambia, it is therefore expected that any sentiments on national issues are presented to the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All envoys accredited to the Republic of Zambia are encouraged to follow the well established procedure and channels of communication to avoid unnecessary acrimony of tainting the existing relations among our countries,” Malanji said. “But yesterday when I phoned Ambassador Foote, the first response was ‘why are you not talking about China which has kept thousands of people in prison without trial?’ This is not Beijing and China is just one of our cooperating partners, we’ve given a clear platform to all missions accredited to Zambia like I have indicated and I think our being a developing nation, we attach great importance to our relationships with cooperating partners but what we should understand, all of us, is that Zambia has got cultures which must be followed by any person who is in Zambia whether citizen or through any other accreditation because next time, there will be a country which is going to establish sex with dogs as good and it must be brought to Zambia for Zambians to practice that?”

He said the government’s point of contention is the Ambassador’s mode of raising concerns about Zambia.

“… he has a wider platform from where he can express his statements as opposed to the manner in which he did and also, Zambia has got an upright government. Our government is not composed of thieves. There are men and women with families and it is not in order for an ambassador of his level to insinuate that people in government are stealing and being left scot free. Our Judiciary in Zambia has got an autonomous status from the Executive,” he said.
“…If the people that want to practice gayism feel they can enjoy it, if at all it is enjoyable, they must go to countries where it is practiced and then come back. Every time that they want to have it, they must go to those countries where it is practiced…But as for now, not until the Zambian Constitution is changed to accommodate that, the courts will always rule according to the Zambian Constitution.”



  1. Fisunge

    Minister you’re right infact for him to call you thieves it means he’s been briefed by the opposition and he wants to help them so for the ambassador to oppose government in particular the courts of law over its judgement over the matter that does not concern him it’s a serious crime infact I would advise you to sue him so that he can point at the thieves with evidence for all of us to see that’s character assassination especially from the visitor if you won’t do anything about this man then I will call this government useless this is the worst insult to the government including the president let’s insult each other as Zambians not someone from katwishi uko to start insulting us like that that’s bleaching the contract

    • Frank Chombela

      The Zambian govt is better off not responding to Amb Daniel Foote so that this matter gets out of the headlines and forgotten about. It’s the USA and its allies that put together the post-world war 2 order and passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which gave birth to independence movements in colonised countries. It’s not advisable to tangle with America.

      • Sonny chimoka

        You are right,sometimes even if your position demands that you say something,its not always the case,I think the best the Minister would have done was to just keep quiet and say as a Ministry and government, we r studying the statement made by the Ambassador to put off the Issues prevailing at the moment like Bill #10 off the international media to avoid opening the Pandora’s Box

    • John Mulele

      May be this ambassador is himself gay.

      • Straight Zambian

        This diplomat is obviously the offspring of a slave owner who was very cruel to his slaves

    • Muso

      Anyone who speaks against the govt HAS BEEN SENT BY AN OPISITION PARTY …dont bring politics here

  2. Jms

    We know same are best lawyers through education, but it will be wise enough to acquire wisdom as well for you to be recognized below and above. We should learn to analyze situations. For gay yes we refuse but I think the only most difficult true thing is about the ruling party. We may say maybe he is also fed up of seeing unthinkable situations.

  3. Tom London

    I agree with you JMS . the problem is not with the US Diplomat but with the pf government Ambassador Foote obviously is fedup of what the pf government is doing to this country .

    • Gershom ingwe chipata

      So are you supporting gay ? In Zambia we don’t arrow this evil minds no as a Christian natian we trust God in heaven so let this chaps do vama gay kwao not kuno asatichimwishe yai mayesero

  4. Leon

    Ambassador Foote was saying let not arrests be selective according to my understanding

    • Pharaoh

      The minister is very.The ambassador must be put to task so that he can learn something.If anything his mission should.be withdrawn.

  5. Mpundu

    Mr Foote his concern is how government treat some crimes people commit.he gave examples like, corruption, caders beating opposition parties these are facts.the USA government spent a lot of
    dollars helping Zambia so is right when he speaks about fairness.let us be ashamed ourselves when other people especially foreigners stand up for poor people

  6. Dr Fonicks

    Ambassador Foote is wrong by supporting gayism because as Africans, this is a taboo. He must not dictate what the courts and law enforcement agencies must do. But again, he probably hinted on some corrupt officials who cases have died a natural death. Something that I personally seen from Foote is like he has been wanting to talk about the corruption by some ministers which alot of people are not happy about. Our govt have dented its own image because of the President’s reluctance on decisive action on alleged corrupt officials. All the same, the ambassador is totally wrong because his cause is un African and unBiblical. Alapepela fwaka ku America kuno twakana.

  7. Herv Rena

    Foote alifye bwino,justice in this country is laughable.Govt is protecting those Chaps that steal and shoot people at will and if acommner steal a chicken goes in 5 years..

