MISA Hopes New ZNBC DG Will Make  Corporation A True Public Broadcaster

MISA Zambia says it hopes the newly appointed Director General of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Malolela Lusambo will address the “stumbling blocks” that have stood in ZNBC’s transformational path from a state broadcaster that serves only the interest of the party and its government to one that serves the public in all its entirety.

In a statement, MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale stated that she expects Lusambo to follow the ZNBC Act especially under article 7 where ZNBC functions are clearly spelt out and require it to serve the Zambian public in its entirety and not the interests of a few powerful entities or persons.

“MISA Zambia is aware of many operational challenges ZNBC is facing such as delayed payment of salaries to members of staff and unfair media coverage,” she stated. “Having worked for ZNBC for many years, we believe Lusambo will take the necessary steps to address some of the challenges that have dogged ZNBC. It is our hope that Mr Lusambo will address the stumbling blocks that have stood in ZNBC’s transformational path from a state broadcaster that serves only the interest of the party and its government to one that serves the public in its entire entirety.”

ZNBC Board chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe announced the appointment of Mr Lusambo on Thursday, 28th November, 2019 in Lusaka.

Mr Lusambo has worked for ZNBC in the Engineering and Technical Services as a Director and takes over from Richard Mwanza whose contract came to an end this year in October.




  1. Bambala

    Welcome back to ZNBC Mr Lusambo. We hope to see this important institution of ours collectively, to become the BBC look – alike on our continent. I strongly believe that this can be done. Free speech enhances development, even economicaly, as it attracts people from all over the world, the same way Zambia’s piece has been attracting refugees from many parts of Africa.
    Now, these political party cadres must keep their distance and not scare this young Director from running ZNBC professionaly. I rest my case.

  2. Curtis

    I conquer with MISA. This is a challenge that the organization is facing.Statistics shows that 80 percent of Zambians don’t watch ZNBC.The reason being that it is too boring because of lack of entertainments and too much of its inclination to one political party which is old fashioned.

  3. Bambala

    True indeed, Curtis. Majority of us just watch the news and go to other channels. There is virtually no intertainment programmes to talk of on ZNBC. But this can change with a visionary management, and only IF politics are removed from this broadcaster. Our politicians can be featured, but not perpetually, such as taking the whole first 20 minutes of news time. We want to see opposition party leaders also being interviewed prominently on Sunday interview and other talk shows. When cadres from the ruling party err, we want to see this on our national broadcaster also, and not only on private ones. This is an ancient way of doing business.

  4. Martin

    HH is coming in 2021
    He will be fired

  5. Bwalya

    Mmmmm does znbc still exist yaba us it’s prime tv which covers the whole country showing both developed and undeveloped. Maybe I will try to observe

  6. Impyakusu ichinyo

    We want also to start watching 300 pf members have defected to the opposition upnd not always vice versa

  7. Leon

    The problem when lusambo is fired by the powers that be,MISA will not support his family financially actu

  8. Kulibonesha Ta

    Nothing will change, this guy has been with ZNBC from time immemorial abeit as head engineering. He has been in executive committee and acted many times as DG. The status quo remains the same. Worse still we are going in to elections and the powers that be will ensure they use ZNBC to achieve their desire to retain power at all costs.

  9. Chief Mumbo

    Mostly in ZNBC things which they talk about is just one person and his friends Chinese.And things are being repeated each and day this is the reason why Zambian Nation broadcast cooperation is even failing to show us the nation.Zambia is failing to show us football and its just talk about things which are not completed znbc is not for one person but for whole nation.Or maybe lets appreciate prime Tv.
    Even anti corruption commission they stopped showing their faces on ZNBC.

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