  8. Real zambian

    To those who are saying Mr Foote is wrong muli matole mumano.The ambassador’s perspective is about unfairness/unjustice that we have,matter of fact mr foote is not supporting gayism.

  9. Pela

    Ufishinka efyo tamufwaya ukumfwa!

  10. Indi Viduo

    Why don’t our ambassadors in Washington tell Trump not to be racist and stupid when he calls black nations shithole countries? and when he tells immigrants from Africa to shut up and go back to their countries? Why do Africans have to be disrespected by the Americans who still want us to be their slaves?

  11. Bana Simon

    I don’t agree with you Frank Chombela that govt should not respond but forget!!!! How would you feel if a visitor came to your house and made demeaning comments of how you run the affairs of your home????

    Foote has no right to say what he said and hence he should be given an EXIT door. Just bcoz its America we should not be afraid.
    Lets be proud of our values and culture.

  12. Curtis

    I have taken a critical analysis of Foote’s statement and looked at the emphasis of that statement.I found out that the man was concerned with corruption and the behavior of cadres especially the recent one that involved Mr Tembo and not necessarily the issue of gay which was passive while the former was active phrase.It”s for this reason that he stood his grounds and made no mention of any African country practicing gay.mr Foote is quite aware that this is a Christian nation whose doctrine does not condone homosexuality.

    • LN

      Curtis, Foote clearly supports homosexuality by saying our constitution on homosexuality is ancient inherited from our colonial masters and we must do away with. This is where some of us are not pleased with him. Read his statement propery. He is not only condemning the Zambian government for corruption and other wrongs but also supports homosexuality. This man must go.

  13. Lombe kalando

    Comment.k konkeni ifyo uyu ambassador alandile ubwafya musendapo ichushi mwasha umulilo ,nomba line twaumfwile ukuti umuntu umo alipangisha accident ,twaumfwa nakabili ati aocha amayanda apoka Na farm .what has happens to him nothing.nibanga abantu abafwa mukwipaiwa Kuma carders.alot abo baleenda very Free muleba mulekwata umulinganya Zambia yabonse and Zambia is bigger us all te animal farm.

  14. Monk

    People the issue is that America is jealous of China. Why was Foote fast to mention China?
    Govt is giving too many contracts to China and not America. Hello!!!

    • P.M

      America is the largest economy in the world. Why would they want a $2 milliom contract from zambia? They give you more aid than china does.

      • Fonko Fonko

        To think that America is the biggest economy and that they don’t need more money is naive. Money is addictive, you will never have enough! That’s why we have this opposition leader who is claimed to be rich but still keeps on wanting to rule Zambia despite loosing so many times. Why would he not sit back and enjoy his money?

  15. Vakulolavye

    Foote needs be educated, how can he even say no one should be the first to cast a stone at a sinner, then the courts must be destroyed and stop operating as they are established on the basis of the constitution in which the Christian nation declaration is enshrined, and since when did a sin become old or new by him suggesting that we should do away with archaic beliefs. Our culture says gayism is a taboo, and thank God our constitution is helping to fortify some of those cultural beliefs, so who is he to undermine the destiny we have collectively decided upon. Just because he dangles grants, then we are supposed to bow and say ba Foote: slave-driver-attitude

  16. Bashikulu Em2a

    Am not educated,but i think the ambassador’s concern is based on fairness.Justice must prevail regardless of God knows who commits a wrong.Not being selective.

  17. Ba News Analyst

    Zambia can’t do anything to him coz zambia is a puppet to the US govt and the USA donates millions of dollars to zambia…the USA is the capital city of the world

  18. Roda

    Uyu muntu asosele ifishinka!

  19. Edwardo

    Maybe the minister should not rush to lodge a complaint now. Ignore the issue of gayism remarks and pick some other important remarks from the ambassadors observation. We have the laws in this country. The ambassadors is aware of the laws that’s why he commented after the judgement in order to avoid contempt of court . America is a good friend of Zambia and we need them more. Let us apply wisdom.

  20. Truth man

    Don’t talk too much because USA has got its values which it supports through its laws and this tallies with international law , especially when you talk about gay rights in the USA they are protected as a human right. So if we are not careful we shall end up like Zimbabwe where economic sanctions were imposed because of various violations of international laws.

  21. Impyakusu ichinyo

    You are forcing him to withdraw the statement you think he is gbm who changes anytime ba minister mwanyala musungu uyo he means what he says

  22. Marker

    Foote, as no one tells what to do in your home,you don’t have to big mouthed for nothing. Why didn’t you made that comment before this Case?

  23. Awareness

    People who are aware or conscious are single minded and there intelligence level is too high. Africans are less aware and are naive and thus simple minded. Europeans will always rule Africans in one way or another because there awareness and intelligence is higher than us. One European says something,and look how Zambians get divided in opinions. Why? Look at your reactions and comments. You are so soon divided. Where you should unite, you should divide. Dangerous. Zambians, wake up from sleep. Be united when your integrity is at risk. Know when to unite and when to divide for your own plot called Zambia. Live with foreigners but don’t trust them lest you despise your selves and sacrifice your inheritance.

    • Dude

      # Awareness, this is because of how desperate we have become for plot one. We will do anything including sacrificing our inheritance just for plot one. Time is running out on us!!!!

      Please Zambians, selfishness, bitterness and arrogance will not take as to plot 1.

  24. P.M

    Zambia has laws and constitution which are not respected by ministers and the president. America and other countries including south africa which recognizes gays are richly blessed by God. Ask yourself why God seems to have bypassed Zambia? Countries that are richly blessed by God dont even have national day of prayers nonsense. How do you want to teach christianity to somebody who introduced it to you? China. South Korea, Indonesia, Japan are some of the countries which dont practice christianity but are richly blessed by God. Black race especially you Africans are cursed and it looks like God doesnt want to have anything to do with your disgusting behaviour. Change Africa, Change!!

  25. Be careful

    The Americans do a lot for this country including water and drainage, HIV and malaria programmes. Let’s not forget that. We should live by the 10 commandments but we don’t. We lie, we steal and we commit adultery. Let’s not be outraged when someone says so.

  26. Akwa the Great

    @ PM stop lying to yourself.Not every rich individual is blessed by God ,do u know who founded the same country called USA ? Do more research .do u know that in America there’s no law which prohibite cannibalism.south Africa is blessed by God ,mmm maybe a god .in the USA mostly they worship the devil(Satan) publicly .skull and bones, Illuminati, Freemason there’s even schools of witchcraft. Them are devil worshipers especially USA . Jehovah God destroyed Sodom and Gormorah mostly because of homesexuality but those so called rich nation’s embraces that and them blessed by God . which God can bless you for beastiality or sodomy only the devil will do that.We (Zambia) are blessed that’s y we don’t have calamities such as cyclones and earthquakes.feel blessed.one Zed one pipo one country blessed by Almighty God.If I was president that chi ambassador was going to be deported .

  27. Bwalya

    This ambassador wasn’t necessarily supporting gay but he was just concerned about how selective application of law has become in Zambia, those people were just abusing and sinning for themselves but there are people in this country whose their stealing, properly grabbing affects the masses if not the whole country. Learn to read and understand and be objective not just blind supporters, if Zambia was a country which knew to say no to bad things and yes to good we wouldn’t have been here today…. If you follow history well in 1965 Zambia was better than chine and Zambia was second copper supplier in the world but where are you….. Busy supporting anything open your eyes things please are not ok

  28. Akwa the Great

    @be careful u are also lying to yourself .who gives who here.infact they are paying us back what they stole and they are still stealing from us . creating conflicts to advantage their rampage stealing of our minerals and say they give.they make your brothers to kill each other in drc and Sudan for their diamonds and u say they give ,give what , money from where from Africa to Africa and u call that giving.you are dull wake up.

  29. Rip

    Government needs to look into issues of corruption more seriously also.

  30. John zimba

    Who’s he to tell us what to do ,
    We are not gay vazii

  31. Joseph Malombe president

    I crealy understand the position of the Amber’s oder’s remarks mr malanji is hiding something that the Zambian government should set well in judiciary.The government through the judiciary should up hold the rule of law and when someone opens the mind of people, understand the point of the Amber’s order.

  32. Ba Kitwe

    Whether PF or any other political party in government, US has no right to impose gay rights on us. He should have just come straight to the point if he sees that cases of corruption and violence are not being handled well and his argument should have been based on the constitution of Zambia. And there are best channels established to air his grievances. Yes we must curb corruption and political violence at all cost in every form it comes but not at the expense of ignoring other criminal acts. He would have thanked the courts for the way in which they handled well the case in question of homosexual and then encourage them to extend that to corruption and political violence issues if he so feel they are not handled well. But his statement leaves much to be desired, it seems to be suggeting that his interest and goal was to champion the gay rights. But we say corruption and political violence is bad and should be fought at all level with all we have but that shouldn’t make us turn a blind eye on homosexual, it must be fought at all levels too. It is no to corruption, no to political violence and still no to homosexual, whether it is PF or any other political party in power

  33. Bwalya mwaume

    Zambia is a Christian nation, so we should study well the Bible,’ ilyo mukamona icamuselu caiminina umwashila weulebelenga wiluke.so all this Is the fulfilment of the Bible.’

  34. kcm

    on protecting corrupt elements and caderism futu is very right.But defending gaysm he missed it though he was trying question the justice system of zambia.

  35. costern musumuko

    lets be careful mr footer is one of the criminals to be arrested,or chased away from this country.thats the problem of depending on other country.outside dogs can bark

  36. Fyantha

    Ask him to point the wrong and give evidence not just silencing him. Let us be fair in judgement for all cases.

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